Murder Most Famous

Writing Challenges

Angella Griffin

Writing Challenges

Every day, Minette will set a writing challenge for her star authors. You can find out what Minette thought of their writing and even get to read their homework for yourself. Select a celebrity from below and see how their writing develops each day under the direction of their mentor.

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  • Diarmuid Gavin

    Diarmuid Gavin

    Minette's impressed with Diarmuids observations.


  • Kelvin MacKenzie

    Kelvin MacKenzie

    Kelvin has problems with suspense.


  • Angela Griffin

    Angela Griffin

    Is Angela's killer intimidating enough?


  • Sherrie Hewson

    Sherrie Hewson

    Sherrie gets praise for her characters.


  • Matt Allwright

    Matt Allright

    Matt is praised for his original writing.


  • Brendan Cole

    Brendan Cole

    Could Brendan show a flair for writing like he has for dancing?

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