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7 February 2011
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The doctors hit the streets

The Street Doctors - Dr Jonty, Dr George, Dr Ayan and Dr Barbara - have stepped out of their surgeries and onto the streets to treat and cure the Great British public. Their lastest stop is the cultural city of Bristol.

Dr Barbara races to the Haynes Motor Museum where she meets Michael Penn, suffering from a painful ingrowing toenail.

If you catch an ingrowing toe nail early Dr Barbara suggests, soaking your toe in water for 10 minutes, then use a cotton bud to push the overgrowing skin away from the nail repeat this everyday for 2 weeks. As the nail grows, place a small amount of cotton wool under the edge. If the problem persists however, see your GP.

Down at the North Somerset Show, stall worker Mohammad seeks Dr George's help for his problem with itchy skin.

If you find yourself suffering with itchy skin, Dr George suggests applying an emollient like aqueous cream after washing, try calamine lotion or a small amount of steroid cream for a few days, avoid irritants like scented bath products and woolen clothing and for severe itching an over the counter antihistamine can help.

As the doctors continue their consultations Dr Jonty meets Bar worker Jo, who is using her break to seek some urgent medical help for her recurrent cystitis.

If you suffer with recurrent cystitis Dr Jonty suggests drinking plenty of fluids during the day, don't hold on if you need the toilet and always wipe from front to back after taking a pee. Go to the toilet after intercourse and finally if the problem persists visit your doctor.

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Dr Ayan

Health Tips

from Dr Ayan

  • Eat five portions of fruit and veg a day.
  • Drink plenty of water, eight glasses a day for an adult.
  • Exercise is crucial. Twenty minutes minimum, three or four times a week.
  • Avoid stress by managing your time better. If you leave everything to the last minute then it creates stressful situations.

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