Mischief Manifesto - Alexmischief, noun

High-spirited or playful naughtiness; troublesome behaviour which is not intended to be malicious; a tendency for such conduct

In a new six-part series, Mischief takes a cheeky and irreverent look at the burning issues facing young people today. With even more ambitious and unpredictable stunts, this series pulls out all the stops to get its message heard, whether it's solving the housing crisis or saving celebrities from the perils of fame.

Series three is presented by the gutsy trio of Alex Riley, Rebecca Wilcox and Garron Mitchell, three intrepid reporters who aren't afraid of getting up the noses of those in authority...

Alex Riley

Mischief Manifesto - AlexYorkshire-raised Alex swapped checking European funding application forms for the bright lights of TV when he won a competition to work on Top Gear. Alex continued putting words into Vicki Butler-Henderson's mouth and presenting the odd spot himself until the old format's demise in 2001. He went on to front series on classic cars, art dealing and, erm... caravans, and to present the Comedy Club on BBC Radio 7.

In the last series of Mischief, Alex railed against our creaking transport system and this series sees him venting his spleen about the rubbish that goes into our food and why a grown man and his new wife can't get a foot on the property ladder.

Rebecca Wilcox

Mischief Manifesto - RebeccaRebecca landed her first presenting job as an undercover reporter on BBC Three's Conning the Conmen. Her first investigation saw her posing a dominatrix to expose a rogue locksmith. She then presented a documentary on Lewis Hamilton before bagging a place on Mischief.

In the new series Rebecca discovers the lengths internet marketers will go to get her vital statistics and faces her worst fear, getting into debt, to explore the true cost of living on credit.

Garron Mitchell

Mischief Manifesto - GarronGarron began his TV career as an actor with bit parts on EastEnders and The Bill. While working as a barman at London showbusiness hangout The Groucho Club, Garron set out, showreel in hand, to persuade production companies "to believe in Garron". His persistence paid off when he landed a presenter role on Mischief.

In the new series Garron attempts to give Britain's troubled teens an image makeover and discovers the dark side of celebrity as he embarks on a quest to become famous.

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Our intentions are good and we're always keen to help - whether it's solving the housing crisis or saving celebrities from the perils of fame...

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