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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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The Final

Who got voted off in the first programme of the final?

Who got voted off in the first programme of the final?

The time had come for the final of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? - who out of our finalists, Siobhan, Helena and Connie, would be Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Ian's new leading lady?

In the first show of the night our three hopefuls sang two numbers with the phone lines open for your to vote for the Maria you wanted to win.

First up was Siobhan with Anyone Who Had a Heart. David still loved her - but with reservations. "You look absolutely gorgeous tonight," he said. "I've heard you sing better than that... You do struggle to show passion and emotion."

"Tonight Siobhan you loosened up and you commanded the stage... you are a definite contender," said John. "For me it's always a joy to hear your beautiful voice," agreed Zoe. But did Andrew think she has what it takes to be Maria? "Yes, but in a year or so," was his verdict.

Next was Helena with Cabaret - chosen by Andrew to show her sexy and fun side. They all loved it. "Oh my god that was fantastic!" said Zoe. "I am so thrilled for you, Helena. Tonight that is how good you are."

John was also impressed: "All I can say to David is 'I told you so, I told you so, I told you so'. That was a leading lady performance." "I eat my words," responded David. "You've won the public over, you've won me over - miracle Maria." "It was absolutely fabulous," agreed Andrew.

Finally, Connie performed As Long As He Needs Me from Oliver! - a song that didn't thrill her, but did it wow the experts? "You stepped foot on that stage and you really know how to turn it on," said Zoe. "That's the total package of talent that Andrew and myself need for that show," pointed out David. "You should be Maria," said John. "That was a fantastic and wonderful performance, you are a star!" gushed Andrew.

For the second round our finalists stepped into the Maria Zone and sang a song from The Sound of Music.

Siobhan sang about her Favourite Things, but did the experts bite and sting? "That was much better for me, vocally," said David. "[But] I'm still waiting for that emotional explosion from you." "You sang like an angel, you are so watchable... and you put up a good fight," said John. "You sang that really, really beautifully," said vocal coach Zoe. But Andrew - despite thinking she had a huge talent - was worried that nerves would get the better of her on the Palladium stage.

Helena started at the very beginning with Do Re Mi. "What a transformation we've seen in you," said David. "You've saved the best to last." "You are so energetic and I love you for that," said Zoe. "Definitely, Helena has stage presence," said John. But what type of Maria would she make? "A very, very wonderful one," said Andrew. "You are a fantastic artist... You could so easily be our Maria."

Rounding off the song from the show round, Connie sang The Lonely Goat Herd. Was it good enough for the West End? "That was so good enough," said Zoe. "Every week Connie's so fabulous. That was the toughest song this week for you and once again she nailed it," said David. "You deserve to be the bride not the bridesmaid," said John. "You need to be on the Palladium stage."

But it's you, not the judges, who had the final say. The phone lines closed, Graham announced the would-be who would not be going through to the next stage, where our final two Marias would go head-to-head.

The hopeful with the least votes was Siobhan and so her dream was over. But it wasn't all bad news - Andrew revealed he had been approached by a record company offering her a major contract.

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Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

The final night, was the first time I didn't actually dislike Helena. This night, she finally pulled it off and made me realize she was indeed worth saving so many times. Though my two favourites from the beginning were Connie and Siobhan, I don't mind Helena took 2nd place and Siobhan only 3rd. Am extremely pleased that Connie won though, she was by far the best of all of them!

sound of music fan
well done connie you have climbed every mountain to get to where you are now congratulations go girl enjoy the west end.

Slightly annoyed Connie won. She deserved it the least. She is not a genuine person and I just couldn't believe the comment she made the other week about not wanting to go back to telesales and then breaking down. Pathetic.

Amy Christison
I think Connie should be Maria as she looks the part, she acts the part, she dances the part, she sings the part, SHE IS THE PART! But I think Siobhan should be understudy maria because she has a beautiful voice. Couldnt you do that please Andrew Loyd Webber?

There are no real losers tonight, all 3 of these girls will win in some way, they will get other West End parts if they don't get Maria. Siobhan has already been offered a recording contract and I'm sure both Helena and Connie will have successful song & dance careers. My favourite was Abi, I'm sorry she went out. Connie is the slickest and most professional, but I empathise with Helena more. Good luck to both of you.

I think Helena is my favourite, but Connie will win as she is the consummate professional! Way to go ladies!

Connie you were different class in every show. Even the time that they took away your props you didn't panic on stage. I so hope you win, and if you do, remember that even on the first night at the Palladium, all the audience wants is to be entertained.

It has to be Connie to win. Tonight's performances by her were awesome but Helena is great too !!

Connie should win. The judges love her, Andrew Lloyd Webber loves her, and the world loves her. She has lots of talent and she should win.

Richard H
Connie or Helena? It's a tough one - for the part of Maria, connie's had that spark all the way through. Helena has surprised me, she deserves to be in the West End, but she's not my Maria! GO ON CONNIE!

Helena has a beautiful voice and is a wonderful dancer. She has worked so hard to reach this level and if she carries on like this, the world will be her oyster.

Go Connie! But I think Helena should win if Connie doesn't get it. I still think Aoife would have been good!

Although our Siobhan is out of the competition, I can see she has the brightest future out of the last three as she has the most beautiful appearence and voice. For the last two in the competition, it will be all or nothing. As Siobhan was not the most likely out of the three to win, I would say she has gained the most out of it.

Is it me? but where are all the Helena Fans... I thought Helena's performance tonight was fantastic and yes she can sing, act and take the audience on a journey. Helena to win.

Helena is a fantastic performer - she puts such passion into the songs and is a real showstopper - she deserves to win.

Go on siobhan!!! Just to let you know that you're doing really well and that my brother Michael fancies you like CRAZY!!!!!

Connie's performances are mind-blowing and she gives it her all. You can see her so full of passion. She has the maturity and whole package for this part and definitely deserves to win. Siobhan is also extremely talented and I hope she is successful with the major record deal that she hopefully will sign. I wish her all the best as she really was a wonderfully talented contestant.

Shame, they all cannot be winners, but saying that they are all winners for getting in to the final week. Connie to WIN XX

Connie has to win, have liked her since the very first show! I would go and see the show if she is in it. Her performance tonight on the most difficult song was flawless!

Siobhan and Connie have real star quality. But the judges keep on about Helena. What do they see that I don't? Come on Connie...

Can't believe you're out Siobhan, you have been so amazing, you put everything into every performance, for me it couldn't be any better (Songbird was my favourite, I was moved to tears) .Maybe Andrew was right in saying you're are not ready for Maria yet but you are certainly ready for big things. I hope everything works out for you and you get the record deal mentioned by Andrew. You're going to reach the stars!!!

Connie you are the actress but Helena you are the natural for me.

By far the star of tonights performance is Connie, another Julie Andrews in the making but all the girls deserve a place, well done.

Mr. Si
Go Helena! You'd definitely bring the different Maria quality! Plus - She's magnificent. Connie, well she fits into the well known "Julie Andrews" typecast, but I think I shall have to vote twice more for Helena and put her in my leading lady position. You're amazing and sooooo gorgeous!

Kathryn Pintus
C'mon Connie!!! Behind you all the way!! Connie simply IS Maria; an amazingly talented woman. What star quality...she deserves to be on that West End stage!!!

No matter how tough the song, or how sparkling the competition gets, you always come up with the magic. Lady you have earnt the right to be Maria - Connie you are truly fab

I really do hope that the second choice person becomes the understudy - both Helena and Connie are fantastic and I would pay good money to see them both on stage. I am SO pleased Helena is there in the last two.

I was surprised that the final pair is not Connie & Siobhan, but congratulations Siobhan both on the record contract, and I guess, the Christmas Specials we will see you on at the end of the year.

Connie definately deserves to win - shes full of potential and has an immense singing voice. Good luck Connie!

Connie to win! I can't wait to see you on the West end stage! She is brilliant!

I'm all for Helena - she has done a fantastic job to get through all the sing offs. She is beautiful and down to earth I hope she can beat connie.


Connie is the most talented and consistant of the three. She has all the star qualities needed to carry the show 7 nights a week plus matinees. The other two would lose or damage their voices due to poor vocal technique.

Connie has to win! - she is the only one who can deliver ALL that is required.

Karen Wilson
Vote Siobhan! You can do it, knock 'em dead :) Karenx

Come on Connie, all right thinking people out there recognise the talent and charisma you bring to the role. Keep up the sparkle and remember we'll be rooting for you - and looking forward to seeing you on the West End stage soon. :)

Well I would like helena to win

Come on Siobhan, you can truly be maria. You have a sensational voice, and when you sang with the two children from Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang, you proved you ARE Maria. The whole family is rooting for you. You can do it, girl!!

Let one of the underdogs win! Go Siobhan!

I just want to wish the three girls the best of luck all of them deserve to be there and even the two who end up not being maria have certainly won our hearts i shall be watching

They are all extremely talented young ladies and deserve to fulfil their dreams. Connie just shines that little bit brighter.

Dragon's Rest Posse
GO CONNIE! You can do it girl! We'll yodel u all the way!

Only one winner for me Siobhan obvii ! omg she has an amazing voice and is a stunner! go siobhan i know you can do it! x

siobhan definitly gives more of a warm feel to the role of maria and isn't the point of this to find some1 new who gives the role of maria a new feel well connie is just same old same old and her performances havne't actually gotten better throughout the weeks, they've been good yeh but theres no improvement while siobhan just keeps getting better and has improved sooo much! imagine how good she will be by the time the show opens at the paladium!

I'm gonna miss Abi!

CONNIE 2 WIN!!! Come on Connie, you can do it!! You are so Maria!! xx

welsh gurl
if anyone should win, its Connie!! she is the only one who can play the leading lady!! helena cannot act, siobhan is a good singer but only good to look at, but Connie, now she has it all!! CONNIE TO WIN!!! i know you can do it on Saturday!! come on CONNIE!!!!!!!!! :D XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

Siobhan 2 win. She is the best there and deserves it most. Gd luck 4 tomorrow

leslie walls
Good luck to all three deserved finalists. In this gruelling competition may this be THE START OF SOMETHING BIG for all ten LOVELY girls - in particular a certain LADY IN (GREEN)

Connie to win seeing as Aoife's out.

Come on Siobhan! You can do it!

i every one should win because they are all good.

i every one should win because they are all good.

lucy brighty
i love the show i will watch it tomorrow i hope connie wins. i will be going to see it in london. it has been great. my friends have enjoyed it to.

siobhan! u deserve to win! lets have a new maria with a twist!connies great bt too much like a normal maria. helena just isn't my maria.siobhan has had some great performances such as song bird, chains and all that jazz. SIOBHAN 2 WIN!!!

i'd just like to thank the people at BBC for putting this terrific programme!I can'T wait for saturday!!! go siobhan!!!!!!!!u rule!!

Why can't the two girls who are not chosen as Maria be used as 1st & 2nd understudies to the lead? Most London shows have two understudies for their leading roles, Billy Elliot has 3 young lads playing Billy, all top rate. Often understudies get the chance to go on and it would be excellent experience for them. My first choice is Connie, who thoroughly deserves the role with her all round talent and all important consistancy, but why should the other two "lose out"?

Katy (12)
I think Siobhan should definitely win. I am her number 1 fan, and she is brilliant at singing, dancing and acting! So GO SIOBHAN! U CAN DO IT!

Go Helena. All the very best for Saturday. I have a feeling Connie will win but i really want you to.

want siobhan to win

i would like siobhan to win the coppeimen

Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the show but I really hope that Connie wins. She has out-performed all the others every show.

I am so nervous! I really don't know who I want to win. All the girls are so good but maybe Connie is just a little ahead of the others. Good luck to you all! x

Siobhan to win!! She has everything required for as the role of Maria; charisma, youth, grace, sincerity, looks, and of course a MINDBLOWING voice! Go Siobhan, we're routing for ya hun!

connie ticks all the boxes for maria, but when i watch helena she reminds me of blood brothers and mrs lyons the mum who adopts the other child i would pay to see her in that show if linda nolan is watching put a good word in for helena.

Can't you have two winners? Both Connie and Siobhan could do it as it would be a terrible shame to turn either of them down.

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