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Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin is a media executive and former newspaper editor. He is best remembered for being editor of the Sun newspaper between 1981 and 1983, when The Sun was Britain's best selling tabloid newspaper. Kelvin has returned to the Sun and is currently writing a weekly column. He claims that he is not a great writer and his skill in journalism was 'finding short words that fit puns.'

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Kelvin's Video Diaries

  • Kelvin MacKenzie

    Episode One

    Kelvin settles in for the night.

  • Kelvin MacKenzie

    Episode Two

    Kelvin wonders if there is more of himself to give.

Kelvin's Writing Challenges

  • Kelvin MacKenzie

    Challenge One

    Are Kelvin's sentences too short?

  • Kelvin MacKenzie

    Challenge Two

    Kelvin has problems with suspense.
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