Webisode 5

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Bryony has outlined her vision - vaguely - but a full script still needs to be written.
So who exactly is going to pull together the thoughts of the community into one cohesive script?

Working across time zones and with an extremely tight deadline, the writers, all of whom have volunteered through the IZM forum, certainly have a gargantuan task on their hands.

In this webisode we meet Denton USA, Shyara, October Road and Alexis!!!! (her exclamation marks, not ours) - a.k.a the Internet Zombie Movie screenwriters!! FYI, check the Meet The Re-Animators section soon, where we'll be posting up full interviews with them.

And to see how the rough story is shaping up, it's been posted on the Internet Zombie Forum

For the full zombie movies we featured, check out Filmwave and thedallashilton channels.

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