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Nancys Want to make sure your favourite singer doesn't leave, then make sure you get your vote in.


I'd Do Anything

This series ONE girl will ultimately win the role of Nancy and THREE lucky boys will get the chance to play Oliver professionally in the West End.

You and your votes will ultimately decide who becomes Nancy. Our winning three Olivers will exclusively be chosen by Andrew and the panel and will not be put under the pressure of the public vote.

The Live Final - How voting will work

This Saturday you and your votes exclusively decide who will star as Nancy in the West End. As with all our previous shows How do you Solve a Problem like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do, the format of the final is different from the other shows in the series

There will be two nail biting live shows this Saturday.

Show One

At the end of the first main show, which starts at the earlier time of 6pm, our first Nancy will be knocked out of the competition.

The voting lines will be opened by Graham at the start of our first live show.

There will be plenty of time to vote for your favourite Nancy before we freeze the lines. It's up to you when you vote- you may have already decided who you think should be Nancy having seen them perform over the last few weeks, you may want to wait for their performances, it's up to you to decide, use your vote wisely

Please remember that the lines can get busy, so be patient if you can't get through the first time.

After all the girls have sung the voting lines will be frozen and all your votes so far will be counted and verified.

Please do not call after the lines have been frozen as your vote won't count and you could be charged.

Graham will then announce which Nancy is in 3rd place and therefore out of the competition.

The voting lines will then be re-opened and all of your votes cast for the remaining two Nancys will be carried over.

Show Two

The final two will then go head to head in our second live show later that evening at 8:45pm as we reveal who has won that dream West End role of a lifetime.

In the event of any problems with the telephone vote the BBC will use its contingency plans , which may involve the use of a back up independent jury.

Previously: Finding Nancy
Twelve girls, pre selected by Andrew and the panel from open auditions across the country, will battle it out live for the public's vote over the next ten weeks.

One girl will leave the show each week, leaving three girls to battle it out for your all-important casting vote in our grand final.

Each Saturday our potential Nancys will perform a solo number in the main show. After each performance Andrew and the panel give their expert verdict to help you make your important decision.

The two girls with the LEAST amount of votes must perform in our dreaded sing-off which can be seen in our results show, which this year will transmit on Sunday night. It will be Andrew's choice as to which one will he will save.

With a future West End career at stake, the girls' progress is also closely monitored by Andrew and the panel behind the scenes throughout the week. The girls must complete a succession of Nancy Missions designed to test their acting and suitability for the role. You can see the fruits of the girls labour in our Sunday night results show.

Finding Oliver
THREE boys will ultimately get the chance to play Oliver in the West End. Our three winning Olivers will be chosen by Andrew and the panel.

Each week the boys will be given an exciting "Oliver Task" to complete and will perform a group number in the main show.

One boy will be put through to our semi final each week. From our final pot of 8 boys three winners will be selected.

These boys will rotate their role in the West End.

The Sunday Results show
This year the results show will be pre recorded and will transmit on Sunday night.

However the results show is not recorded until the lines have closed and the votes have been counted and verified

The results show will feature incredible extra group performances from our Nancys and Olivers. You can also catch the much anticipated weekly Nancy Mission and of course the dramatic sing off between our bottom two Nancys.

Andrew is only allowed to save ONE girl each week until our semi final show. Its an even bigger responsibility, as this year the West End show is not his own production. The Lord's saving powers are taken away in the Grand Final when the viewers' (hopefully there will be more than one!) votes ultimately decide who becomes Nancy in the West End.

For the final, phone lines will be open throughout the show.

How you can Vote
Voting is by telephone only. The numbers for each Nancy will be given out during the live show, each week .

Voting lines will close at 9pm each Saturday night. Watch the programme to check the time they open. Voting times may change. Please note any calls made before the lines open or after they close will not count and you may be charged.

Calls cost 25p per call from a BT landline and from other operators may vary, calls from mobiles will be considerably higher. 14p per call will go towards the BBC performing Arts Fund, which gives bursaries to aspiring performers and musicians across the country, The remaining cost of the call goes towards charges and administrative costs to the service provider, BT (the company that provides the call voting platform) and in tax. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend voting at any time.

The following table is provided to give you an indication of the range of voting costs from mobile phones for this show. The information listed was provided by mobile network operators on 28th March 2008. Please check with your network operator for updates on charges.

0901 121 20 0X

Pence per call (ppc) ( BT landline 25p ) 02 50p, Vodafone 60p, Orange 50p, 3 70p, T-Mobile 75p, Virgin 50p.

Voters must obtain permission from the bill payer before voting

Make sure you carefully dial only the number of the person(s) you wish to vote for. The BBC reserves the right to disqualify votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent voting has occurred or if it considers there has been any attempt to rig the voting.

The BBC, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any telephone network or line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any vote being lost or not properly registered or recorded. Please note that you cannot vote by email, red button, text or via this website.

The Bursary
The Fund launched the musical theatre Bursary scheme in 2007 and awarded £150, 000 in bursaries to 36 aspiring performers. The bursaries went towards fees, living expenses, extra training and self promotion.

The 2008 Musical Theatre Bursary launches on 19th March will again award bursaries: applications can be made online at

The BBC Performing Arts Fund is a registered charity (number 1101276). The Fund (formerly Fame Academy Bursary Trust) was set up in 2003 within the BBC.

The Fund receives revenue from the voting lines of specific BBC One entertainment programmes that have been set up to find new performing arts talent and therefore may raise money for the charity (including How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? And Any Dream Will Do). To date the fund has allocated £2.4 million for young musicians across the country.

The Musical Theatre Bursary launched on the 19th of March 2008 and will be awarded £150,000 worth of bursaries to aspiring musical theatre performers.

For further bursary details go to

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