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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Found: One Maria!

Connie is named your new Maria.

Connie is named your new Maria.

The moment was soon upon us - the question 'How to Solve a Problem Like Maria?' was soon to be answered.

But first Connie and Helena had to go head-to-head and sing their favourite song of the ones that they have performed during the series.

Helena sang Woman in Love, while Connie sang Shout. They then performed The Sound of Music together.

Andrew was proud of his two finalists - and the programme as a whole for showcasing such talent.

Over two million votes were received, but who was the nation's choice? John and David favoured Connie, Zoe preferred Helena. But the man who was putting his reputation on the line, Andrew Lloyd Webber, wanted Connie to be his Maria.

Finally, Graham announced that Connie had won the contest and, more importantly, the role of Maria in the West End.

Connie was delighted to be named your Maria. "I feel on top of the world, thanks very much. I won't let you down. Every night will be an opening night. Thanks for making my dreams come true."

Click here for a gallery of images from the night.

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John Rose
The right result

she even looks and sounds like Julie Andrews...

Absolutely fantastic series! I have backed Connie from day one and am positive that she will make every night an opening night!

G Samuel
the best girl Connie won on the night in fact she was the ONLY ONE!

sam voss
the winner (connie) i think was the best maria you could ever wish for - except for julie andrews - connie i think has given 100% every week and will continue that though out all of her poductions though out the extent of the play she sings she dances she is the perfect maria!!!

Congratulations Connie, you truly deserve to win. Look forward to seeing you as Maria in the West End

Ivor Putnam
Connie was by the far the very best and deserved to win. Congratuations...I will definetly be coming to watch you.

rhian ysgol castellhaidd
Llongyfarchiadau Connie, rwyt ti'n ffantastgi and yn haeddu pob llwyddiant. Da iawn ti!!!!

Rachael Smith
Connie was meant to be Maria all along. She is just a pleasure to watch and I know she will do us all proud in her knew role. Good luck Connie!

Karen Fielding
Just knew that Connie would win, she looks the part, acts the part and most of all sings the part. Well done Connie! Wishing you all the best for the future.

Grace Reynolds
WELL DONE CONNIE!!!!!!!! although i am a bit jealous because she kissed John Barrowman the most handsome man in the universe but i voted for her five times or something like that i lost count and when she won i jumped for joy WELL DONE CONNIE YOU'VE DONE WALES PROUD.

Well Done to Connie.I hope the BBC will do a follow up to show Connie rehearsing and opening night etc.Also a follow up to what happens to the other girls.hey all deserve success.

Maxine Murray
Connie was the best right from word go ... Good on ya Connie ... go for it

Gerry & Julia Gerrard
This young lady is Magic! Connie made our hair stand on end. But all of the girls should be offered parts in the West End.immediately.

Andrew McKendry
Tonight, Connie, you once again proved to everyone what an amazing musical theatre actress you'll make and I'm happy that Lord Lloyd-Webber and the public have you as their favourite. You'll go on to do great things Connie! Make us all proud!

Bride at last! Congratulations. Well worth a ticket at any price. A pleasure to watch.

A huge well done to Connie, she really deserved that role. O was watching the sound of music the other night and as soon as Julie Andrews came on screen I was thinking,' that is SO connie!' I really liked Helena and I actually preferred her voice to Connnie's-she has a wonderful soprano. I hope she gets some work in musical theatre.

Guy Ransom
Delighted to see that the best woman won - but I'm sure many other starlets will have beeb born through the series. Now just can't wait to see Connie at the Paladium and hoping that the rumours that she'll only be doing a few shows are false!

Well done to both of the finalists but I think it speaks volumes that both of them had trained for three years professionally at drama school and graduated in Musical Theatre. Connie at Mountview and Helena at GSA Conservatoire. It proves the value of training and it was not just an unknown unqualified peformer who won the role in the end.

Brilliant. Am so glad that talent won through in the end and Connie won. She was absolutely fab and thoroughly deserves the role. Am going to buy my ticket asap.

Well done Connie, it was obvious from the start that you were the only winner !

Frances Jones
Brilliant! the programme was innovative ground breaking and original what a superb format! well done Connie you deserved the final accolade.

Well Done Connie, Helena was very close and after the first song I thought she had it. Already got tickets, can't wait to see Connie in action.

Congratulations to Connie - a consummate professional. My personal favourite was Siobhan, who I believe was partly "sold down the river" by the judges. They can hardly claim that it is "entirely the public's decision" when such opinions as Andrew, who is brilliant, are directly aimed at swaying the votes for his favoured result. Congrats again to Connie and Helena, but Siobhan SHOULD have won! (^_^)

Susan Connolly
An excellent final show, I have been hoping for Connie all the series. Really well done everyone involved, it has been very entertaining.

Jo McD
Connie was outstanding. From the first five seconds that I sighted her on the screen her personality and charisma shone through. From that moment on everything she did each week only confirmed my initial impression. I would have been very disappointed to see anyone else chosen.I didnīt see how they could be!

Richard E
Close your eye's and you hear Julie Andrews. Well done Connie, you deserve the part after all your hard work. Best Wishes for the 'Opening Night'

The Lonely Goatherd
Connie you 'Climbed every mountain' and made it to the von top. Well done honey!

Alan J Brown
Undoubtedly the best; I've thought from the first programme that Connie is Maria. I certainly intend to take my wife to London to see her in the Show.

Congratulations Connie! Fully deserved. From day one you've been the best. Even though I wanted Siobhan to win, you proved you are the best for the role. Great show. Well done!!!

Caroline Clifton
Both girls had so much talent but it was always going to be Connie. She has the voice, the character and the look. Well done. What a great show.

Giga T
Well done Connie- she deserves it! I almost cried when she sang As Long As He Needs Me... it struck right into my heart and soul! Good luck with the big role!!

Absolutely brilliant show, they all sang their hearts out but for the whole series there has only been one true winner and that was Connie, Congratulations and may htis be the start of a long and successful career. I am sure we will also be seeing more of the other Marias as well.

Sue Jones
Although I backed Connie all the way through, I thought Helena's voice was sublime tonight.

graham barnes
with all the will in the world after 6 months or so any lead will tire. I feel Helena should then be offered the position and / or understudy

Great performances from both Connie and Helena, but only the one could steal the show, and that was Connie. That was such a well deserved win!! Can't wait to see the show!!!!

Kenny Millar
Well done Connie! So good to see someone with such obvious talent getting their well earned rewards.

Peter Bell
It was evident from day one that Connie was the choice for Maria. She has shown that she is a true "Entertainer", working the audience the cameras. She deserves to be in what I am sure will be one of Londons most popular shows. Well done Connie

Georgiie 13
WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS GIRL DESERVED TO WIN the show has jsut finished adn i have two problems.a) i have nothing to watch on a staurday night b) i am crying with tears of joy for connie .. connie i am your no.1 fan i will be at your show every night wathching you shine through and through with you dream roll.. your nan must be so proud ... your clips have been on my blog every week . You certainlky entertain me and my family freinds and the whole nation voted for you since day 1 and since day 1 i knew you would win no lie!! i said that girl connie give her teh job now!!

Fantastic, the right choice has been made. Congratulations Connie. I'll be booking tickets as soon as I can.

The right choice. She was Maria due to her training, her discipline and her talent

i wanted siobhan or helena to win but connie was the best all rounder so probably deserved it. but i hope helena and siobhan go further in their careers good luck to them all thanks for a great show!

i thought you was the best one and you really deserve it hope you have a good time

ant n john
What a fantastic performance!! having voted for connie all the way through the competition we have now opened the champagne and are ready to pay whatever to see thbe show!

Congratulations Connie, I knew you'd win from day one, I'll certainly be coming to London's West end to see you!

Well done Connie you're fabulous! Have the time of your life. xxx

The best result! Congratulations to all the maria finalists but of course all the best to Connie and I will hopefully see you when you live your dreams of Maria! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Martyn and Deborah Williams
She had that 'Brightness' that no-one else had. Well done Connie!

A wonderful choice !

Barbara, Manchester
Connie, you shine every time, you are awesome, you are going to have to get used to seeing your name in lights, The Sound of Music is going to be an amazing show with you in it, you are Maria, you deserve this so much.

Roy Moody
___Nun Can Match Her.A true Show Stopper.

connie got given the most difficult song for the sound of music part PLUS a song she didnt want to do from oliver but her performance has been the best! she's GOT to be maria!! GO CONNIE!!!!

Wow! The Lonely Goatherd was fantastic! And what a hrad song to sing. Connie, you'll win this no contest!

Gareth Kirkbright
Amazing. Connie IS Maria...she's a huge inspiration. xx

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