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Like the concept of ethical fashion and want to know more? Here's our list of recommended books and websites...


  • Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox
  • Sandy Black
  • High-street fashion versus environmental awareness - this book dispels the myth that ethical clothing means compromising on style and quality. Published by Black Dog Publishing.

    • Green Is The New Black
    • By Tamsin Blanchard
    • A chic, green survival manual covering everything from the principles of eco-fashion to shopping for 'vintage' sunglasses. Published by Hodder & Stoughton.

      • Junk Jewellery
      • By Jane Eldershaw
      • A practical guide jam-packed full of ideas for transforming trash into treasure – from making hoop earrings out of computer chips to turning a drawer pull into a unique pendant. Published by Crown Publishing Group.

        • Sustainable Fashion & Textiles: Design Journeys
        • By Kate Fletcher
        • An innovative reference book about the future of fashion and textiles that presents new sustainable options. For all those interested in the industry it considers all aspects of the use and lifecycle of textiles presented in an accessible way. Published by Earthscan Publications Ltd.

          • Eco Chic: The Savvy Shopper's Guide to Ethical Fashion
          • By Matilda Lee
          • Foreword by Katharine Hamnett
          • A close up look at the rise of Eco fashion offering practical insider tips on how to create a stylish and ethical wardrobe, covering everything from re-styling to where to buy organic jeans. Published by Gaia Books Ltd.

            • Green Guide to Fashion and Beauty
            • Jen Marsden
            • Are you trying to shop ethically but getting in a tizz with eco-babble? Then this guide offers answers to all your questions with oodles of information, showing you how, from choosing sports gear to ball gowns, there's always a greener option out there! Available from March 2009, Markham Publishing.

              • Make Do and Mend
              • Ministry of Information
              • This retro reprint of the wartime guide from 1943 is jam-packed with simply splendid hints for keeping your clothes tip-top. Restore your old favourites by darning, fixing frays and turn-ups, and learn how to keep moths at bay – just like your granny did during the war. Published by Imperial War Museum books.

                • To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?
                • By Lucy Siegle
                • Exposing the shocking eco-baggage behind many 'must-have' items, such as designer sunglasses and military jackets, this book also suggests practical steps for real change. Plus, author Lucy Siegle takes action and revolutionises her own wardrobe to be both style-conscious and eco-savvy! Available from September 2009, Fourth Estate Ltd.

                  • Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution
                  • by Kim Werker
                  • Unravel the craft of crochet with 18 edgy designs – from thigh-high stockings and scarves, to shrugs, camis and jewellery. Crochet has never been so hip, so reach for your hooks and join the crochet revolution! Published by Interweave Press.


                    Nu Magazine
                    A stylish, seasonal magazine, Nu strives to discover hot new ethical brands and independent green designers. Download the current issue, full to the brim with latest eco-trends.

                    Style Will Save Us Magazine
                    This super-hip digital magazine for 'the good, the green and the glamorous' includes everything you need for a 'peachy green lifestyle'. There's organic, vintage, recycled and sustainable fashion, as well as edgy ethical beauty and lifestyle features.

           - Ethical Fashion
          's Fashion & Beauty website has a section dedicated to ethical fashion, with a selection of galleries, interviews and features.

                    Environmental Justice Foundation
                    EJF campaigns internationally to clean up cotton. Top designers are supporting by creating funky organic T-shirts as shown on Thread Loves.

                    Revisit and recycle fashions of the past with Prangsta Costumiers. Discover a treasure trove of recycled vintage costumes and accessories, or learn to make your own creations with dressmaking classes.

                    How can I recycle this?
                    Stuck for how to recycle something? From recycling old trousers to turning your pegs and keys into quirky jewellery, check out Recycle This for advice and inspiration.

                    Stitch n' Bitch
                    A cosy way to hook up with other knitters, use this site to find your local knitting group from the networks across the UK, or use the handy guide to set up your own group.

                    The Make Lounge
                    Meet people and make stuff at these nifty craft workshops, based in London. Have a chat and learn a new craft, from sewing and jewellery making, through to paper crafts and leather goods.

                    Pesticide Action Network UK
                    Online information hub with everything you need to know about organic cotton.

Book cover for 'To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?' by Lucy Siegle
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    See how and where your clothes were made

  • Safia Minney from People Tree

    People Tree

    Safia Minney chats about her successful ethical label and the Autumn/Winter collection navigation


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