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7 February 2011
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Helena's Diary

Our 'miracle Maria' looks to the final and beyond.

Our 'miracle Maria' looks to the final and beyond.

Well, well, well - Miracle Maria is in the house! Can you all believe it? I can't! It's absolute madness, amazing that I've made it this far.

I've had a great week. I've been so busy that there's been little time to get nervous. Salzburg was beautiful, very picturesque, it was 27 degrees and the sun was shining. Nonnberg Abbey was one of my favourite moments, we were lucky enough to hear the Nun's singing vespers which was so magical. And then we were taken off to the hills and we performed The Sound of Music to Lord Webber. The echo you could hear across the hills was fabulous and made everyone a little emotional.

You all know the other details of our week although I did something very embarrassing when out for dinner at the Ivy with Andrew. David Walliams came over with Denise Van Outen. Now, I LOVE Little Britain and was desperate for him to do an impression. I also wanted to tell Denise how much I loved her on The Big Breakfast but I thought I'd better not! But, as we left, I mouthed over 'I love you' to David Walliams. He's wicked, I had to take the opportunity although I think he was a little confused and I shuffled out of there quick smart. It was a definite highlight.

It's fantastic that all the girls are back with us for the final show, I've missed them so much and it's very comforting to have them around. I need the support although God knows how the costume and make-up department are going to cope with 10 of us again! Especially seeing as there are so many quick changes.

It's such an honour to be in the final and to have gone through the whole process start to finish. What a journey - I've no idea how I'll cope back out in the real world, I'll be contacting my fellow Marias constantly.

I know we're all winners but I can't help preparing myself - I'm very grounded and realistic and don't like to get too swept up in all the madness although I am excited.

There are so many possibilities for the road ahead - I don't know what I'll be doing if I don't win - but I'll always be performing. It's all I know and love and it's influenced so many people. Musical theatre wasn't very cool when I was at school, although I persevered because I loved it and it made me happy. I believe so strongly in extra curricular activities and more money for the arts. It promotes greater communication skills and presentation and it kept me on the straight and narrow and made me think about the big picture.

I was so lucky I found out very early what I wanted to do and all my studies were encircled in the performing arts right through my degree. I hope we have influenced people to perform in some capacity even if it's to go to see shows and to increase popularity and support for the British arts and our amazing West End. There are so many talented performers and there needs to be more funding to train them and then we really will own a fantastic creative establishment.

I want to say thank you again to all those who have and will be voting for me on Saturday. It means the world to me and makes me feel so special. I'll see you all on the outside.

All my love


The End (or is it the beginning???)

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Helen you looked amazing by the fountain. Treasure all these golden moments. Go go girl. all my children rooting for you to shine thru on Sat.

Ian S
Helena, I totally agree with all the comments about Connie shooting herself in the foot with her nasty comments last week. And she was proved so, so wrong when the public voted for you above even Siobhan and the beautiful Aoife. Your performance on Saturday proved you have Star Quality. I'll be voting for you many times over!

Helena, you are so very talented. Watching the clip of you acting was incredible. You really deserve this chance - I feel there is a lot more hidden within you. You have amazed us all and won us all over. Good luck.

James osteopath and his kids
brilliant voice - keep going - my girls and I are all singing for you XX

Neil Trotman
I was not too sure about you Helena for the first week, especially when you stated that none of the others had it in them to be Maria except yourself. However........... wow you are such a pretty young lady with a voice and talent to match. I wish you all the best and just take it easy, and be yourself. Lots of love and best wishes, a fan

Many congratulations Helena for reaching the final.You so deserve to win.You have proved that you have musical theatre ability & that you are so gracious.Wishing you the very best of luck,I will be topping up my phone tomorrow ready to vote for you.

Well you absolutely proved your place on saturday. Just do what you do best. You are Maria there is no question!!!! Go Helena!!! Love ya so much xxx

u r awe inspiring and it is wonderful to see someone keep going without losing it as u have.It sends a clear message to all that if at first u dont succeed try try try again Fabulous for u inspiring favourite of mine very best of luck xx

Helena you are amazing! You should definately win!! I will be voting for you on Saturday!! Good Luck!! xxxx

I am a member of the anti- Connie parade. Siobhan or Helena should win wish you both the best of luck. x x x

I think you're great, people are very short-sighted if they don't think you can be Maria simply because you don't look like Julie Andrews! Good luck

my whole fsmily and i think that you should be maria and we new this from the start- you arfe stunning, you have a gobsmaking voice and you have it all helena! love you lots and good luck! xxx

Im so proud I am crying Helena you are fantastic i love you so much x

I used to support Abi, but now I am supporting Helena. She could be the black horse of this competition.

Helena, you so deserve to be Maria, you are so graceful a beautiful singer, you an act and dance and above all you have bucket loads of determination in the face of asversity, the allround requiremnts of a true professional performer. Just go out ther on Saturday and be yourself, ALW hasnt saved you every time in te singoffs for nothing,he can recognise talent and that's the reason he saved you, you have it in abundance. Good luck Helena, i will be rooting for you. x x


Hi Helena, Our family will be voting for you on Saturday. Just believe in yourself, you can do it. You are the kindest, most caring of the contestants and always seem to think of your other Marias. Connie was nasty towards you in her comments last week, we went off her there and then. Whatever the result, you are a winner as far as we are concerned. GO FOR IT GAL

sweet, amd easy to lip read, hope she gets in.good luck helena

Marilyn, Southampton
I am going off to Madeira on Saturday and will miss the show but wish you all the best for the role. You will make a great Maria.

I'm a fully fledged member of the "Anyone except Connie or Siobhan" Brigade. Just continue being yourself... because you're about to pull off the shock result of the year! Good luck!

Congratulations for getting through to the finals Helena. You deserve it SO much. It made me so happy to see you get the result you deserve. I have enormous respect for the way in which you have conducted yourself in all the sing offs. And i have enormous respect for your talent. You will go far. Good luck for Saturday.

Patricia Sabin
I´m trying again to reach you from Brazil. Even tho´I can´t vote for you I´m keeping up with your web diary. I was so excited to see that the public took you thru´last week. I know you´re a star and could do the role. So go for it helena! all love Pat

I'll be honest I really didn't feel as though you could cut it as Maria for ages, but having seen your performance on Saturday, especially with your injury at the time then my opinion has completely changed. Andrew Lloyd Webber has been supporting you since day one and now the public's behind you now so go for it!!! Best of luck

Hi Helena, I think you have a fantastic voice, which you finally got to show off properly on Saturday. I think it's unfair of people to say Aolfe had an unsuitable song and should be in the final rather than you. She had her chance to shine with You'll Never Walk Alone, and didn't make the most of it. She had her chance to wow us with her singing and didn't make the grade. You had yours and gave a stunning performance. I'm sure you'll have a great career, even if Connie pips you to the post for Maria. I hope you come in ahead of Siobhan, who also has a stunning voice, but whose acting is still really amateur dramatics level for me. Best of luck on Saturday - and you'll have my vote!

Helena, you have proved your are the best by getting into the final, so control those nerves and sing your heart out just like you did on Saturday. You have already got 2 votes.

the thing that no one else seems to have noticed is that you stand out in the ensembles as the one with the best voice to sing Richard Rogers. Even when I have not liked your solo performances (and I cannot say that any of the songs have been great) I have noticed you singing beautifully in the group. For Maria, you have to be able to sing Rogers and not Elton John - and you can, better than anyone apart possibly from Siobhan, now that Belinda has gone - and siobhan, beautiful gril and singer that she is, cannot act. Good luck on Saturday

COME ON HELENA!!!!! You have so much to it with a bang in the final, and you will surely be Maria!!! we all love you and no matter how you do, something will come up for you somewhere. Good luck!!! xxxxx

You showed your class last Saturday. Helena you are a winner and a Star. You won me over big time.

Maria & Hubby
You are doing fabulous dear Helena! You were so wonderful on Saturday! We hope your rib is healing. With such determination and personality along with that beautiful voice - you deserve to win. You are a winner - always! Sending huge hugs. We are with you in spirit and voting for you! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Helana I vote for you every night and i am glad you are in the top three

I think that you deserve to be in the final! We'll be voting for you. Good luck! Have been your fan from Week 1. Lots of lovexx


Helena. I used to go to Mrs hollands with you. Good luck babe. I hope you do well x

I was so pleased that Helena reached the final three, I will be voting for her, but even if she doesnt win, she can be proud of her achievement in reaching the final.

Hannah Duddy
Helena I loved your performance. I really like your voice . I think your great. I think your great . xxx

What a sta!! this might sound mad but i'm glad you have been in the bottom two it gave us more opportunity to hear your fabulous voice!! go girl.

Helena - you have the most fantastic voice. I really hope you get your dream of being MARIA but if you don't you will have a career in musical theatre, of that I'm sure. I so hope you win. GOOD LUCK!!!

Wendy from Suffolk
Go Helena. You have had my vote all the way through this competition. You thoroughly deserve to win. i am gutted that I won't be able to watch the last programme due to a prior engagement but the video will be on and I will be up at the crack of dawn to watch it on Sunday. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WIN. Break a leg darling.

Helena I think you are amazing, to come through so many sing-offs and still shine its great! You need to equal your performance from last saturday again this week and you will truly deserve to win.

well done for getting to the final. the performance of my heart will go on made me vote for the first time this series!!!!!!!!!

Don't agree Helena was good on Saturday - think she was just lucky. still singing with a broken rib no mean achievement (but there was more than one duff note)

Go Helena! I think you are brilliant and 100% deserve to win!! You have a lovely voice and I think you would be a great Maria! I will be voting for you on saturday night! Good Luck!

Although you did your best performance on Saturday, you should not be in the final as Aiofe shouldn't have gone out

my mommy lets me watch this show because its the only show thats not rated. i first thought it was kinda boring but after force feeding me my momma made me watch and i have 2 say its aaaaaaaaawesome! its all because of u!!!! go Helena!!!!!!! ur a true star!!!!!!!!!! i really hope u win! myu mommys cojn ting on u and so am i!!! i always vote 4 u!!!!! and always will!!!!!! love, Anna, xx

i love you daaaaaaaaarling u r perfect & im positive you will win good luck!!!!!

Helena, finally...!!! Congratulations for you. I am a big fan of yours, but I am living in The Netherlands. Hence, I cannot vote for you. I do really hope you are in the final two! Go Helena, go Helena! Beat Shioban! I love seeing you win!

when you sang 'my heart will go on' it brought tears to my eyes. you were just like a second Kate Winslet (except for the one bum note that we'll ignore) you are an amazing singer, and we all hope you the best. good luck for THE FINAL!!!

Kat Hampton
What a performance on Saturday. You deserve your space in the final and from what I hear most people would pay even more than £50 to see you sing at the west end!! The family can't wait to hear you sing for us on our wedding day!!! Good luck babes!Win Helena Win!!

joanna c.s.
Good luck Helena you are going to be Maria !!!!!


although i agree that helena has a good voice and deserves to be at this stage of the competition, at the end of the day it is the public who are choosing the maria they want to see. if helena is consistently in the bottom two week after week, surely this indicates that she is not popular enough with the public to play this part?? it amazes me that andrew lloyd webber is apparently oblivious to this in saving her each week! connie to win!

Helena,I am Mrs Holland's sister and I was visiting her from America.(Lizzie Pearce's Mum) You may have heard of her. She has recently had the lead in "Tommy" in the US. I saw the show three times and I think you are terrific! You are very natural and have a wonderfull voice. Break a leg Helena you certainly deserve to win. Yo have been very mature and shown great stamina throughout which is part of playing a major West end role!Go HELENA!!I look forward to hearing the next two shows! All the very best to you from the USA!!

I'm just so proud of Helena for getting this far - arent we all come on Helena you are doing brilliantly!

I've got my ticket for "Sound of Music" already, I am really hoping it'll be Helena up on the stage of the Palledium, charming the whole theatre & singing her socks off. VOTE HELENA!!!

Hey Helena You are not "lucky" at all - you were saved 4 times because you deserved it! You have a spectacular voice and importantly you have coped with being knocked back so many times and bounced back. Resiliance is so important in this career. I think you and Connie are both fab - may the best Maria win! Good luck x

Louise, Swanmore
Helen - well done for getting to the final! We've been watching you get better and better every week. You're so talented and will go so far! I have fond memories of Swanmore Secondary productions - Mr O'Brien will be proud of you! Good luck for Sat, I'm sure you'll shine x

Sheer determination is what is needed in this business and you have that in abundance. Being talented and to have a presence is a given. You have it all Helena, I'll be rooting for you to win on Saturday. All you gotta do is BELIEVE you can! xxxx

Helena to win as you have the best voice, personality and chemistry with John.

Iain Packwood
Congratulations Helena, you definately pulled it out of the bag on Saturday, a wonderful performance.

Funny how u got the one song in the world that would guarantee votes just b4 the final. Aoife should be in the final.Connie to win now.

That is so lovely, thanking people for voting for you. You were absolutely amazing on Saturday night with 'My Heart Will Go On'. My husband was upstairs and he came running down to find out who was singing as he thought it sounded amazing! I am so happy you are in the final and delighted that you were kept out of the bottom two. You deserve to be in the final - you really earned your place and I hope you win!

Helena should win this - she has the best soprano voice and since Maria is a soprano, the other two have no chance!

David 23
What a kiss! Lucky John B! You deserve to be his leading lady Helena-BUt I think Connie wants him too! You are lovely anyway and can win !

I think Helena must be really brave to a)go up on stage every single saturday (same for everyone that was in the live shows) and b)to cope with being in the bottom 2 so many times and being saved over and over again!! But still SIOBHAN 2 WIN!!

Helena, you try so hard and deserve your place in the finals. You have been a real trouper throughout, many others would have been deflated but not you, you just came back smiling each time. Break a leg, you should be Maria! x x

Not your fan
you are so lucky to get saved 4 times!... Sorry but Connie and Siobhan are better than u.

I was so happy for you, Helena on Saturday - it was a fab result and very well deserved. You had very positive feedback from the panel, and for Zoe to choose you as her tip for the final must have been a great boost, as her praise is hard-won. I'd love you to win, but Connie will be a hard act to beat. For me, though, I think she's a safe Julie Andrews-style choice and doesn't meet the brief. I so hope you win, but if you don't I'll look out for you in the West End. Your talent will surely be spotted after this.

We love you Helena! Good luck from all in Southampton! We behind you all the way!

I cant believe youre still here! I want you here but you are unbelievably lucky! You deserve to be in competition still and the public are mad! You are the best!

Craig Bradshaw
Watched you get voted into the final and how well deserved it was! Of all the Marias, you have perhaps been overlooked for whatever reason. Now I think you have won over the doubters simply due to your openess, honesty and integrity. Sure, Connie and Siobhan are good, polished and professional and doubtless have musical stage careers ahead of them now. But you're all of that and natural too. Would love to see you become Maria.

Rachel Allen
I voted for Helena as I feel she is better than most of the others. Well done for getting through this week without the help of the 'lord'. Good luck for next weekend. I will be voting again! Rachel

Helena you have done yourself proud! I knew you could do it and at last the public have given you the support you deserve. Good luck at the final!! xx

Hi Helena, What can I say? Next week will be the last time it costs only 25p to vote for and see you perform! I'm really pleased to see you've reached the Final! Your performance of "My heart will go on" was very special! Hopefully it's not just "my week", as you put it, but the first of many. It was nice to hear Andrew LW say HE is glad he saved you; even better, that the public vote carried you through, safely this time! Sorry to hear you were injured, though you acted so well, it didn't show. Do take care! (I suppose if you were dropped during a lift, you didn't have much choice.) Keep believing, you could be Maria! In the final, the least you can achieve is third place overall. To me, that still makes you a star. Whether it costs £55, £65 or £75, get your name on a West End cast, and I will pay to come and see you shine. Just be yourself. All the best for the final, and may you reap the successful career you deserve! If so be you don't win, please do keep those memories - and your diary! - but don't let it stop you doing what you really want to do. x

i think helena has STAR qality, just not for the role of Maria...

Great performance on Saturday - despite the injury. Well done and good luck for Saturday.

I think that helena is a great singer and i loved the song she sang i would love to see her singing as maria in the west end.

I think Helena is amazing! The other girls are good, but none of them have shown the outstanding progression that Helena has, which must show how she will be easiest to mould to the part and requirements for the role. I can't understand what has been happening to the votes, but Helena showed her true colours on saturday night...a true star!!!! Go helena xxx

Helena, you're not my Maria but your performances have got better and better each week. This may not be your role, but I believe you have the tenacity and dedication to succeed. You've had the hardest competition of all. Don't give up your dreams, I think your time will come.

Rhians Mum
We are really proud of you Helen, your professional training is really shining through. Good Luck - you will make a fantastic Maria.

Well done this week - finally the public got behind you - would like to see your acting skills now. Good Luck. Hope they give you the right songs next week.

susie Q
Helena - i think you are so talented - with all my experience, i don't think you are Maria, but i DO, DO think you are a leading lady. You can act, sing and dance, and you DO have that star quality - I can imagine you as Nancy in Oliver/ you have been so gracious in all the moments you've been in the bottom two, you show strength of character and dignity that is rare in "stars" these days. I wish you all the best. you ARE a star.

Well done Helen.You Did make it to the final...would love you to win it..

weldone helena! you got into the final,you sang amazingly, definitly the best i love that song(titanic) and you did it proud,good dancing, i voted for you four times and you deserve to win. good luck xx

Your performance of 'My Heart wil go on' was fantastic, and you didnt do that gurnying thing with your face. I so hope you dont get voted out in the second part of tonights show. Good luck Helena. Aoife to go!

I disagree with the panel. Helena HAS got star quality and her voice is fantastic. Good luck Helena!

Lorraine Blustin
Helena has had her emotions tested to the limit, this young lady has balls and I really hope she makes it.

Helena deserves a break and hopefully after tonight's performance she has broken the 'sing-off spell' and the public will see what she can do. Vote for her!

Kaitlyn - louise
Helena i think that u rox and would just like to say that i am very proud that our superstar got through 2 the final.

Helana, I think your great and don't always deserve to be in the bottom two. I was however upset when Leanne left, but I am rooting for you.

you are a great singer!!!!!!!!!

Go helena. I think its really unfair you're at the bottom last week because you didn't deserve it. I think you're really good. Keep it up.

April Smart
Helena - I love your expressive face and you have the most beautiful voice. You may not be right for Maria, but you are a fantastic performer and I look forward to seeing a lot more of you.


Good luck Helena - you've done really well to get this far! Just smile and make the most of it!

Leyla Ghaemi
Helena really deserves to win she works really hard every week. Thank you SOOOOOOOO Much Andrew. COME ON HELENA.

Just realised that you're from Southampton. I love you even more now. The cat with 9 lives WILL live again :D Finals here you come.

IT's not over for you yet Helena, you deserve to go through so much, you are technically the best singer in there just give it to them be real, tell the stories the writers wrote and you will be FAB. ~YOU ARE ANYWAY LOVE YA!! xx

Dear Helena, You come over as a very lovely young lady and you have a beautiful voice. Anyone who knows anything about real singing would vote for you. You were born to sing - you reach people's souls. Hubby and I will be rooting for you. Best of luck and never stop singing. Huge hugs xxxxx

Simon Wong
Will definitely be voting for you tomorrow as you deserve to be in the final. Wishing you good luck and all the best.

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