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How can I find out when programmes are being shown?

The One and Only... is on BBC One every Saturday night from 5 January until 16 February 2008. To find out when the show is next on, visit What's On. To watch the latest show, visit the BBC IPlayer. Highlights of the show and behind-the-scenes clips will be available during the week on this website.

To comment on scheduling decisions, please go to the Points of View website.

How can you vote on The One and Only...?

All the rules regarding voting and the format of the show can be found in the How The Show Works section of the website.

Who are the Tribute Acts?

Details about all the Tribute Acts appearing on the show can be found here.

How were the Tribute Acts chosen?

Details of the selection of the Tribute Acts can be found at How The Show Works.

What are the Tribute Acts competing for?

The Tribute Acts on The One and Only... are all hoping to be voted by the public as the best Tribute Act in the contest in order to secure a performance contract at Legends In Concert in Las Vegas, USA - one of the most famous and well respected musical tribute shows in the world. More details can be found at How The Show Works.

Why do the Tribute Acts choose who stays and who goes in the Superstar Vote?

The One and Only... is a little different to other talent shows in that it doesn't have 'judges' making decisions as to who stays in the contest. Instead the other Tribute Acts will decide who they want to stay in the contest based on their performance in the Sing-Off. Given their experience of performing that night themselves and also their relationship with the two acts in the Sing-Off, they are uniquely qualified to decide who has given the best account of themselves and therefore who deserves to stay in the contest.

How is the ultimate winner decided?

In the final the winner will be decided solely by the result of the viewer's vote, there will be no Superstar Vote in the final.

Where can I find out more about The One and Only...?

All queries about the programmes not answered here (including the music used) should be directed to the central BBC Information website.

How do I get a DVD, transcript or copy of a programme?

Unfortunately the The One and Only... website is unable to provide transcripts or video copies of BBC programmes, or answer queries about the purchase of DVDs and videos.

How do I comment on BBC programmes?

You can comment on programmes by visiting the Points of View website.

Unfortunately many websites are unable to answer questions about Television or Radio programmes. If you would like more information or would like to comment on a BBC programme the please choose one of the links below.

- I want more information on a BBC programme

- I want to comment on a BBC programme

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The BBC has a new system for dealing with complaints from the audience. All complaints about the BBC, its programmes and services should be sent via our Complaints website.

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