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Donna, West Sussex 2008-06-02

You were Nancy for me right from the start Jodie. Jessie and Sam were brilliant but you are everything Nancy should be "Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic"

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sassy sandie 2008-06-02

It takes something special to make a Star, Jodie has this in bucketfuls and the best thing about her, is that she is humble and listens and learns. When she sings, you are willing her on and want her to do well. She is amazing and this takes nothing away from Jessi, who will go far, as will many of the other girls. I cannot wait to see the Show and see Jodie live.
Do not let anything change you. You have something very beautiful and it comes from inside you and makes people happy.

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Mary 2008-06-02

Jessie, I cried with you when you weren't Nancy. You gave such stunning and emotional performances and you were the winner. With Cameron and Andrew wanting you to be Nancy I'm sure that very, very soon we'll be reading that you have got a very special role in the West End and I'll be in the audience to see you.

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Anonymous 2008-06-02

In the words of John Barrowman FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC!!! Jodie you are
SIMPLY THE ... BEST!! Right from the beginning you had my vote - your personality just shone through each week!

Well done!!

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Anonymous 2008-06-02

Jessie deserved to win! She was amazing, and I hope she will make it big some other time. :)

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Anonymous 2008-06-02

congratulations to jodie, and congratulations to jessie for getting so far, its a real shame you didn't win but i believe that there is the perfect jessie role out there and i hope to see you in it very soon, keep smiling xx

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Obelisk, Midlands 2008-06-02

I think Jodie will do a good job, and I am pleased for her, but personally I would have preferred Jessie to win - she was the Nancy I would have liked to have seen. I hope another opportunity comes up very soon, because she really does have star quality. I hope ALW, Cameron and Bill Kenwright have been taking notes....

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Shelley 2008-06-02

Congratulations Jodie, but Jessie should have won! I'm gutted for you Jessie and I really hope this is not the last we see of you. Maybe Andrew could write you your own musical......

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sue and karen, dartford (kent) 2008-06-02

well done jodie!! we are so pleased for you to win. well deserved. very good luck with youre new career and enjoy every part of youre roll of nancy!!! you was our favourite from the start ...

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emma, ireland 2008-06-02

jessie, you have represented ireland so well. You are amazing. Well done! I feel you deserved to be Nancy but congratulations to Jodie. Jessie you are a superstar and you have a huge career ahead of you!

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