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Sunday 17 Feb 01:21


As Katy Setterfield, The One and Only… Dusty Springfield finds herself crowned The One and Only...winner, we catch up with her for the first, exclusive interview!

You have just been crowned The One and Only…winner! How are you feeling?
I can’t believe it! It hasn’t quite hit me that I’m the winner. I was so thrilled with the way I sang tonight because I haven’t been well. But I just held it off and I think it was my strongest performance of all the shows. I wanted to turn in a performance that I could look back on and be proud of and I did that tonight. I’m so proud of myself! I can sing! I can really sing!

How was it performing in the grand final and finding out that you were through to the final three?
It was great to get through. However, I was also quite upset because Jo (The One and Only…Cher) hadn’t got through and I found that really difficult. But, I was doing it for both of us tonight. I was doing it for the girls and I’m so proud of myself!

Have you had a chance to see your family since being crowned The One and Only…winner?
I saw them quickly when I came off stage. They have been so supportive. My sister came flew in from Australia at 5.15am today just to come to the show. I can’t say what this contest has been to my family. Five years back I don’t think they would have believed I would be standing here today. This whole six weeks has been phenomenal.

How has it been paying tribute to your artist each week?
I didn’t know whether anyone would remember Dusty Springfield when I came into this contest and I just wanted people to discover what great music really is. I fell in love with her when I was four years old and to pay tribute to her has been a total privilege. She is my hero.

How do you feel about going to Vegas?
I can’t wait! It is my dream. I just want to bring these songs back to America and show them what great British music is all about.

What has been the greatest part of the show for you?
I’m totally blown away by everyone who has voted for me. These six weeks have been the most fantastic journey for a 37 year old who thought that she was washed up. I’m a totally different girl to the one who who started and it just shows that hard work pays off. It has turned my life around!