Available Widgets
BBC iPlayer

This BBC iPlayer trial widget gives you your own personal window into BBC iPlayer featuring the latest and most popular programmes currently in BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer

This BBC iPlayer widget allows you to listen to the BBC's national radio stations via the internet. It will open the iPlayer playing the station of your choice in a separate window. You can share the widget with friends or even post the widget to your favourite blog or profile page including popular search engines and social media platforms like Google and Facebook.

5 live Football widget 5Live Football Player

The 5 live Football Player brings the very best in football coverage to where you need it. Get it now!

World News Widget World on the Move

Share our reports, images, audio and videos by hosting them on your blog or website.

How to take the widgets

Option 1: Using the icons to get a widget

  1. Click the ‘get and share’ button at the bottom of the widget.
  2. A dialogue box will show you options for getting the widget.
  3. Choose the icon for the website you would like to place the widget on. There are more icons if you use the arrows at the bottom of the dialogue box. If you are unable to find the icon for the site that you wish to put the widget on, try following the instructions below for embedding a widget.
  4. Click the icon for where you want to embed the widget.
  5. Click the ‘open’ button which will open the website in a new window.
  6. Log in to the website (if not already) to add the widget to your page.

Option 2: Embedding a widget

  1. Click the ‘get and share’ button at the bottom of the widget.
  2. A dialogue box will show you options for taking the widget.
  3. At the top of the dialogue box click on the ‘embed’ button.
  4. Click the ‘copy’ button.
  5. You now have a copy of the code which you can paste into your page.
  6. If you would like to return to the widgets page click the ‘cancel’ button.
What is a widget?
A widget is a piece of computer code that can deliver information, or changes in information (such as the updated weather forecast, the latest sports results or movements in the prices of stocks and shares) direct to your computer screen, without changing the rest of the information around it.

There are several different types of widget, and lots of widgets to choose from. Some widgets can be added (‘embedded’) into your own web page – for instance on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, iGoogle and so on. Others may be downloaded as a programme right onto your desktop.

We’re making a range of BBC widgets for you to add to your own web pages right now.
What can you do with a widget?
Select the widget that you would like to have on your site and then use one of the icons* to add it to any of the websites listed. Or just copy the widget code and paste it to your own web page code – this will embed the widgets into your website.

* Sites that are covered by icons
AOL Bookmarks, Ask MyStuff, Backflip, BlackPlanet, BlinkList, Blogger, BlogMarks, delicious, Digg, Diggo, DropJack, Eons, Facebook, Faves, Freewebs, Friendster, Furl, Google Bookmarks, Hi5, Hoverspot, iGoogle, linkaGoGo, Live, Live Favourites, Live Spaces, Live Journal, Multiply, MyYahoo!, MySpace, MyYearbook, Netvibes, Netvouz, Newsvine, Orkut, Pageflakes, PerfSpot, Piczo, Propeller, Reddit, Segnalo, Simpy, Squidoo, Stumble Upon, Tagged, Technorati, Twitter, TypePad, Univision, Vox, Webwag, WordPress, Xanga, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Yahoo! Widgets

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