Last Orders

BBC Two Friday 7 March 2008

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Graham Anderson in Last Orders

One the few remaining outposts of white, working class life opens its doors in this revealing documentary from Bafta and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Henry Singer.

The members of the beleaguered Wibsey Working Men's Club in Bradford feel overlooked and ignored by a Labour Government they believe is reluctant to even acknowledge their existence. Over three months, Singer captures the everyday trials and tribulations of this embattled group.

With unemployment spiralling out of control and a feeling that the local Asian community is already ahead of them in the queue for support, Singer's film uncovers a club under threat and a membership that feels that it is the last of an increasingly endangered species. This insightful film, Singer's first since his critically acclaimed 9/11 documentary The Falling Man, reveals how Britain's indigenous working classes are losing their place as the "backbone of the nation" and are struggling to find a new identity for themselves.



  • Director/camera/producer... Henry Singer
  • Associate producer... Robert Miller
  • Executive producer... Brian Hill
  • BBC executive producer... Richard Klein
  • Century Films navigation


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