News: Kelly wins!

Kelly Knox is Britain's Missing Top Model, with a hugely disappointed Sophie Morgan the runner-up - and it came down to the vote of just one judge ...

Tuesday 29
July, 2008

Kelly and Sophie nervously await the judges' final verdict

There's no doubt that, having reached the final two, Sophie and Kelly may have different aims concerning what they could achieve from being crowned Britain's Missing Top Model, but they are equally matched in their sheer determination to win.

Asked by the judges about her attitude to disability and beauty at the end of the competition, Kelly tells them: "I really do feel as if we can make a difference here ... I really think we can change people's perceptions. When we go into a casting, there's a thousand girls who look like [the same]. Well, there's not a thousand girls who look like me, so that's my advantage".

Sophie takes her turn in front of the panel: "Kelly and I both come from the same kind of mentality now. I've wanted this for a long time. I've felt so passionate about it ... Why should it be me? Why do you think it should be you? I think it should just be someone. But now that I'm here and I'm being given the chance ... I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't me".

Kelly Knox, the winner of Britain's Missing Top Model

As the judges begin their discussion, it's clear that there is a split, with Lara Masters and Wayne Hemingway favouring Sophie's rather more 'disability role model' stance, and Mark Summers and Melissa Richardson from Take 2 Model Management - a new judge for this crucial final decision - favouring Kelly as someone who has the edge as a photographic model.

Listening to the debate is Marie Claire editor Marie O'Riordan, who is torn between the two finalists, and appreciates the points made by all her colleagues on the panel. The final decisions rests with her ...

Fittingly then, it's Marie who announces the result: "The winner is Kelly".

Sophie Morgan, the disappointed runner-up of Britain's Missing Top Model

She also tells an understandably disappointed Sophie how she reached this difficult choice: "There was nothing in it. I flip-flopped about a hundred times ... I felt Kelly had the edge photographically. On a pure model-contestant basis, I felt Kelly just had that edge".

BUT ... that's not the end! Don't miss next week's last episode, in which the eight contestants talk about the competition and their impressions of each other, and we follow a victorrious Kelly Knox as she receives her prize: a photo shoot for Marie Claire with renowned photographer Rankin. We'll have behind the scenes footage from the photo shoot online too!

• Watch both Kelly's and Sophie's interviews with the inimitable Disability Bitch.

What do you think? Was Kelly the right choice? Were you rooting for Sophie right 'til the end? Tell us on our messageboard!

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