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Subjects we're tackling head on in series three...


Britain's Really Disgusting Foods
Alex Riley leads us on a merry romp through the food industry.


Cheap Homes for Sale?
Alex is on a one-man mission to beat the estate agents and ease the country's property headache.

Fame Junkie

Fame Junkies
Rising star Garron Mitchell warns that fame can seriously damage your health.


Money for Nothing
Rebecca Wilcox tries to curb the nation's spending and explores the real cost of living on credit.


Your Identity for Sale
Rebecca fights to protect her identity from the data harvesters out to make a fast buck.


Hoodies Can Be Goodies
Garron takes Britain's gang culture by the scruff of the neck and attempts a rebrand.

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Last episode: Hoodies Can Be Goodies
Mon 22 Sep at 23:45 on BBC Three

Mischief - Alex
Our intentions are good and we're always keen to help - whether it's solving the housing crisis or saving celebrities from the perils of fame...

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