Joseph Mawle as Jesus

Joseph Mawle - Jesus

In 2007 Joseph Mawle was nominated for the Royal Television Breakthrough on Screen Award for the drama Soundproof.

Joseph Mawle biography and video interview

James Nesbitt as Pilate

James Nesbitt - Pilate

James Nesbitt became popular with audiences after his appearances in Murphy's Law, Cold Feet and Waking Ned.

James Nesbitt biography and video interview

Ben Daniels as Caiaphas

Ben Daniels - Caiaphas

Ben Daniels is familiar to BBC viewers for his role as Finn Bevan in Cutting It and to film audiences for Conspiracy and Doom.

Ben Daniels biography and video interview

Penelope Wilton as Mary

Penelope Wilton - Mary

Penelope Wilton has appeared in Doctor Who and Shaun of the Dead. Her first major television role was Ever Decreasing Circles.

Penelope Wilton biography and video interview

Paloma Baeza as Mary Magdalene

Paloma Baeza - Mary Magdalene

Paloma Baeza, an actor and director, is best known for starring in the period drama Far from the Madding Crowd.

Paloma Baeza biography and video interview

David Oyelowo as Joseph of Arimathea

David Oyelowo - Joseph of Arimathea

David Oyelowo is recognised most for his role as Danny Hunter in Spooks. He starred in Shoot the Messenger and Born Equal.

David Oyelowo biography and video interview

Jesus' followers

Paul Nicholls - Judas

Darren Morfitt - Peter

Jamie Sives - John

Dean Lennox Kelly - James

Daniel Evans - Matthew

Tom Ellis - Philip

Eoin Geoghegan - Andrew

Eugene Wood - Bartholomew

Lewis Clay - Thomas

Stuart Kidd - Simon

Thomas Buchanan - James Alphaeus

Steve Morphew - Thaddeus

Vinette Robinson - Mina

At the Temple

Denis Lawson - Annas

John Lynch - Sagan

Ben Caplan - Yehuda

Laura Fraser - Abigail

Laila El Mrabti - Caiaphas' daughter

Simon Kassianides - Temple guard

Munir Khairdin - Second Temple guard

Elif Yeşil - Nita, Caiaphas' servant


Esther Hall - Claudia

Mark Lewis Jones - Marcus

Roger Ashton-Griffiths - Syrian prefect

Martin Hutson - Pilate's secretary

Gerard Monaco - Capito

Robin Floriant - Rufus, tax collector

Karim Doukkali - Garrison Centurion

David Maybrick - First Roman soldier

Ross O'Hennessy - Second Roman soldier

Matthew Flynn - Third Roman soldier

Driss Roukhe - Roman soldier at procession

El Housseine Dejjiti - Centurion at bakery

Mohammed Taleb - Robe centurion

Mansour Badri - Roman sergeant at Golgotha

People in Jerusalem

Stephen Graham - Barabbas

Johnny Harris - Asher

Daniel Catlagirone - Eban

Richard Katz - Money changer

Gary Pillai - Merchant

Peter Sullivan - Lawyer

Rene Zagger - Bird seller

Kiran Shah - Jude

Mercedes Grower - Neta

David Rubin - Pilgrim

Jamila El Haouni - Widow

Nadia Sadik - Screaming woman

Abderrahim Moustaid - Simon the Leper

Abdelouahed Sanouji - Young baker

Mustapha Jamal - Unhappy butcher

El Jirari Ben Aissa - Simon of Cyrene

Craig Parkins - Man at tomb

Barnaby Kay - Man on road to Emmaus

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