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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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The Fifth Show

It's semi-final time in Marialand.

It's semi-final time in Marialand.

The Marias opened the show in style with Sound of Music number I've Got Confidence - and from the way they belted out, you believed they had. But confident or not, two Marias would be leaving at the end of the night.

After a plea from her old Nan to the voting public, Connie led off the night's songs with a heartfelt performance of If I Can't Have You from Saturday Night Fever. Was her performance dramatic enough for the experts?

David Ian thought so. "You're truly truly a wonderful performer - you could be Maria." And John Barrowman agreed. "I want her to be my leading lady one day."

Zoe Taylor wasn't so positive, commenting to audience boos that there were girls with better voices. But, she admitted, Connie had given a "tip-top performance." And Andrew Lloyd Webber was clearly thrilled, complimenting Connie on the way she acted through the singing and telling her "You're a star."

Next was Siobhan, who raunched up All That Jazz from Chicago with big hair, tiny red dress and sexy hip thrusts. Her performance still didn't win over vocal coach Zoe. "I don't know whether you can give it 100%," she said. "And I shouldn't still be saying that in the semi-final." John agreed, feeling "It was great, but it just didn't have that bam for me."

David was amazed at this reaction, saying he'd never been more sure that he wanted Siobhan in the final. "And every red-blooded male in the audience agrees with me." he added, to cheering that proved him right.

But Andrew, the man whose opinion matters most, wasn't totally convinced by Siobhan's performance. "I feel that you've just got to take one gigantic leap, and then I do think you could be Maria." he admitted.

Miracle Maria Helena then took her turn, with a romantic performance of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On that won cheers from the audience. Were the experts as wowed? It turned out they were.

"I thought that was your best performance," said David. "Really splendid." His only worry was that Helena - who's been rescued from relegation four times by Andrew - wasn't popular enough with the public to play Maria.

Helena's performance was even more impressive after John's revelation that she did it "with almost a broken rib." "That was a leading lady performance." he added. Even harsh critic Zoe had something nice to say. "I was on the edge of my seat for the key change - but you hit the note."

And was Andrew pleased that he'd rescued Helena after seeing that performance? Oh yes. "I'm really glad I saved you four times. You sang that song as if you really meant it."

Next, Abi threw herself in Maybe This Time from Cabaret, a real diva's number. The experts were less than impressed.

"It's about consistency," criticised John, harking back to the previous week's disastrous performance of Summertime. He admitted to worrying "that inconsistency will be [Abi's] downfall." David agreed, pointing out, "Maria's got to be fantastic Monday to Saturday, not part-time."

Zoe felt that the song was too obvious a choice. "She goes out and does a big belty performance - she's happy and everyone else is happy". She had good and bad news for Abi. "I think you've got a great career in musical theatre. Do I think you're Maria? No." And Andrew seemed agree. "If I was casting for Funny Girl..." he mused. "I'll do it!" replied Abi.

Finally, Aoife, now the toast of Maria-mad Galway, gave an energetic song and dance performance of Footloose. But would she be the one cut loose tonight?

The experts were nonplussed at the choice of song. "I thought that was a difficult number, and a very odd audition number for the role." said David. But, he went on, "It showed what an all-rounder you've blossomed into. You're in my top three."

John was also impressed, but not enough. "The dance was a bit loose" he commented. Zoe was underwhelmed too, but had nice things to say about Aoife's vocal progression. "[When I met Aoife she] sounded like a squeaky nine-year old", she said. "You've come a long way, and I'd like to see her in the final."

Andrew agreed. "I'm not absolutely sure about your vocal ability - but I still have a feeling you could get there."

After a quick recap, the Marias waited tensely to find out which of them would be singing for survival. It was the result Abi and Aoife had dreaded - the two friends were going head to head in the sing-off.

One lovely performance of Any Dream Will Do, from Joseph and The Technicolour Dreamcoat, and it was time for Andrew's decision. Based on the casting, he kept Aoife, and Abi was the one waving goodbye, farewell. But maybe she'll be back for that part in Funny Girl.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

From the start we were looking for a new type of Maria and I feel that everyone has lost the plot. The viewing public only have the programmes to work on whereas a lot goes on behind the scenes. I am not sure that we have the most suitable three in the final but, if Connie does not win, she will feel turned down again. Siobhan might be pleasant to look at but does not fulfil the requirements of Maria. Helena could be the dark horse who will nick it on the line.

I wish Abi hadn't gone last week. My vote is for Connie now. I think she'd be the best Maria. Siohan could do many other parts or even just be a singing. Connie has stood the test of time over the weeks. What lucky girls getting to kiss John. I'm very jealous!

Siobhan is absolutely amazing, and definitely my Maria. She has a wonderful voice and is such a talented actress! Songbird was by far the best performance on the show; it was so beautiful. SIOBHAN TO WIN!

I think it's a real shame that Abi had to go, i thought that she would play the part of maria perfectly! she is so cool and down to earth, compaired to the other drama queens that are / were in the competition. Good luck in the future Abi, and hopefuly something bigger and grander will come along for you. Hope to see you in the west end soon. Daniel

Abi was robbed last week. I would not pay 55.00 to go see Helena perform, My vote is now for Connie, a fore gone conclusion I think as Helena has no chance and Siobhan is average at best.

I am so devastated that Abi has gone she was extrordinary with a rare talent the others just don't compare.

It was so obvious from the start that Connie is head and shoulders above the rest. Go Girl Go you can take this role and be a sensation

siobhan is amazing go girl go

Helena to win!!!!!!!!!

We were really upset to see Abi leave. She has a lovely approach to the songs and sang with genuine feeling. She would have been an excellent maria. I hope she does well in the future

I really want Connie to win! She is simply the best!

I would love Helena to win!! (for Southampton!) Connie has amazing talent (and knows it!) but she hasn't really progressed much throughout the show where at least you can see a vast improvement in both Helena and Siobhan, neither of which has had any kind of formal training!! I can't believe that Helena has been in so many sing-offs - Helena to win!!!!

Siobhan's beauty, cute, natural behaviour and wonderful voice a are far more valuable commodity than 'reliable' but eye glazingly predictable such as connie, that's just practice. I think Siobhan has what it takes to be one of the world's leading performers, on stage or recording. Just stunning.

Helena to win! As well as her fantastic stage presence, she's demonstrated her professional attitude, mental and physical stamina week in week out and shows that she's got exactly what it takes to pull off the perfect Maria. HELENA HELENA HELENA!!! xxx

When paying 55 for a seat you deserve value for money. Connie has been consistently great, she is trustworthy and can be relied on to produce the goods. But she should put her own stamp on Maria, if she does that, she will prove just how great she really is. COME ON CONNIE, YOU ARE THE GOODS.

Connie should win. Granted, she is a trained perfomer, but she is a superb talent, great voice, lovely expressions, she draws your eye and brings the stage to life every time she is there. Perfect for the role. I feel sorry for Aoife, she would have been a superb understudy - perfect looks, mannerisms and ability for Maria - I really hope she does well, she too is immensely talented. Siobhan, I think is superb, but not right for the role - too pretty (a perfect Mary Poppins maybe) and her acting ability I think let her down - yes she can learn, but its only 6 weeks until the show opens, no-one can learn that quick. And Helena - amazing voice, and her passion and intensity with John Barrowman was brilliant, but I think she's a too young - her time will come. Connie to win! Come on Connie!

Ticket money is ready if CONNIE wins! She'll light up the stage. Helen's a delight now her lovely smile is sorted.

Andrea Louise
In my opinion, the only one who could really cut it in The Sound of Music 6 nights a week is Connie. She is absolutely amazing! Hope she wins!

I love all the girls in this show and believe they all have star quality. Abi's Big Spender rendition was by far the best performance of the series, I would pay good money to see her in any show she starred in. I do wonder how the votes would have gone if Ireland could have voted for Aoife, maybe she would be in the final. Who knows?

siobhan is sooooooo pretty and absolutly should win. She is so good at acting as well!!!!!


i really dont want soibhan to win. she doesnt want it like the others and i dont think she tom boy-ish enough. connie first. helena second.xx

i liked John barowman in doctor who he was good and i wached it evry saterday and now its david tennant and billie pipper enyway i think that John said some horerble things about some of the maria's and that!:(

connie to win she is the most experianced and will try her best all the way though altgough helena and shobian are talented go connie woo woo

I would purchase a theatre ticket for only one contestant - CONNIE! From the outset Connie has outshone her competitors. Connie consistently brings songs to life, has a wonderful personality and has the confidence and stamina to perform exceptionally well time and time and time again.

connie to win!!!!siobhan isnt maria.

the lord webber voted out the wrong maria aoife she was the one who could do it for me sorry girls but good luck

Connie is the best she should win she's got the talent and i am sure she will be a perfesct maria and that she has got the hair for the live peformance

Siobhan has a great voice?!?! Are people living in cloud cookoo? Her voice lacks soul and support and I think when she gets to the higher soprano notes she cracks and more than 50% of the notes produced are just airy! Connie is by far the best. Just because she's had 'more training' does that make her less worthy of the role? The point was to promote musical theatre to a wider audience and give people the OPPORTUNITY to audition, not to pluck a complete random to be the lead in the West End!

I think that alot of people are voting for Connie because she looks like Julie Andrews. But I think that under that stage-school polish there is little of the star quality. I think Abi had it all and was saddened to see her go. And now? Siobhan is more than her looks. She has a great voice and I think she can show the multi-faceted character of Maria bestof the last 3. Helena, a good fighter, needs to pull something pretty special from the bag for her to win. Good luck.

Rachel J
It's not fair to say that Connie had an easier number than the others - what about previous weeks, she has performed with dancers on several occassions, in Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend she was singing and dancing in an upbeat number. Being on stage in the West End you need stage presence and Connie has that in bucketloads. CONNIE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Powell
I have to say that all 3 girls have a quality about them - but i feel connie just makes it to the hills of music. I think she has a natural style and that spark thats needed - everyweek throughout she hasnt dissapoint. I like helena very much - she is a close second she can sing, act and i think she would be a good maria, siobhan i feel is good, but more of a popstar then a maria. Her acting just isnt strong enough and her vocals are a little unsure - but she would be a good popstar over all the weeks it has been a joy to watch this show with my family - i hope we get another show like this next year maybe HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE ELIZA DOLITTLE

Siobhans voice is nothing out of the ordinary, granted she is pretty, but the real Maria VonTrapp was a very plain girl who couldn't sing!!!!! Connie has an expressive face, a good voice, and stage presence, the other two don't have the complete package. Go Connie

How jealous was I they got to snog Barrowman? Phroar. Anyway, I wanted Abi to win but now it has to be Connie.

Jeremy Xie
I think Connie is a good performer. She can communicate with the audience and for the role of Maria, we need an actress instead of a star. So I will vote for Connie.

Louise from Cardiff
Hey! Im sorry but out of the three thats left we all know who's going to win hands down, Connie is the best by far and she resembles Julie Andrews what more do you want? The other two are good dont get me wrong but Helena is far too exagerrative with her mouth and facial expressions and for me doesnt embody Maria one bit, Sobhian for me also doesnt show that Maria spark and is far too made up. We need someone truly versatile and thats Connie. I cannot see the other two having the umph to do so many shows a week as well.

Never mind the Marias - John Barrowman was totally brilliant. The workshop was fascinating, and I wished you'd showed more of it, The kissing was seriously HOT!!! WOW!!! Those lucky, lucky girls!!! And when it came to the singing he really showed them all how it should be done!!! He lit the stage up, the TV screen up and my life up! More please of him and soon!!! He must surely sing again in the final show. You can't let all that captive talent go to waste!!!!

Connie is the only true pro left. Helena won't draw in the punters. Siobhan may be pretty, with a good singing voice, but she just can't ask. Go Connie!!

I thought Helena was great on Saturday, but Connie should win overall. She has been brilliant every single week, and she makes me enjoy performances of songs I don't even like!

I would pat good money 2 see Helena! I will only go and see it if she wins!


nevermind eating eyelashes I'll eat my face if they don't get to sing songs from the actual show that we are meant to be voting for them to perform in. we cannot see who is maria, till they do a bit for us. its driving me mad!!!!

Shaborn looses Conni wins!!!!

Siobhan - start believing in showed a lack of confidence on Saturday as if you expected to be voted out - you should have been jumping for joy! GO FOR IT AND HAVE FAITH!!

Conne has all the vitality and spark needed for Maria. I can see her as a nun as an impish tomboy, as a flibberty gibbet, as a woman who falls in love and who makes a middle aged man fall for her. I just can't see Siobhan making a good nun or being a 'clown' or a tomboy.... she is TOO stunning and serene for Maria. Helena ... I'm glad she made the final, but doesn't have enough of that X factor ... whoops, wrong channel!

Helena should win. She has come through thick and thin to reach this stage, and Andrew definitely sees something in her. She is unassuming and would fit the role perfectly. Siobhan sang "Songbird" wonderfully and did well last week too, but I can't see her as a nun. She should aim for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and would make a fantastic Truly Scrumptious, but (in the words of the Baroness from Vienna) I don't think she'll ever be a nun!

Connie should win. Helena is irritating and Siobhan would be better as truly scrumptious where she could get dressed up to the nines. Connie is the only believable Maria personality.

I really hope that Connie doesnt win, id like to see helena win because its clear that Andrew wants her there or he wouldnt have saved her 4 times. I feel that Connie doesnt have to put much effort into it because the judges give her good comments whatever she does. Siobhan has come a long way as well

Connie, she is worth flying over to London for. (dutch fan)

siobhan 2 win! she is great and since the beginning i ahve loved her when she went home i was gutted she has 2 win she is the best. and as for the kissing i really want 2 be in their shoes i would pucker up for John Barrowman any day love him. GO SIOBHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie has the voice, the poise and the spirit to be a great Maria Von Trapp, and to top it all off, she has the charisma to be a leading lady! Don't get me wrong, I've loved all the girls and think they're great - but this has to be the best girl for the part, and that, definitely, is Connie.

I really think Siobhan deserves to win as she has come such a long way and has shown the judges so many different sides to her and what she can do. Connie is the typical Stage School actress type and i don't really think she knows when to stop.grr. Siobhan to win!

i love sioban she has got an amizin talent and deserves to win please vote sioban go sioban

Connie is fantastic, she's a wonderful singer and maria all over. Although she does appear a bit 'stage school' at times, she's the most professional and looks like she could get a bit rough and ready. Siobhan is stunning beautiful and has an amazing voice (she's made me cry on a number of occasions) but she's not maria - she needs a role more suited to her, and then I would pay to watch her

Siobhan has got to win! She has anamazing voice and comes across as the lovely bubbly person maria is!!! Shes PERFECT for the role. Come on Siobhan

SIOBHAN TO WIN!!!!!. The other girls are great. especially Connie, but I just think that Siobhan is better with kids and has a nicer voice, and if she does not win, then she should definitely pertsue some sort of singing/acting career. GOOD LUCK SIOBHAN

i think siobjan is just there bea=cause of her looks. ( the mens vote !) connie has the REAL talent

Laura aged 13
I think that Siobhan is the best. Connie is too stage-school, and Helena cant sing and drives me crazy with her facial expressions! SIOBHAN TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO!! Go Siobhan!! You blew me away with Songbird, and you are always the talk at my school! You have the most comments on this page, and you are by far my favourite girl! I wish that i could be in something with you oneday!! Siobhan, you are MY idol! You are Maria!! Luv Emma

Wendy From Wales
I have to say that the week the Marias did the acting Connie was excellent. If you closed your eyes it was as if she was Julie Andrews. Connie you go from strength to strength each week and I so want you to win. You lucky girl getting to snog John - not surprised you felt as if the other girls were kissing 'your man' so to speak. I hope the rest of Wales votes for you.

Connie has been the one for the part from day one. Very best of luck for the final Connie.Go! Go1 Go!

Siobhan has 2 win... u can really connect with her as a person...connie just seems false all the time and does not connect nearly as well with the audience!! You can see that Siobhan would be great with the kids!!! SIOBHAN TO WIN!!!!

Siobhan should win !! Connie is great but she doesn't have that same sparkle...Siobhan should believe in herself like we all believe in her.

Elaine & Mike
We watch this programme every week from Switzerland. Our verdict is...Who are you all kidding? Connie is a clear winner!!

siobhan has the best voice, helena has the best personality bt connie is just blatently maria!

fish m
go connie go connie every one vote for connie

I think Siobhan should win. Although Connie is talented she doesn't have the presence that siobhan does. I also think Helena is talented but wouldn't sell out shows like the other 2 would. Good luck to siobhan .

Matt Hine, Lichfield
Go Siobhan, you've got a cracking voice! So hope you win, your parents and liam will be so proud - not that they already are! (mum said hope you like your baby elephant.. you'll know what I mean on Saturday when you see your mum..) xxx

Connie to win! When you go to see a show you don'ttalk to the performers or get to know their own personality. YOu see the personality they take on. Connie is a fantastic singer and actor and has worked hard to get to the final. She should win as she is the best one for the job and Helena should come 2nd now she has sorted her face out!!

Twingo Berlingo
helena is the best now that aiofe and abi have been knocked out for some really stupid reason! Connie not right, nor is Siobhan. GO HELENA!!

siobhan and connie ain't maria - connie and siobhan just aren't right to be Maria. now that abi & aiofe have gone, helena should win it!

Siobhan im voting for you. connie is jus some over trained girl who is most like the maria b4. im booking tickets too see the show if siobhan wins!!! VOTE SIOBHAN

Beth Sedgwick
I think that Siobhan should win as connie ,although she's a great performer hasn't got the voice for Maria it's too strong and powerful ,and not angeic enouth. she'd be better in something like Chicargo!!! Siobhan to win!!! Don't give up!!

Siobhan just cannot act and her response to the close-up acting with John last week was embarrassing. Hurrah for Connie

siobhan is thw winner for sure id buy tickets if you won and i will voting for you on saturday beacause you are the best singer and actor by far GOOD LUCK!! your doin staffordshire proud

It is my dream to be on west end and this show is BRILLIANT! I don't think abbi shud have gone on saturday, she has the best personality and you could tell how much passion she had for performing and how much she wanted it. Siobhan doesn't seem to have's like she'd like to do it....but isn't desperate. Connie to win, she's the best now by far:)

Helena I think you were fab on Saturday, singing like that and up in the air was amazing with your bad rib . Keep it up you can win.

Is there anywhere I can download this week's espisode as I missed it?

Siobhan is FANTASTIC, Not only is she stunning looking, she has a great personality and the most beautiful singing voice. vote SIOBHAN

Connie is amazing. Her performances are always fantastic, she is stunning and a fantastic actress and singer! I will be voting... She really does deserve this role!! xxx VOTE CONNIE.. SHE ROCKS!!

Rachel D
It HAS to be Connie! she has everything including a lovely speaking voice (which doesn't seem to have been a consideration) and Siobhan fluffed the lines in the (tantalisingly brief)feature about the big scene when Maria confronts Captain Von Trapp.

i wanna snog john not fair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helena to win! I don't think Siobhan's voice is strong enough to survive the run and Connie doesn't seem to be sweet enough to be a Maria. Vote Helena!!!!!

Cathy + kids
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP WITH COMPLEMENTING THE DESPERATE CONNIE! Siobhan is without a doubt the only choice for Maria. She's absolutely WUNDERBAR! My kids and I will only go to see the show if Siobhan wins!! XxXxX

I hope Siobhan can win ! She is only short of a bit ambition and passion....But she's really the most attractive modern Maria among all the girls!

Already booked tickets. Connie has been great, but Siobhan has such a lovely voice. Good luck to both, Can't wait to see the show live!

Kevin G-D
It would be good to see how dynamic Connie really is for the final stand-off by having her sing a softer more romantic song. This would demonstrate the true versatility and capability she may or may not possess. Roll-on Saturday!!

I really hope Connie has a chance to show she can do something a bit quieter and more vulnerable - so far she's been brilliant, but she's not had enough variety. Siobhan can't act, and try as I might I can't imagine her climbing a tree and scraping her knee - she'd be too worried about getting her clothes dirty.

i think either siobhan or helena diserve to win. though me and my little sis sakia who is five and is the bigeest fan of the sound of music are for Siobhan. my reason is that connie has had it easy coz she has all the experience whereas they don't and i didn't think that connie interacted well with the kids, which is the main part of the sound of music. helena has a beautiful voice but she did get it easy on sat, and as for connie, call that dancing. Siobhan and Aiofe had the hardest acts. i think it unfair that siobhan and aiofe who were not experienced actresses had the hard ones, whereas connie who had experience got the easy part. as my sister would say "the girl who lost her voice to win!"

Siobhan should definitely win, she has come so far and shown such improvement along the way. Connie is your typical Stage School actress and Siobhan is more the natural motherly girl perfect for the part of Maria. She also has the advantage of being stunningly gorgeous.

Siobhan to win! She's fantastic and the most sincere. John Barrowman and her make a good couple too btw!!

I dont think Siobhan cut it at all singing all that jazz,Connie hits the spot every week Siobhan summed it up perfectly when she said, shes just consistantly Connie, well thats is exactly what is need consistancy. GOOD LUCK CONNIE!!!

Connie is fantastic...absolutely fantastic. She has been the winner since the first auditions. I sat with my wife and kids on day one, saw Connie and said..she'll win! Looks like I was right....c'mon Connie.

Connie is no better now than at the beginning of the series, and although a good, reliable and polished performer is irritating and unattractive in movements and expression. Siobhan has had much less experience and training, but her improvement has been massive. She is a natural with huge potential and a far more guenuine, magnetic and watchable personality and presence. She should win.

Go Siobahn, Good Luck for Saturday! You deserve to win, and will light up the West End.

I hope Siobhan wins. Connie is a consumate professional but I don't thinks she has that something extra that makes it impossible to take your eyes off her. Each of Connie's performances have been above average, sung with skill and control. Siobhan, on the other hand, has vaccilated between boringly average to stunning - full stop, take your breathe away stunning. I think they should cultivate that star quality in Siobhan for a really special portrayel of Maria.

Go Siobhan!! Your by far the best!! She is an amazing performer with an amazing voice. Connie is good but her performances are all the same and Siobhans change each week depending on the song. Siobhan believe in yourself and you can do it! Im with you all the way!! GOOD LUCK!! You can do it!

Connie has been the most consistent, and deserves it. I think Helena would make a good understudy. Siohban is more model than singer and it will be a sad day for musical theatre if she wins on grounds of looks and not talent.

God siobahan is sooooo gorgeus,hope she wins

I couldn't believe that Siobhan was in the second sing-off. If she is Maria I will be booking tickets. I would not pay to see Connie or Helena. Siobhan is absolutely beautiful and she can sing unlike Connie on Saturday who was awful. Good Luck Siobhan.

I really hope Helena wins.

Siobhan, I'll vote for you if you show us you really want it! I've doubted you but 'Truly scrumptious' showed how perfect you are for the role - good luck!

simple....SIOBHAN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shioban, I copied this from your "profile". It is so true, so why aren't you fighting for this role? You ARE Maria. You deserve to role. But you are being "too nice" and giving up, because it is the polite thing to do!!! PLEASE go for it. Nobody else will do! Why should you be the next Maria? It's the one character I have always dreamt about playing but never imagined that I would be given the opportunity. I can associate with her free-spirited yet rational character. To see problems and attack them with enthusiasm and strength... Her desire to feel complete... Ultimately, to find the place where she really belongs. I have grown up with the music (my Nana used to sing Edelweiss to me when I was very young), I would give it 110% and would enjoy every moment of it! I believe I have the talent to do it... I definitely have the ambition! I just can't wait to get stuck into the 'blood, sweat 'n' tears'... The real training!!!

Siobhan should have lost the sing-off last week. Eye lashes and lipstick don't make up for zero personality. Her frocks are sexier than she is. If Connie doesn't win I'll eat my own eyelashes.

brenda Leech
Connie is easily the best Maria.She has everything, personality,sparkle,can sing and dance and looks like a Maria.I will be rooting for you Connie!!!

Well i am absolutely gutted that Aoife has gone! What a huge mistake...what on earth are you thinking of?!! She is stunning to look at, lovely to listen to and is extremely professional. Their loss!

After Saturday past, there's no way Siobhan can win. She showed she doesn't have the heart and in the sing-off was outshone by Aoife, who had a terrible song and routine to perform... compared to the others. And Helena got the sympathy vote after the panel's comments. Connie, Connie, Connie ... with Aofie understudy!

I've loved Connie right from the start - she's brilliant - a real all rounder! Was really upset to see Abi and Aoife go on Saturday - they should have been in the final three! I think the show is great but would love to see more songs from the shows after all if I'd wanted pop songs I would have switched to X factor!

i thibk connie should win. but siobhan is very good. why is helena still in? the kissing: i am so jealous, John Barrowman is SO gorgeous! CONNIE or siobhan to win!

Having bought tickets for the Sound of Music in November, I'm rooting for Connie to win. She is the only one who has the personality to be Maria!!

Siobhan definatly to win. Right from the start she has been different and shone like a star. Now its time her dreams became reality. SIOBHAN TO WIN!!!

VOTE CONNIE! All her performances have been so great and I think she is the only Maria who can hack the West End! (I so wish I could kiss John Barrowman like that too!)

Connie needs and deserves to win she is fab every week and thats what you need in theatre, people want to see a good performance. Go Connie!

helena sang really well on saturday but shes not very popular. I bet connie will win coz everyone likes her but siobhan has the nicest voice.

anton johnson
connie,has the right attitude and will surely win.siobhan has improved but is too young and inconsistant,as shown on saturday.i have already booked my tickets to see connie on 25th of november.i wont say good luck as you dont need any..

All the girls have been good but Connie shines out above the others if she does not win there is no justice.

I believe that Connie should win, she is Maria, everything she does shows that. Siobhan looked like she couldn't be bothered during her sing off. You have to want it heart and soul and Connie does.

Every week I see Connie perform and she is consistently the best. Not only that, Maria would be her perfect part. Siobhan and Helena are wonderful, but not Maria.

Connie really is Maria. Siobhan and Helena have beautifull voices and look stunning but for me, they just aren't Maria. Go Connie!!

I think Connie had it easy on Saturday. No dancing and no big production. Aoife and Siobhan had the hardest job and, unfortunately with Aoife, it showed. I don't like Connie at all. She's talented yes, but I don't connect with her. Siobhan has the best voice, seems down to earth and is great with kids. She should win.

Connie can be the only one to win now! The two other girls have good voices but thats not enough on its own- musical theatre is about the whole package, siobhan was so static and emotionless in the sing off- disgrace to let aoife go, but it will be justified if conie wins- less competition in the final.

Helena sets the stage alight - Andrew recognised this and now the public will.

I'm voting for Siobhan. She's fantastic. I don't think the judges watched the same routine as I did on Saturday. She made it look effortless. She is by far the best dancer of the competition and has the sweetest voice. Connie may be consistent, but she's fake and boring - stage schools turn out hundreds like her every year. Siobhan is the real deal. If this is a search for a star, the choice is obvious.

Andrew said Siobhan was saved because Aoife did not have the stamina to do several shows a week. But what about Siobhan's "stamina"? - she just gave up when she was put in the sing-off and sang with no heart. She does not seem to have the commitment to stay the course. For once, Connie was rightly the first to be put through to the next round rather than dragging out on the assumtion that as she is clearly the most professional she can take the pressure. Probably true but very unfair to her over the past weeks.

Maz C
It has to be Connie. Every week she's consistantly brilliant. Fab singer. Good Luck.

I have been supporting Abi and Aoife so I was gutted on Saturday to see them both go out. I thought Abi's performance was absolutely amazing and I can't believe she got the lowest share of the vote. Aoife was so brilliant in earlier weeks that I thought she deserved a place in the final too.

Belinda had the best voice but I feel Connie is the safest bet as a Maria as she would be consistently good, while Helena would make a great understudy. She takes criticism very well and bounces back.

There was no way that Aoife should have gone on Saturday, Siobhan should have gone and she and everyone else, knows it. Connie to win.

the two people who i think should be maria are connie and siobhan because firstly connie looks exactly like the previous maria (julie Andrews) and secondly siobhan has such a great voice. they both deserve to be maria.

the two people who i think should be maria are connie and siobhan because firstly connie looks exactly like the previous maria (julie Andrews) and secondly siobhan has such a great voice. they both deserve to be maria.
I wld like to see siobhan gone fm the maria show and dear connie shld win coos i know she's FAB as fm helena well ... what is there 2 say abt her ... nothing coos she doesn't hv the maria look or style ... go connie girl .... go be MARIA ... pepper

Siobhan to win a must for me i wouldnt pay 2 see any of the other contestants in the role of maria. Siobhan has by far the more sincerity in her voice. VOTE SIOBHAN

I was really sad when Abi left! I think she was a real Character and so down to earth and just a really amazing singer and sweet! She was sweet to aoife when she left and gave the better preformance with Any dream will do! but alas she has gone!! so whos gonna win? I think Siobhan will be the best to win...Connie is good but i dont know shes got too much confidence and Helena is good but her facial expressions drive me up the wall haha ^__^ so yea Go Abi in Funny Girl!!

I think your the only real Maria left, Connie and Siobhan seem so false. Good Luck

Helena has the best proper singing voice and shines as a person. To give a performance like she did with "My Heart Will Go On" with a bad rib really shows she has star quality. Well done! Never stop singing. hugs xxxxx

Connie is the best!!

Connie all the way! She gives so much more than a concert performance - she fills up the stage and embraces the emotion of the song in the style of a true performer. Go Connie!

i love Siobhan but i think that she is too pretty to be maria.helena is fantastic but i dont think that she would be strong enough to pull off the role 6 nights a week. so my vote is for connie as her professional attitude is spot on.and as for that kissing last week. i was so jelous!!!!

Siobhan is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen! In regard to this show though, Connie will win, she just seems right for the role of Maria, being an all-rounder.

Connie's sparkly eyes do it for me. Go Connie

Jackie Martin
I want Siobhan to win - At the start of the series Andrew said he wanted a younger, different Maria - Siobhan is that. If Connie wins then its Julie Andrews all over again and the whole series will have been in vain! SO COME ON SIOBHAN!

Connie is the greatest, fab. at everything. Looks full of fun and up to date, this show needs to be 2007 style and Connie has it.

I was sorry to see Abi go out last night. I know Connie is a good singer and dancer but I'm constantly irritated by her fixed grin and 'startled' expression, which look so false. I think Helena is the dark horse of the competition and may win.

Connie, is defo the best there is around, she defo deverves to win, iv liked her since day one and i think she make the best maria! CONNIE all the way!!!

Siobhan...come else even comes close to being right!

I certainly do not want Helena to win. Those eye movements distract you from the song she sings, and are the same every single time. Connie is much better, and really up for the job!!!

Connie is undoubtly the best. Her performances throughout the series have been excellent and she deserves to win!! Good luck

rosie aged 13
siobhan is the greatest!!! she's maria through & through she has an amazing voice and is just amazing.I really hope she wins & i'll be voting for her.Siobhan if you read this i wanna say You Go Girl !!!!!!!!!!!

Helena now shines through, a slow starter, but wow she does it for me.

Connie is a great Maria. She has got the face for Maria.Fills the stage up.Go Connie!!!!

lizzie & richard
We're 6 and we loved Abby, we were in tears last night when she was so unfairly knocked out - we think she'd be a gret maria so there!

Connie has fantastic presence on stage and strong vocals but I have seen a fast improvement in Siobhan. She has such a beautiful voice and I would like to see her as Maria.

Helena gave the performance of the series last night I thought. She was amazing. I want her or Siobhan to win. Connie's good, but I don't think she has the "wham" factor.

Connie is very good, but she had the easiest routine last night with no dancing! Compare what she did to Aoife's routine which was non stop. I'd like Siobhan to win!

ana banana
what are people thinkin' of? siobhan has got the most amazing voice and deserves to be MARIA!!good luck siobhan!!luv ana

after last night i felt really mean cos i had been really mean about helena but now... HELENA 2 WIN!!!!

Although Siobhan has a great voice I don't think she is able to combine the dancing and acting with the singing-she's not ready for the leading lady role. Connie has been consistently good and deserves the part.I would pay to see her!

CONNIE! CONNIE!! CONNIE!!! she has been the best all rounder by far since day 1 and ticks every box to be the best Maria. I really hope she wins and will really look forward to seeing her on stage. I wonder what Julie Andrews would say ?

omg that snoggin was hot i wish it had been me!

Ray Clarke
For determination and the way she has battled and faced the apparent dislike of the public Helena deserves to go right to the final

We have just returned from a night out (our Anniversary) Oh! my, My husband is destraught Aoife has gone. Super show, wonderful voices and such talent, I am sure that all the girls will get a lucky break soon.

Abi may not be marian but she is a winner in everyway. she had such dignity at the end despite being sent home unjustly as she was the best tonight and shone in the sing off. I look fwd to seeing your name up in lights Abi...I'm sure it won't be long :)

All the girls are simply superb, each in her own way, but Connie is the best all-rounder. I feel sure all of them will go far in the world of music - I look forward to hearing of your successes. Good Luck!

I am 10 years old, love singing and dancing and I think Connie should win! She is the best and also my idol!!!

Connie is simply the best!

I think Helena is wonderful! She has a beautiful voice and considering she has had no previous training I think she is amazing. Connie is a bit to cocky for my liking. I would really love for Helena to get the role as Maria, siobhan has a lovely voice too, so she would be my second choice.

How sad to see Abi go, to me the only one with a special something. If they wanted her then they could have worked on the show songs to make them consistent. At her best she blew the othersaway, at worst no worse than the others worse.

siobhan is the best and i think that she should win. She was born to sing , she is also verygood when she performed with the children .

i think that Connie has been the best from day 1. she should win the role! I love watching her she is amazing!! Go Connie!!

Daniel Hugo Castez Hansen
I share Ian's view entirely. Connie has consistently proved she's the best performer, she is the one and only Maria. I hope she wins this contest.

I thought Connie was a foregone conclusion but I've been amazed at how quickly the others are catching up. I think Siobhan especially, is now a real contender.

Abi's Big Spender was the best performance of the series s far. Considering Summertime was not in her register I think she gave a classy performance and really rose to the challenge. She has a great personality and I imagine she'd be a joy to work wih. Abi to win!

siobhan connie and helena in the final, with only one winner SIOBHAN. XX

Kerry, Leicester
Siobhan also gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes with her performance, she was AMAZING! Also - fantastic performing the number with the kids - they adored her!

Sorry to be mean , but surely the fact that Helena has had to be saved so many times shows the public won't spend good money to see her. Most weeks I personnally want to turn her off.

Really enjoying the show, all the girls are very talented - for me, the winner is Siobhan as she has a wonderful voice and personality. Good luck Siobhan!!

Musicality, sure pitch (Maria is supposed to teach singing), acting ability and reliability are the foremost criteria: Connie comes closest, otherwise the children in last weeks episode were very good...

i think connie is amazing but aoife and siobhan are very close and i hope they are all in the final!

I think Dvid has got it bang on. He's completely right! But I don't think Siobhan's consistant enough to make it as Maria. Connie's definately going to win!

i want aoife, sibhan and abi 2 b in the final as i don't think the others could do it.

Ella Burgess
I think if you had to have 2 maria's they should be connie and aoife and simona and leanne did not deserve to leave!

I love Abbi. I think she needs to hold her head up, put her shoulders back, smule lots and sock it to 'em! I disagree that Siobhan did well with the kids last week. All the people I've spoken to agree with me. She's beautiful, certainly but the best 'Maria'? I'm not sure.

siobhan to win--the best by far--sung beautifully this week and is absolutely gorgeous----connie cant win--she's more like a butlins redcoat than maria

How unfair you were to Abi. She has consistantly been treated worse than the other Girls. If Abi is not in the finsl it simply means the whole show is a sham.

Siobhan 2 WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Connie should win!

siobhan blew me away last saturday she should win it

Imogen + Izzy
Siobhan Rules!!

Connie is utterly the best! i don't know why they dont just stop the competition coz everyone know's who should win! She's got everything - the look, the voice (wow!!) and the stage presence. She was fab with the children too!! I think she is superb - win Connie , pleeeease!

Siobhan is amazing and since the beginning of the auditions she has been my ABSOLUTE fave. She is an amazing performer and diserves to win. U GO GIRL!!! Siobhan 2 WIN!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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