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Minette Walters

Minette Walters is a best selling crime and thriller novelist. She found it difficult to write while looking after her sons, but she eventually published her first book, The Ice House, when she was 37. She has now sold over 20 million copies of her books in over 35 countries. Five of her books have been turned into BBC television dramas. Her book, Chickenfeed, was voted 'Quick Reads Learners' Favourite' Award in 2006.

  • Diarmuid Gavin

    Diarmuid is an Irish charmer, but is he willing to dig deep when it comes to crime fiction?

  • Kelvin Mackenzie

    Kelvin writes a good rant but can he stay focused for long enough to write a novel?

  • Angela Griffin

    Angela is a popular actress but will she be popular with readers?

  • Sherri Hewson

    Sherrie is a brilliant chat show host but can she be as articulate on the page?

  • Matt Allright

    Matt is a TV presenter who is used to tackling criminals but is he full of ideas?

  • Brendan Cole

    Brendan has famously clever feet, but does he have a clever brain to go with them?
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