Frank Deasy and Nigel Stafford-Clark

Your questions answered

Producer Nigel Stafford-Clark and writer Frank Deasy respond to your selected questions.

James Nesbitt played Pontius Pilate in the BBC drama

Historical context of The Passion

"One of The Passion's virtues is its sensitivity to historical detail," writes Mark Goodacre

distant shot of crucifixion scene from the BBC drama

BBC portrayal of the Crucifixion

The drama has been criticised for the way it portrays the Crucifixion. Read the evidence on which the drama interpretation was based.

Landscape from The Passion

'The Passion' from a Jewish angle

"The Passion successfully places Jesus the Jew in his Jewish context," writes Ed Kessler.

Joseph Mawle as Jesus

Jesus the Jew

One of the certain facts about Jesus was that he was a Jew. He was a child of Jewish parents, brought up in a Jewish home and reared among Jewish traditions.

Shepherds with flock of sheep


The disciples came to him and asked, "Why do you speak to the people in parables?" Matthew 13:10

Actors as Jesus and disciples


Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country". Mark 6:4

Ben Daniels as Caiaphas


Joseph Caiaphas was the High Priest of the Temple at the time of the crucifixion.

David Oyelowo as Joseph of Arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy Jewish man who buried the body of Jesus after the crucifixion.

Paul Nicholls as Judas


Judas Iscariot was one of Jesus' apostles. He betrayed his master to the authorities, leading to Jesus' crucifixion.

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The Passion of Christ - an exploration of the story and evidence

The Passion of Christ is an episode in a longer story that includes the Resurrection.

Pontius Pilate

Pilate was the Governor of Judea, a province of the Roman Empire.

Who killed Jesus?

No trial or execution in history has had such a momentous outcome as that of Jesus in Roman-occupied Jerusalem, 2000 years ago. But was it an execution or a judicial murder; and who was responsible?

Why did Jesus die?

Christians believe the death of Jesus was part of a divine plan to save humanity. But exactly how could this work?

Jesus in history

A brief biography of Jesus: the Gospel accounts; how Jesus saw himself and an audio journey follows the Footsteps of jesus.


In this article, six academic experts explain what we know about the life and times of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Mary Magdelene

Mary Magdalene's story is intimately linked with Jesus. She plays a starring role in one of the most powerful and important scenes in the Gospels.

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