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How The One and Only…
will work:

Throughout January and February, The One And Only… will pit some of the best Tribute Acts in the UK against each other, all competing for the chance to win a professional performing contract in Las Vegas with Legends In Concert.

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Selection Process

The Auditions

During October 2007 auditions took place in various cities across the UK.

Once all these Auditions were completed then the show’s vocal experts Carrie and David Grant in conjunction with the show’s producers and BBC Entertainment Executives chose a small number of the best Tribute Acts with the most potential to return to the second stage of selection, The Superfan Sing-Off.

The Superfan Sing-Off

We have asked some devoted and enthusiastic music fans to help select the best Tribute Acts in the UK. These ‘Superfans’ will select the ten Tribute Acts they believe deserve a place on the live shows. These Superfans are dedicated followers of ten of the world’s greatest musical superstars in the genre of popular music over the last 50 years. You can find out more about the Superfans and the Superstars in the relevant sections of the show website – oneandonly

In the first two shows, airing on the 5 January, the Superfans will pick the best Tribute Act to represent their favourite musical superstar, from the three best performers selected from the auditions.

In addition to the ten acts selected by Superfans in the first two shows, viewers will also be able to pick two additional Tribute Act entrants. They can choose one female and one male Tribute Act to join our finalists on the live shows by voting for them in a special one-off telephone vote.

These additional female Tribute Acts will be featured in the first episode and the phone lines will close at 9pm on the night of the show, Saturday 5 January.

The additional male Tribute Acts will feature in the second episode and the phone lines will close at 11pm on the same night, Saturday 5 January. The results will be announced the following Saturday (12 January) on the first live show of the series.

The Live Shows

From Week Two of the series, Saturday 12 January, the twelve best Tribute Acts chosen by the Superfans and your vote, will be performing live for your votes.

The One and Only…works on a positive vote basis; viewers will be asked to vote for the Tribute Act they believe gives the most accurate and convincing performance, as good as the Superstar themselves. The phone lines will open after all acts have performed and will close early in the results show, which will be on BBC One later that Saturday evening. All the votes will be counted, and verified by an independent adjudicator. The One and Only… relies solely on the viewer vote to rank the Tribute Acts.

On the results show, the Tribute Acts with the most viewer votes will be announced in no particular order and will keep their place on the show for another week. The two Tribute Acts with the fewest viewer votes will be asked to perform again in the Superstar Sing-Off. Their fellow Tribute Acts will then vote individually for which of the two acts they want to save based on which of the two acts they think gives the best performance in the Sing-Off. The Tribute Act with the most votes will be saved and the other will be eliminated from the show. In the event of a tied contestant vote, we go back to the viewer vote and the act with the fewest viewer votes will be eliminated. The saved Tribute Acts will then begin preparations for the next show, on the following Saturday in the same way as all the other saved acts.

It may be that on some of the six live shows two acts will be eliminated. On those occasions the act with the least viewer votes will automatically be eliminated. The next two acts with the fewest votes will perform again in the Superstar Sing-Off and their fellow Tribute Acts will vote for who they want to keep. If this is the case, then it will be clearly announced during the performance programme.

How the show will work in The Final

The Final of The One and Only… will work differently to the previous live studio shows as the results will be based entirely on the votes cast by viewers and there will be no Superstar Vote.

In the main Performance Show the five finalists will each perform a new solo song after which the vote lines will open. They will then each perform another new solo song after which the voting lines will be frozen.

At the end of the Performance Show, the two acts who have received the least number of viewer votes so far will be eliminated from the contest. The lines will then reopen for the remaining three finalists. All votes cast once the lines have reopened will be added to any votes cast earlier in the evening.

In the Results Show the three remaining acts will each sing their favourite song from the series after which the voting lines will close for good. Graham will then announce the final results and reveal the winner of The One and Only…

Please be aware that lines will not be open during the week, so you should not attempt to vote before lines open in the performance show, or after lines close in the results show. If you call outside of these times, your vote will not be counted but you may still be charged.

How you can vote on The One and Only…

Voting is by telephone only. All the numbers used for each Tribute Act will be given during the programme.

On Saturday 5 January (and only on this day), there are two separate votes for an additional Male and Female Tribute Act, each with three different telephone numbers - three numbers for the females and three different numbers for the males. The phone lines to vote for the females will close at 9pm, and the phone lines to vote for the males will close at 11pm, both on the 5 January.

From Saturday 12 January, a new set of 12 telephone numbers will be allocated, with each of the 12 Tribute Acts selected for the live shows being allocated a telephone number, which will remain their number for the duration of the series. Please do not vote before the phone lines open or after lines close as your vote will not count and you may be charged.

Vote Line Terms and Conditions

Vote lines are opened and closed as specified on the programme. Please do not call after the lines have closed as your vote will not be counted, but you may still be charged. Please be aware voting times may change.

The BBC reserves the right to cancel or suspend voting at any time. The BBC reserves the right to change and update these rules at any time, as the programme progresses.

Each phone vote costs 15p from a BT landline. Calls from mobiles and other networks may be higher.

Voters must obtain permission from the bill payer before voting.
Make sure you carefully dial only the number of the Tribute Acts you wish to vote for.

The BBC reserves the right to disqualify votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent voting has occurred or if it considers there has been any attempt to rig the voting.

The BBC, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any telephone network or line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any vote being lost or not properly registered or recorded.

A studio audience panel will be in place to provide a back-up result, in the unlikely event of a problem with the telephone voting service or two or more acts getting precisely the same number of viewer votes . The panel will be selected at random from members of the studio audience, and will only consist of audience members who are not affiliated with any of the Tribute Acts. In the event that the back-up result is used, this will be clearly announced during the programme.

Please note that you cannot vote via this website or by text.

Last updated: 13 February 2008