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Market Data Mon, 7 Feb 2011 21:18 GMT

Market Name Current Value Movement Change
FTSE 100 6051.03 + 53.65
Dax 7283.62 + 67.41
Cac 40 4090.8 + 43.59
Dow Jones 12161.55 + 69.4
Nasdaq 2783.99 + 14.69
BBC Global 30 5855.26 + 29.54


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Max Temperature: 9°C 48°F

Min Temperature: 6°C 43°F

Sunny Intervals

Sunny Intervals

Max Temperature: 11°C 52°F

Min Temperature: 7°C 45°F

Light Rain

Light Rain

Max Temperature: 12°C 54°F

Min Temperature: 9°C 48°F

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QI: Fact of the day

US comedian George Carlin's mother took him and his five year old elder brother and ran away from his father when George was less than one year old. His father died when he was 10, although Carlin didn't remember him. Carlin claims his earliest memory is sitting in the family living room listening to a partial eclipse of the sun on the radio.


Whoever has not got a good father should procure one. FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE



Monday 21:21

7th February 2011 GMT +00:00


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