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7 February 2011
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Strictly Come Dancing

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Great Series, can't wait for the next. The Sideshow in the last show reminded me of the great musical eccentrics of yesteryear. Truly entertaing !

Stringfever were sensational! can't believe the lack of comments about them on this page!

My vote(s) deffo went to the Red Hot Chilli Pipers - then again my wee brother is a member. Glad to see that they took the nation by storm, things can only get better from them from now on

Jeremy Dalton
What entertainment. This is pure fun and great TV. The Sideshow was pretty cool this week too. How does anyone know they can play tunes on a sink ?

Tim Collins
This is a great show. What a shame you only managed 4 episodes. Hope it comes back very soon.

Great Show, pity the series has come to an end. I particularly liked the Human Slinky and what a fantastic Sideshow this week.Well done BBC !

Red Hot Chili Pipers were great! Bagpipes and electric guitar...who would have thought?.... Loved them!

Well the Red Hot Chilli Pipers were just amazing with the up tempo music and traditional music,they just blew the roof off on saturday night. They are a muti talented group who will go far as their routine is unique! Red Hot Chilli Pipers Rock!!! Scotland is proud of you all

Stephanie Murch
Well done on last nights show. What a show. I thought The Red Hot Chilli Pipers were sensational. Do they plan to release or already have out an album. They will go a long way.

Red Hot Chilli Pipers - absolute stars. We need to see much more of these guys. They make Bagpipes and Drums SOOOOOOOOO cool. Storming performance.

Wow well what can I say!!! I have never enjoyed a show so much since watching Barrymores 'My Kind Of People'. I loved Libera, Bruce Airhead, Skating Aratas, but my absolute favourite has got to be 'Red Hot Chilli Pipers' They made my laugh and cry at the same time. As for all the side shows how come some of them didnt get on? I loved the man with the sink! Please Please keep the show going im fed up to the back teeth with reality shows this is what I want to see.

I love the red hot chili pipers they are great! They are real musicians!

Shame Libera didn't win again this week, they were awesome. I think the boys have done themselves proud. Here's wishing the best of the luck to them for the future. They have real talent.

Well done for your efforts Libera you still have the 10,000 you won last week (more than some of the acts that took part, so well done for that). I must admit that I did think it was a hard competition this week, which had better acts than last week (apart from you of course!). I'm still your fan and will support you in the future.

Stringfever were marvellous, and so was Joao Santos AND the human slinky. And 8 storey. But what I really enjoyed was the man on the side show that used the saw as a violin! It's a shame I only saw the last episode- If only I had known about it earlier! Please put another series on.

i love the whole show and i just didnt know who to choose from, out of all those great acts

wow shaun just seen your performance on sky plus. son your a star. well done you nailed that song. be looking out for you again. well done

Nina Frost
I have seen the Human Slinky at Seaworld and he is wonderful! looking forward to seeing him tonight!

Geraldine Grundy
I love Stringfever, I hope they get into the final this week!

Libera were totally amazing and that boy that spoke to Graham Norton was so cute!

danny h
beardy man beardy man beardy man ???????? no question he was the best and every time i see him i think wow.

Yeah! Libera are the best! I knew they would win! Libera definately deserve a place in the final. I Love you Libera!!

I think the wakefield tumblers should have won the show. They are hoping to represent our country great britain in the world championships in Canada. Not only were they outstanding on the night you would of thought the nation would have supported our sporting heros to win the 10K and fly them all out to the competition!

kevin (bobman-m80)
cant wait to see swe bounce on sat...VOTE for them lol...nice one to everyone at the 'when i' team for puting this show together to reveal peoples talents.

Xavier Fernandez
I loved Captain Frodo he was so funny!

i LOVED libera they made me go all cold and made me cry a great victory for them !!WELL DONE BOYS !! p.s that boy at the end was amazing !!

Graham Norton is very funny and libera are the best

the world & me
I think that libera were amazing and that jb is the best

Just loved Libera they had the most haunting sound.We must surely hear more of them in the future

what about the guy in the bath, why the hell didnt he win.

Jamie Harding
When will we be seeing the crazy guy who plays tunes on a kitchen Sink.I've noticed him mentioned in the press release and all of us who attended the pilot for the show thought he was hilarious!! We want the Sink! We want the Sink!

Libera took me away into another world - the best Saturday night entertainment I've seen for months. Well done boys, you were great!

Libera were awesome. What a fantastic sound - and singing live. Cant wait to see them next week. Great show.

I'm really enjoying the shows. Guitar George playing lead guitar brilliantly and singing whilst riding the unicycle was fantastic. He should have been one of the main acts.

Libera were awesome - I'm sorry the drummer boys were okay, but they just banged on their drums, to a loud backing track. I mean going from that awesome, calming, smoothing song of 'Sanctus', to bang, bang, bang - Libera were in a totally different class. Well done boys!

Well done Ucle Keith! were amazing with that tray!...halarious! Chris

Peter and Richard Rayner are fantastic! Why didn't they get to the final ?!?!

I LOVE Libera! I'm so pleased they got through last night. They're amazing!

I was disappointed Max Clifford thinks a circus background is a problem and decided to pass over a highly skilled and dangerous skating act in favour of the rare and unusual talent of-a young male choir!!!

I am so glad that Libera won...that is what young boys should be doing, not hanging round street corners. Well done Libera!!

David Randall
The people of Britain have just seen the best boys choir in the world.

The Rayner brothers were tons better than the other act. They will go far!

i loved to skating aratas... they were the best!

David o'Mer - Yes please !!!

I have seen last two shows, i think that captain frodo was great, the skating aratas absolutely brilliant, the girl emilia is lovely, and Libera a great talent, definately one to watch out for

I thought LIBERA were amazing and well desreved to win.

Emilia Arata is stunning

Janet Foskett
I loved The Skating Aratas, I really hoped they would win again tonight, I hope to see them again, fantastic duo

i believe that captain frodo was the best along with the kids. it was a brill talent and i wish them all the best in the future with those talents.

Janet Foskett
I loved The Skating Aratas, I really hoped they would win again tonight, I hope to see them again, fantastic duo

oh my god David has it and I want more, only wish I had set my video recorder. Please Please put on web site for downloading.He has it all.

I really love Libera. How cute is the one that sings the high notes... It sends shivers through me.

Libera were fabulous! Such amazing voices, they'll go far for sure!

Stephanie Murch
Please please please give the bath man another chance . He was fab . It is the biggest miscarriage of justice ever.

Libera! Wow they gave me goosebumps! Fantastic

i used to be a gymnast and i know the dedication that goes into the tumbles to get them perfect. After watching the tumblers i wish them all the best and i hope that they get into the championships in Canada.

The Skating Aratas, they're mad, there gonner be massive, Skating Aratas YOU RULE!!

David O'Mer is the best act I have seen on this show or any like it. The bathtub acrobatics is so original and kept me glued to my tv. THe other acts are all good in their own way but this I would pay good money to see again. So why did the other act win? There was no competition.

Someone please give the wakefield tumblers 10,000. I thought the skating aratas were better but i still think they deserve the money to go to quebec. Good luck!

I loved Tina and Chandi (winner's of first show). The dedication that must go into their training is something to be admired. Really entertaining. I wish them all the best.

I loved the Trombone man he was hysterical! Also a bit of a dish! Looking forward to this Saturdays!

Brain Collins
I adored the Faultynys on Saturday. Lovely to see some traditional circus people on TV and with their lovely story. Best of luck for the future!

I think chandi was really good she should of won and my name is chandni

I Loved Anton, he just seemed to sweet, and i now have a crush on him, and i'm 24!! =] Hope to see more of him on tv. Beardyman bored me, i had seen better beatboxers on the internet, sorry!.

i loved beardyman. he rocks!

Have never seen such original acts,especially skating Aratas, very brave! and beautiful :-)))Thanks BBC!!

Tap Dance Fan
Camut band were incredibly talented! I would love to see more of them.

I thought the Trombone man was great, the crowd seemed to go wild! I loved the Camut band as well, they should have been in the final!

Lucy Ross
I just love the performance of Shndi, that dog is cute when i get a dog i bet i won't be able to do that.

Philip Bambridge
The show was fantastic on Saturday, this is what the BBC has been missing. I was on the edge of my seat with the Aratas, delighted they won. I thought that Tony Henry was amazing as well.

I thought Tina and Chandi were great and deserved to win. Better than all the other acts on there. Just shows what the public prefer

Those Skating Aratas were amazing! When they did the bit with the capes i couldn't believe it. Two very fit people too!

Gerry Strohm
Congratulations to all of tonights acts. I thought they were all very talented , but in very different ways. However, if someone doesn't snap-up "Beardy-Man" for some kind of recording contract or another show THEY ARE INSANE!!! This guy truly deserves to succeed, so someone PLEASE RECOGNISE HIS TALENT AND GIVE HIM THE OPPORTUNITY HE DESERVES!! The voting public let him down and he is owed an apology. Could he be the next M&M? NO, HE COULD BE FAR BETTER! Get real people!!! Don';t give up Beardy Man , you're a true STAR!!!!

shaun walsh
grate show unlucky beardyman u rock your mate shaun

Beardyman Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mate can beatbox but not as good as that!!!

best Saturday entertainment for years well done bbc

Lucy Worford
I LOVE the barking dog woman. How on earth do you every come up with something like that. That's real entertainment!

Dimitri Emmett
Oh wow I love Beardyman! So pleased he is on the show this Saturday. Beardyman to win! Let's hope he can beat that dog! LOL

Frank Weatherby
I stumbled across this show by mistake and was glued to my screen. Hilarious! I would like the acts to be a bit longer on stage. the sideshows were great, I loved Charles Piggott and his mad dancing!

I loved Shaun and cannot believe Tina And Chandi bet him!! He deserved to win and he is amazing. From his holiday buddy(Salou) xxxxxx

Who IS Chuck? He's like a whole act on his own. Brilliant!

Nicholas Parks
I think Zoo nation were top man and should have won, I want to join their crew.....

Mr Clarke
I didn't expect to like this show very much but can I say what a lovely surprise it was to see real variety back on our screens. Well done BBC!

Mohammed Ksatza
I loved ZooNation, I think the show should bring back a best of the runners up and put them back on the show. Such skilled dancing and the music was wonderful.

leprechaun fan
I loved the Leprechaun in the side show. We were in hysterics at home and the toilet juggler...I thought it was nothing special until I he sang Mary Lou. Marvellous!

Bethan Darbyshire
I was so delighted to see the new talent show. My children went mad for Bruce Airhead! He can burst my balloon anytime!

shaun is fantastic, i seen him on this show and he has all so in my mums party he is a grate dancer.. he should be back on the show,hes amazin xxx :)

Zoo Nation are the most amazing dancers... I can't believe that people voted for a dancing dog over people that talented. I've seen them live and they were astounding.

I luvd Valerie! I'm a gynast and her skills were amazin. She should hv one!

Charles Draycott
Oh you can see why the side show acts didn't make it onto the main show! Funny but no real talent there! Bravo for putting themselves out there!

Zoe Kramer
I loved Kevin Johnson, what a talent! How does he do it? I have never seen such a good ventrilquist act. I wish he had won, I would have liked to have seen him in the final. Can't wait to see what will happen next week!

WOW! What a show! Awesome TV! I cannot wait for the next one! And Graham Norton presenting, that just makes it my new favourite! VIVA!

just seen the dog on tv again its very good but i think little shaun was amzin and the dance shool were very good to

Where on earth did you find the Nun?! She was absolutley hilarious! I cannot believe she was only one of the smaller acts on can you think that a woman and a dog could be more entertaining than Sister Mary McArthur?! Bring back the Nun! Bring back the nun!!!

What a bizarre show - but a fun one. Can't belive the nun was a sideshow though, wanted to see more, 'she' was probably the best act. I saw her in Edinburgh, it's a great concept, needs more air-time.

Has the nation gone mad? A performing dog beat all those other great acts, what is the world coming to?

I thought the Show was outstanding, the Production team must be amazing. - Well done to one and all.

I love Chuck Harris! He is the best thing on the show and seems to be the only one who knows what he is talking about! Enough of mumbling Max more from Chuck!!

I love singing im doing an application so i can hopefully get in even though that's highly unlikely im 11 just like the boy on the show recently and my name is Bethan Leadley so watch out for me and im so glad the doggy won!

Anna Banks
I loved ZooNation! I don't know why they didn't win when the BMX guy fell off twice!

Anna Boyd
I thought the show was great. I love Graham Norton anyway and his hunour made the show enjoyable. Loved the links to the panel - lots of laughter. Judith Chalmers and a lovely dog! Interesting acts - not sure I agreed with the winner but we cannot all agree. Looking forward to more fun next week.

I think Zoo Nation should have got through, they were brill!!!! x

Valerie was fantastic!!! Yes.. she is beautiful enough to be a 'Bond girl'. But was far more talented than the other guy!

Dawn Jones
Shaun Walsh was amazing in your show last night. The title of the show is 'When will I be famous' The only contestant in the show that has a chance of becoming famous was Shaun Walsh. I can't beleive he did not get through and WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought Sister Mary the singing nun was fantastic, it's just a shame she had such a short slot. WE NEED MORE SISTER more juggling toilet seats...acts that are serious about what they do are much more deserved causes...Just like Sister Mary.

Joyce Neasham
Well done sister mary! Really enjoyed her!

Cliff Brown
Loved Sister Mary McArthur much better than the acts in the competition!!!!

Shiela Brown
Sister Mary McArthur was genius, is she on again?

Jayne Standley
Sister Mary was fantastic, I want to see more!

Kirsten McAleer
Bring back Sister Mary McArthur! We want more!!!

Matt Brown
I would love to see more of that Nun please get her back on!!!!

Annette Prowse
I had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed the show! I thought Variety was long dead considering all we seem to get on the Royal Variety is singing! Thank Goodness the BBC had enough sense to bring back a show that involved the public and their talents. I laughed and cried all the way through! Jolly good show! I want more more more...yay for the mad people of the world!

the dog trick was amazing that dog is ace my dogs deafinatly carnt do that. wow!!!!!!!

Rhiannon Blake
Helloooooo! Listen up, my best friend's dad is Bruce Airhead!!! And my mum made up the idea of him appearing as Superman!!! HONEST!!!!

Steve & Jan
How could the viewers panel vote for the cycle act over Zoo Nation!!!

Well done to all the acts I thought you were all amazing !!!!!!!! You all deserve a place in the final!

I loved the 'barking' celine dione. Send my two dogs running round the room nuts! :)

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