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Originally from Belfast, newly engaged Rachel, 26, is completely and utterly in love with her fiancé and can't believe she managed to find her soul mate when the world is so big! Rachel trained at the Royal Academy of Music and currently works for a company that employs out of work actors.

She is a keen painter and decorator and enjoys sport. Rachel once worked for her brother as a fish fryer but ended up smelling of fish for days after!

Studied at the Royal Academy of Music - 1 year post grad

Roles include: The Full Monty as Estelle - UK Tour 2004 (cast by David Grindrod), Tommy as Sally - UK tour 2005 (alongside Lee Mead), Merry Christmas Betty Ford as Kelly - Lyric Theatre Belfast 2005, Tonight's the Night as Mary - UK Tour 2006 (alongside Francesca), To Be Sure as Grace Power - Lyric Theatre 2007, The Wizard of Oz as Dorothy - Lyric Theatre, Belfast. 2008

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