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  • Viva Las Vegas
    Viva Las Vegas
    19 February 2008
    The Tribute Acts send their winner off in style with a special group performance of Viva Las Vegas! View video
  • The Winner
    The Winner
    19 February 2008
    We announce the winner of The One and Only...Katy Setterfield as Dusty Springfield. - Congratulations! View video
  • Final Three
    Final Three
    19 February 2008
    The atmosphere is tense as Graham announces who has made it through to the final three of The One and Only... View video
  • The Grand Final Group Song
    The Grand Final Group Song
    19 February 2008
    Our five grand finalists perform the Jackie Wilson classic, Higher and Higher. View video
  • Grand Final Highlights
    Grand Final Highlights
    19 February 2008
    Watch The One and Only...Cher, Robbie, Dusty and Frank in their grand final performances View video
  • Within Reach...
    Within Reach...
    15 February 2008
    Now that Vegas is in sight, your One and Only... Tribute Acts tell you what it would mean to them to win View video
  • Oh, What A Night!
    Oh, What A Night!
    12 February 2008
    See the semi-finalists reunited for their rendition of Oh, What A Night... View video
  • Second Group Treat
    Second Group Treat
    12 February 2008
    For the first time this series the girls and boys performed their own group songs. Click here to see the outcome. View video
  • Semi-Final Show Re-Cap
    Semi-Final Show Re-Cap
    12 February 2008
    Missed your Tribute Act as they battled for their place in the Final? Watch all performances from Saturday night, here... View video
  • Double Vote Off
    Double Vote Off
    12 February 2008
    Your votes left The One and Only... Diana Ross, The One and Only...Cher and The One and Only Tom Jones in the bottom three. Watch, here, how the results unfolded. View video
  • All Together Now...
    All Together Now...
    08 February 2008
    The group song is a chance for the remaining Tribute Acts to work as a team and show how well they perform together. Here, they share their feelings towards each other, with you. View video
  • Girls V Boys
    Girls V Boys
    08 February 2008
    With separate group songs to sing this week, has a rivalry formed between the Girls and the Boys? Click here to find out... View video
  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
    Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
    04 February 2008
    The Tribute Acts perform the 80s' classic, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now. View video
  • Saturday Night's Performances
    Saturday Night's Performances
    04 February 2008
    Watch this week's live performances and find out who is through to the semi-finals. View video
  • Two Down
    Two Down
    04 February 2008
    Missed the Results show? Watch the nail-biting double vote off here as we say goodbye to The One and Only...Kylie and The One and Only...Elton John View video
  • Sneak Preview for Saturday Night
    Sneak Preview for Saturday Night
    01 February 2008
    See it here first as we bring you a special, behind-the-scenes preview of some of this week's songs! View video
  • Moni becomes Lionel Richie
    Moni becomes Lionel Richie
    01 February 2008
    We take you backstage for some Superstar transformations as Moni becomes The One and Only... Lionel Richie. View video
  • Siam's Superstar Vote
    Siam's Superstar Vote
    01 February 2008
    With two acts leaving the show this week, the Superstar vote will be more nerve-wracking than ever. Siam reveals just how difficult the sing off can be and admits that everyone is raising their game this week. View video
  • Reach Out
    Reach Out
    28 January 2008
    See your favorite Acts performing out of their comfort zone, with this group cover of Reach Out (I'll Be There)... View video
  • Battle of the Pop Princesses...
    Battle of the Pop Princesses...
    28 January 2008
    Your votes put The One and Only... Britney Spears and The One and Only... Kylie Minogue in the bottom two. But what did their fellow Acts think? View video
  • Third Live Show Re-Cap
    Third Live Show Re-Cap
    28 January 2008
    Click here to see all your Acts give their third live perfomance... View video
  • All Night Long
    All Night Long
    25 January 2008
    With the combination of a big song and an energetic dance routine, Moni had his work cut out for him last Saturday night. Click here for an insight into his motivation... View video
  • See Tom's Moves...
    See Tom's Moves...
    24 January 2008
    As Gary Lloyd upped the choreography for Simon last week, could The One and Only... Tom Jones deliver the whole package? View video
  • Backstage with Tara
    Backstage with Tara
    24 January 2008
    You all saw Tara's performance on Saturday night but what went on behind the scenes? View video
  • Dancing In The Street
    Dancing In The Street
    23 January 2008
    Watch your One and Only... Tribute Acts performing as a group, as they take on Martha and the Vandellas' 'Dancing in the Street' View video
  • Madonna vs Diana
    Madonna vs Diana
    21 January 2008
    As the second show came to a close, it was the final curtain for Evelyne Brink... View video
  • Second Live Show Re-cap
    Second Live Show Re-cap
    21 January 2008
    Week two and were our Acts up to scratch? Watch it all back here... View video
  • Preparations for the Live Show
    Preparations for the Live Show
    18 January 2008
    The Tribute Acts share their feelings about this week's song choices, as they reveal who will be singing what. Plus, Carrie and David are on hand with some vocal tips and choreographer, Gary Lloyd puts the girls (and boys!) through their paces with this week's dance routines View video
  • The Live Show: Reactions
    The Live Show: Reactions
    18 January 2008
    We go backstage to talk to some of the Tribute Acts and find out how they feel the first live show went. View video
  • First Live Show Re-cap.
    First Live Show Re-cap.
    17 January 2008
    Missed Saturday Night's first, live show? Never fear! Watch it again here... View video
  • Farewell to Rod
    Farewell to Rod
    15 January 2008
    As the first show comes to an end, we say goodbye to Greg Dorrell, The One and Only...Rod Stewart. View video
  • The Lucky Two?
    The Lucky Two?
    04 January 2008
    Who will be joining our sensational Sinatra, magnificent Madonna and other great superstar Tribute Acts? Find out in this Saturday 12 January to find out! View video
  • Tribute Acts Revealed
    Tribute Acts Revealed
    04 January 2008
    During the next seven weeks, twelve, talented Tribute Acts will be battling it out, live. You've just seen the show now you can watch the highlights. View video
  • The Man in the Mirror
    The Man in the Mirror
    04 January 2008
    E’casanova tells The One and Only... what's in store for our lucky winners. Moon-walking, travelling and performing across the world are all in a day's work for a Tribute Artist. View video
  • Music and Passion
    Music and Passion
    18 December 2007
    Legend-in-his-own-lifetime Barry Manilow throws open the doors of his superstar mansion to Graham… and to you! View video
  • We Heart Dolly
    We Heart Dolly
    18 December 2007
    Graham goes downtown to meet Dolly Parton tribute act Sandy Anderson. Watch the two talk wigs, careers… and physical attributes! View video
  • Viva Las Vegas!
    Viva Las Vegas!
    24 October 2006
    Your host, Graham Norton, welcomes you to Las Vegas, showbiz capital of the world… View video