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Kelly's photo shoot

Kelly Knox (voiceover): This is me, leaving my mum's house in North London.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): Last month I was Kelly Knox, credit controller. Now I'm the winner, I'm top dog.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): I can't believe it. I still can't believe it.

Marie O'Riordan: The winner is Kelly.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): When they said I was the winner, I said: "Are you sure? Me?"

Kelly Knox (voiceover): My prize is to be photographed by Rankin.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): I looked on the website and seen he done the Queen. I thought [beep[, I'd better get this right.

Kelly Knox: Hello.

Melissa Turner: I'm from Marie Claire.

Jonathan Phang: This is Melissa.

Kelly Knox: Hello, nice to meet you.

Rankin: I'm Rankin, I'm your photographer.

Jonathan Phang: And there's Rankin.

Kelly Knox: Hello, nice to meet you.

Rankin: Nice to meet you.

Rankin: You're a winner. You're number one.

Kelly Knox: I am.

Rankin: It's brilliant.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): The first time I saw Rankin, I thought "I like him" - and he looked well cute in his little scarf.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): There were so many people there. There was two people doing my hair and three people doing the wardrobe. I couldn't believe all these people were there just for me.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): When I saw the clothes, there was Chanel and Prada, I was like ... it beats everything I've got in my wardrobe.

Rankin: What we're thinking about doing is like giving you hair extensions and making you ... giving you quite big hair. Make it quite glamorous.

Kelly Knox: Wicked.

Rankin: So the thought of it's quite feminine, and the light is very soft. So we can put lots of wind in it and you'll have to like do all these poses. Very feminine poses.

Kelly Knox: Sounds good.

Rankin: Yeah?

Kelly Knox (voiceover): I thought, "Rankin's the man with the plan". When he said big and glamorous I thought, "Wicked! I'm gonna have my long hair back".

Rankin: Is that ... she seems very strong now, so ...

Jonathan Phang: No, she's definitely very strong. We'll ... the only thing that I would like her to do is just to remember that it's not a problem to be vulnerable.

Rankin: To be vulnerable.

Jonathan Phang: And to let her guard down.

Rankin: Yeah.

Jonathan Phang: and in fact, from a photographer's point of view it's almost endearing,

Rankin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jonathan Phang: it gives you something to really work with, doesn't it?

Rankin: Okay.

Jonathan Phang: And I think people like to relate to emotion and vulnerability.

Rankin: That sounds [inaudible].

Jonathan Phang: It's a breakout.

Rankin: And of the whole emotional shield.

Jonathan Phang: Yeah.

Rankin: So do people want to touch your other arm a lot, cos I want to touch it. Am I allowed to touch it?

Melissa Turner: It's very soft.

Rankin: Ooh, it's quite sexy, isn't it?

Kelly Knox (voiceover): When Rankin wanted a feel, I was like "Go for it, have a feel. Have another feel if you want. Where do you want me to put it?"

Rankin: That's great.

Rankin: Beautiful.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): I loved it. Even though my eyes were watering and my feet were killing me, I loved every single second of it.

Rankin: So I just think the hair ... we just need to work a bit on the hair.

Rankin: It just looks very commercial to me. A bit cheap. And it's not her hair, it's the extensions. Cos she's got a really good cut, but we wanted to do something that was kind of romantic and beautiful, and at the moment it's just looking a bit cheap.

Stuart Selner: There's always a problem on a shoot, whether it's the hair, the make up, the photographer's ego. It can be anything. It's very, very rare that it goes smoothly and - we were discussing it before - the hair's probably the most difficult of things to get right.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): Rankin's got a thing about hair; it's got to be perfect.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): We went in and out the make up room about three times, trying to thin it down. But in the end it did look the business.

Rankin: She's dealing with ... I was ... dealing with that very well, which is quite hard as a model because she's standing there and you kind of take it personally, and she's not doing that so ... it's good.

Rankin: She's brilliant, actually.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): Thanks, Rankin!

Rankin: That's beautiful.

Rankin: Straighten your head.

Rankin: That's really good. That's really good.

Rankin: Do you wanna have a look at these?

Kelly Knox (voiceover): It was really important for me not to let Jonathan down. I wanted to make him proud.

Kelly Knox: It's amazing, isn't it?

Jonathan Phang: It was great to sort of be involved in it all, you know. To see how they all grew with it, and it was ... I think it probably influenced me a lot as well. Opens one's eyes a bit and broadens one's horizons, which is a good thing.

Rankin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rankin: Well, I was saying, you know, you get kind of ... it's a very narrow business, isn't it?

Jonathan Phang: Well, that's it. I was a model agent for twenty years.

Rankin: Yeah, I know.

Jonathan Phang: ... and I think I was kind of ...

Rankin: You becoma a different person. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jonathan Phang: warped, in a way, about the boundaries of what sort of prettiness and beauty is all about, and I think I was quite unaccepting about people that didn't fit into the mould of it, you know?

Rankin: Mmm.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): If all this can change Jonathan's perception, can it be so hard for everybody else?

Melissa Turner: We're breaking new ground, I suppose. In terms of ... in terms of shooting for this today. It's important to make sure that we ... that we're getting the positive message across that there is something different and unique about her. And I think that's why the team working together today with Kelly, they're gonna create something really positive and really amazing.

Kelly Knox: I just loved every second of today. This has been my favourite part of everything so far. Rankin is the man. He is ... he is top dog.

Stuart Selner: I think this will be a really special feature for the magazine. I can't wait to see the pictures. The ones that I've seen on screen as Rankin's shooting them just looked superb.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): Marie Claire are really brave to use me. I wonder if anybody else will?

Rankin: She's got a great look, she's got an incredible amount of confidence, she's got her own unique quality which is not just only having one arm but having one arm and not really caring about it. But I'm not confident that the fashion industry, even the kind of mainstream fashion industry, will embrace that type of look. However, in terms of what else she could do, I think that there's a massive potential for her.

Kelly Knox (voiceover): Well, Rankin, I've actually got an agent now. It's all very exciting, but I'm going to keep my feet firmly on the ground and keep an open mind about the future.

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