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Here's what the contestants in Britain's Missing Top Model said about the show, what they learned - and what they thought of each other ...

Tuesday 5
August, 2008

Kelly Knox on meeting her fellow contestants for the first time - "I thought it was going to be so hard for me to be around disabled girls, because I've never experienced it before. But as soon as I got in the house and started talking - they're just normal girls."

Lilli in the store window during the lingerie challenge

Lilli on communicating with the other girls - "It's always hard when you first meet people, because you're learning their lip patterns, how they speak. I remember thinking 'Oh God, I don't want to be here! I want an interpreter, I need some sign language! Anyone, please!'"

Sophie on Jenny - "I couldn't get my head around her. She was just mad ... She started asking these incredibly personal questions within the first five minutes."

Jenny on Sophie - "She is a very strong character. I could see us maybe butting heads sometimes."

Kelly Knox on Jenny - "I think a lot of people found her annoying, but for me she was just like a bundle of fun."

Kellie Moody in the store window during the lingerie challenge

Kellie Moody on the 'invisible vs visible' disability debate - "I'm deaf, and it can be viewed as a hidden disability in comparison to a visible disability. So it's not something where you can say 'I'm more disabled' or 'They're more disabled'. We're all just disabled."

Sophie on the 'invisible vs visible' disability debate - "I was really passionate - and I have been from day one - about someone with a visible disability winning. That was nothing to do with people's personalities or characters, or who they were."

Sophie on experiencing being deaf for an evening - "When Lilli and Kellie brought in the earplugs, I took that whole experience really seriously. Afterwards, I was really shocked at how frustrating it was, because I've never found another disability more frustrating than mine."

Rebecca, hearing the news that she is first contestant to be eliminated from the show

Sophie on the girls' different attitudes to disability - "Lilli wouldn't change her disability for the world. I'm different. I really want to walk again."

Jessica on the 1950s-style lingerie photo shoot - "That's just the kind of thing that I joined the show for, so I was definitely excited by that. Not that I particularly loved showing everyone my underwear!"

Kelly Knox on Jessica's photo from the 1950s lingerie shoot - "I was quite surprised that [she] took such a great photo. Because to look at her, she's an odd-looking girl. She's not very pretty. So when her photograph appeared, I thought 'Oh my God!' It was quite amazing, really."

Debbie when she was eliminated from the show

Debbie on the judges - "I think it was really fair to treat us like models, and not to treat us like disabled models. I would have hated if they had been really nice to us just because we are disabled."

Lilli on being eliminated - "It's good that I know that I don't want to be a model. Before, I thought 'well, yeah, it's a possibility'. I've given it a try, and now I know it's not for me."

Kellie Moody on the catwalk show - "I would say that I feel that what I'm good at is the catwalk, because I love the music. You feel the vibrations. I feel I can express myself when I'm walking."

Jenny on the catwalk show - "My disability affected me really greatly in the catwalk. The only things that are easy for me to do are things where it's still, you know?"

Jenny was she eliminated from the show

Jenny on being eliminated - "I just wish that they would have given me a forewarning. They want someone who they can mould, and who doesn't have opinions or anything like that. I don't know, necessarily, if I'm that person."

Kellie Moody on having to speak instead of sign for the TV advertisement casting - "I hated it. That made my confidence go right down."

Kelly Knox on the TV advertisement casting - "I felt like a complete twonk. My male model was like 'Shall we kiss?' I thought, 'Yeah, alright'. For a moment, I forgot where I was. I thought 'Ooh, I'm enjoying this!'"

Jessica during the 'disability showdown' with Sophie

Jessica on having her disabilities misunderstood by the other contestants - "The other girls, they kind of gave me a bit of grief. They were like 'We heard that you can be absolutely fine with your splints off. You can hold stuff. You're not disabled at all'. My disability is my nerves. It's internal. No matter which part of me you photograph, that bit will be disabled because it's got nerves in it."

Jessica on being eliminated from the final - "I do understand the judges' decision to eliminate me. It was based on my disability, so it was nice to be eliminated for that rather than my crap modelling. Which is actually quite good. I was amazed! I didn't think I was that good a model, but apparently I am!"

Sophie during the final nude shoot

Sophie on the final nude shoot - "The naked shoot was really important to me. I really wanted to make a bloody massive statement with the picture. For me, that photo summed up the whole show - it was all about beauty and all about disability, but one conquering the other."

Sophie on Kelly's approach to the nude shoot - "She just stood there, and he told her what to do. And I got really annoyed on the day, because I put so much heart and soul into it, and thought about it a lot. Then Kelly just got up there and took a great picture. And that's because she's a model. She looks like a model."

Kelly Knox's reaction on being told she had won the competition

Kelly Knox on winning the competition - "When they said my name, I just thought 'You sure?'"

Sophie on losing the competition - "I've kind of stepped out of it and realised that, after all, they are looking for a model. They're not looking for a role model. And they've got a model."

Sophie on Kelly's victory - "I'm really glad she won, because of her disability. I'm really glad that's the disability that won it. It's really obvious, it's really in your face. I love it."

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