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From left to right: DJ Max and Paula Kirkwood holding the pink T-shirt they are going to re-style

Radio re-style

How to turn a baggy old T-Shirt into a blinged-up top fit for a night out

Tara and Stacey from Blood, Sweat and T-shirts

Ethical Pests

Watch Tara and Stacey from Blood, Sweat and T-shirts become eco-warriors on the high street

Model in red restyled dress by TRAIDremade

Waste management

How our wasteful ways have spurred on eco-savvy style-setters to re-work fashion

Young woman using a sewing machine

Slow wardrobe

Ways to invest in your wardrobe, so it stands the test of time

Factory workers sewing

Clocking on for a 7-day working week

Find out the hidden cost of cut-price clothes

Ilana Rehavia wearing her re-styled dress, carrying shoes and a parasol

Shopping crash diet

This month's columnist tightens the purse strings and stops shopping for a month

Designer Katharine Hamnett

Save the future

Katharine Hamnett of the famous slogan T-shirts explains why organic and fair trade are best

Rainbow necklace by LeJu

Thread loves...

Get decked out eco-style with bags and baubles in our accessories special

Model draped in modal fabric by Lenzing

Wear next?

New ideas at the cutting edge of ethical fashion

Diana Le, student stylist


Find out who won our competition and watch a video of the finalists' day

Twiggy Lawson and Lauren Laverne

Twiggy's frock exchange

Download our free party pack and put on your own clothes-swapping event!

Book cover for 'To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World' by Lucy Siegle

Thread recommends...

Books and websites dedicated to ethical style

Models wearing slogan T-shirts by Katherine Hamnett

Sustained effort

Is the future bright for ethical fashion? We look into our crystal ball... navigation


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