Murder Most Famous

Writing Challenges

Kelvin MacKenzie - Episode Two

Kelvin is just about to start his writing but isn't looking forward to it. He's not sure how creative he actually is or whether he can put any emotion in to his writing.

You can download a text version of this video diary here

How are the other star authors getting on?

  • Sherrie Hewson

    Sherrie Hewson

    Sherrie is confused by her emotional response.
  • Angela Griffin

    Angela Griffin

    Angela is just about to send her homework off.
  • Diarmuid Gavin

    Diarmuid Gavin

    Diarmuid needs to get over to the dark side.
  • Matt Allwright

    Matt Allwright

    Matt calls Minette for advice.
  • Brendan Cole

    Brendan Cole

    See Brendan's last video diary.
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