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Matt Allwright

After qualifying as a broadcast journalist, Matt started out as a presenter and producer in BBC newsrooms. In 1997 the call came from BBC1's consumer programme Watchdog. He stayed there for 4 years. Then in 2001, he began his well-known role as one of the bike-riding presenters on BBC 1's Rogue Traders. Matt has also been a regular on BBC food programmes, presenting Food Poker for BBC2, and appearing on Saturday Kitchen and Something for the Weekend.

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Matt's Video Diaries

  • Matt Allwright

    Episode One

    Matt recalls his first day.

  • Episode Two

    Matt calls Minette for advice.

  • Episode Three

    Matt questions his surveillance skills.

  • Episode Four

    Matt is considering bribing Minette.

  • Episode Five

    Matt adds a sensational twist to his plot.

Matt's Writing Challenges

  • Matt Allwright

    Challenge One

    Minette is worried about Matt's imagination.

  • Challenge Two

    Matt has written a powerful story.

  • Challenge Three

    Minette likes Matt's strong sentences.

  • Challenge Four

    Minette advises a change of pace.

  • Challenge Five

    Matt is praised for his original writing.
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