Scene from the drama

About the drama

Writer Frank Deasy and producer Nigel Stafford-Clark set the scene. "All the characters are three dimensional."

Frank Deasy

Frank Deasy - writer

"The Passion was the first real adult drama I was introduced to as a child. It's part of my DNA."

Nigel Stafford-Clark

Nigel Stafford-Clark - producer

"There's a ticking clock from the moment the story begins. Tension mounts. It's almost unbearable."

Joseph Mawle as Jesus

The language of Jesus

"The line I was itching to write was 'Jesus lights a fag'." The writer Frank Deasy illuminates a working class Jesus.

Morocco landscape

Filming in Morocco

"These were rain storms of biblical proportions". Cast and crew recall battling the elements in Morocco.

Paul Nicholls as Judas


In this dramatisation, Judas is portrayed as a younger man, with a young man's insecurities, torn between two father figures.

Ben Daniels as Caiaphas


"Contemporary accounts show that Caiaphas was regarded as a successful High Priest". Nigel Stafford-Clark reassesses his reputation.

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