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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Connie's Diary

Connie talks presence and poise.

Connie talks presence and poise.

Tuesday 5th September

Hey everyone! Wow, how cool is it that we get to write a diary?! Hmm, what to sayå

Well, this week I've been given If I Can't Have You from Saturday Night Fever, originally by the Bee Gees. Initially I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this song, but after working with Craig, our choreographer, we've devised a story which makes sense of it.

This week is dance week and although in my number there isn't a lot of scope for a full dance routine, I've learned a lot about posture in our daily ballet lessons and incorporated what I've learnt into my routine.

Being in the final five is the best feeling in the world and to make the final three would be a dream come true. Can't wait for Saturday!

Wednesday 5th September

Oh my god... As if a Maria Mission to Wales, my home country, wasn't exciting enough, our mission was to prove that I'm every inch a leading lady... by working with John Barrowman! Wow, never will an opportunity like this arise again. I don't know whether I will get to work with the best in the business like this again, so I'm enjoying every second and trying to absorb hints and tips like a sponge. All I can say is watch the Maria Mission this Saturday... it doesn't get any better than this!

The week so far has been manic, we are all stiff as posts after two ballet lessons! They've been great in improving our sense of presence on stage. Look out Darcy Bussell!

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Go for it girl you deserve it! Good Luck for Saturday.

Connie 2 Win!! She has been our favourite since the final 20 when i first saw her perform. She is the only girl that will be able to keep a whole show together as she has been to musical theatre school which helps a lot and this definatly shows in her performances.

Stella Nicholls
Hi Connie Sent you a Good Luck card today at BBC TV centre. Also item from the West Telegraph where you are front pagenews! Very proud to have seenyou perform over many years at Sir Thomas Picton School and the Torch Theatre. All Pembrokeshire is voting for YOU!....AND booking seats to see you at the Palladium. Dreams CAN and surely will come true!

Lois, Angharad and Ffion
You so should be Maria-you have delivered every week. You are the only one who has had difficult dance routines and you haven't complained about it.You are the best! We will definitely be voting for you. Cymru am byth. Pob lwc xx

I normally hate these kind of shows, but this time I'm hooked. I'm even tempted to by a ticket for the show as Connie is a cert to win. I'm in love, maybe.

I am ur number 1 fan you can do it your sooooooooooo the best you will win

Emma 13

Jax, Nat, Kate
Hye Connie, Good luck for the final, not that you need it, you should win hands down. We have booked to see you on the 30.12.06 so give us a wave! You light up our Saturdays!

my teacher is best friends with connies aunt and he is seeing her tonight and we all hope connie gets the message - VOTE CONNIE!

Connie you are the most BELIEVABLE Maria. Mature enough to capture the love of Captain Von Trapp and fun loving enough to capture the hearts of the children. You must win on Saturday.

jessica bragg
WOW! you wer grait i adoord how you sang. Keep the good efert up . You are my maria! seya next week in the finals dont forget (GOOD EFERT)
Problem solved you ARE Maria Connie!Love from Count Von Trapp.xx Kids love you too!

What is it about the Britis? I've been reading the comments elsewhere and so many don't want you to win because you are: flawless, trained, professional in work ethic, confident, reliable, consistent... Ehhh? Isn't that just what you want for Maria? To say the others have had no training is rubbish as they all had singing lessons and chances to act in Am-dram situation. Go Connie, you are the only Maria left! Let's start at the very beginning_ Connie Conie Connie!

I am keeping everything crossed for you on Saturday Connie, we will be voting for you as you deserve to be Maria you are the best!!!!

Deb in Austria
Connie, if we could vote for you we would, you deserve to win, you're way ahead of the others! Wish we'd known you were in salzburg, we live so close.Good luck for Saturday from all at Austrian Family Holidays

Connie's Grandmother hit the nail on the head when she said Connie lights up the room when she comes in to it. Connie lights up the stage when she is performing, you can see she is in her element and enjoying herself. The other girls are good but Connie is the star. She gets my vote every week.

Connie, the difference between you and the other 2 girls in the finals is your consistency. You have performed week in week out and are a joy to watch. My wife and I are looking orward to seeing you where you belong - on the stage where millions can share your gift and your talent. I would pay just to watch you sing the one number on a Saturday night...I can't wait to see you do them all. Good luck in the final. I think it's going to be tough - but just by reading the comments on this board, it seems you are the people's choice.

When you watch this program you can't help but think of Julie Andrews' portrayal as Maria. Connie is the only one who will match Julie Andrews' performance. She will be a great Maria!!!

Connie, All I can say is that when you sing I believe every word. When you've finished your run as Maria you'll make a great Elphaba!!! ;-)

Connie doesn't need to worry. She has the best voice, the best expressions and is totally the best person to play "Maria". No contest.

Connie doesn't need to worry. She has the best voice, the best expressions and is totally the best person to play "Maria". No contest.


connie you are a winner and i have no doubt that you will come out on top you go girl give it all you've got

Kara Copp
The children (Caity, Jo, Matthew and Amy) are all routing for Connie, so much so we have had to name the car Connie too!

connie, i think that you could definately be maria but i also think that to acheive this that you need a brace, once that is sorted you would be the perfect maria gd luk

There is Connnie, and there were the rest. All wonderful girls, but Connie is and has always been in a different league. Good luck, Connie, with your future stardom!!

Hi Connie. You are simply the best. I have confidence in you!

kate selby
you've been my favourite since i first heard you sing, bucket loads of talent and if you don't get this role, i can see your name up in lights anytime soon. You should win the contest easily but if not, don't lose heart!

Connie, I am a classical singer and all my singer friends and I think you are fantastico. You really stand out for EVERY aspect of your performance. You aRe Maria!!

Excuse me for saying this but Connie does not look at all near 23 years old. She looks and acts more like between 35-40 years old. As a professional, i can tell for sure, what she got is not a professionalism but the over-maturity and static(not a consistancy). Understand what the charisma like Siobhan has(it's not only the beauty and the voice). You will be making a biggest mistake in British musical history to vote for Connie. There are hundreds like her in the world. It will be a seriously mediocre British musical show if Connie makes it.

Wow, Connie, right now you're a bigger attraction in Pembrokeshire than the whole of the Coastal National Park!! We are all rooting for you and wish you the Very Very Best.

I think Connie is great. She's fun to watch perform and has a lot of energy but I'd sure love to see her with her hair tamed a little. It's hard to see through the cute but not so Maria like hair to find the maturity that Maria demands.

I do not watch these types of shows. But I am transfixed by the talent and strength of these young people, all have presented themselves faultlessly and will no doubt have great futures ahead. It's wonderful to see such talent for a change. I shall be shouting for Connie on saturday, but what ever happens I wish you all well.

Lyndsey Evans
Connie, you are amazing! You SO deserve to be Maria. I've watched the whole series and I knew as soon as I saw you on screen, that you had to be Maria. You're just like me! - You sing all the time and you put 100% effort and enthusiasm into everything you do. You're the best performer, singer, dancer, actress.... You're just so well suited for the role of Maria!! You stand out so much from the other girls. Best of luck for the final!! Connie to win!!!! xx

I have to say, you have a fantastic voice. However, you really let yourself down by slating Helena on Saturday, my 25p texts go to Helena!!!!! I'd certainly pay 55 to see her. Connie, you are not my maria

I think you are very talented, but your comment about people not being prepared to pay to see Helenna was a little harsh. We know that you want this but a little humbleness would endear you to the public more.

Come on Connie You can soo do this i have supported you from the very begining !! i think you should so win !! Good Luck on Saturday ill vote loads of times like all the others and hopefully see you on stage in london !!!!p.s my family want to go and watch the play in london and ive told them they can only go if you win lol !!!!!!

I sweet it's great that she's being so fair and humble about it, and I won't say she deserved it more, but I defnitely think she'll do it better justice. She's not the typical performer, at least not to me, and I think she'd make the best Maria.

Good luck Connie! I really hope you win the part as I have tickets to see the show in December. I think you have been professional, consistent and an absolute star. This part would be perfect for you and I hope you win :)

i am only 13 but i know talent when i see it! I love singing and acting 2 and i really hope Connie wins. She can sing, dance and act and be thrown about. Go Connie!

Fiona & Maddie
Connie to win, we loved you from the start. All the best for Saturday, you deserve it. We will be watching!!!

Corinne, Nottingham
Connie IS Maria. She has a brilliant voice, brilliant personality and lots of fun too. She's also very grounded and that's important too. CONNIE SOLVES 'THE PROBLEM'. CONNIE TO WIN!


Without a doubt you are the most professional and talanted one there I sincerely hope you win I will be voting for you

Harry lamb
connie you deserve to be marir.well i think you minit your here one minet your there. your reely good couse fist week i was not very keen on you till on second.but you just briton that stage up.

i hope u win u are a really good singer

I've been following the show week by week! Its obvious Connie is the most professional and talented!! I was in NYMT like Connie so we have something in common and she has amazing taste in Musicals! YOU CAN DO IT CONNIE!

Good luck, Connie. You've stood out for me since the start, and while I'm very fond of Helena, I'm not going to switch my allegiance now. I've got to work on Saturday night (doh!) but count on it I'll be taking my mobile and texting for you, Connie. xx

Connie - my hubbie and I have wanted you to win from the first programme. All the best for next Saturday's final.


Rachel Dawson
Connie-U R FAB! I have voted for you all along- you have all the qualities needed for the part and a lovely speaking voice(it was really only Aiofe who rivalled you in the acting stakes)-If the Great British Public can't see sense and vote for you as Maria then I shall seriously consider emigrating!

Hi Connie, I really hope you get to read this. You stand out from all the rest, you are Maria! Every week when you have walked onto that stage you have told a story with whatever song you've sung. My Grandma has tickets to see the show and she desperrately wants you to be Maria. She will be so thrilled if you win, you are the biggest bundle of talent and most professional one there. You always stand out when all the Maria's perform together. There is always something magical about you when you perform. You have MASSIVE stage presence and it doesn't matter what you do, your just brilliant, my mum votes for you 11 times each week. Keeep it up Connie, you are the best for this role in every way and you deserve it the most. xx

Connie. You're a true STAR! Amongst enormous talent, you consistently shine. Good luck on Saturday and I look forward to seeing you in the role of Maria.

angie cooper
Connie, you are absolutely fantastic. You make saturday nights stayinable. You have such magnetism about you. I reaaly hope that you are maria.

Connie, you are the best maria of the lot. I would only come and watch the show if you were maria! xxx

good luck connie you are great

good luck connie you are great

Sarah, Pembs
Connie - you are the best all round performer and I can't wait to see you on Saturday. I'm voting for you!! I think it should be between you and Helena - Siobahn has a nice voice but is no mover and is a bit manipulative for me I'm afraid. Pop Lwc!

CONNIE TO WIN!!!!!!!!! you sooo deserve it hun! you have been by far the star of the show since day 1! you are hardworking, consistent and very professional!! good luck for saturday and go for it!!

Pob lwc i ti Connie- you really are singing superbly. I'll have evrything crossed for you! Nia xx

Well done, Connie. You've proven conclusively, week on week, that you deserve to be a West End star and you've been my Maria right from week 1. Good luck for the final, Connie - whatever happens, you're a sure-fire winner.

Connie better win! She was born for it! She fits the mould completly and the other girls don't. If she dosen't win its scanderlous and Andrew Lyods Webber's musical is gonna bomb!

Helena is quite good, Siobhan can sing but is not strong enough for Maria. Connie you are the best - if you win I will go and see the Sound of Music - CONNIE ALL THE WAY.

Connie to Win ... won't let the family vote for anyone else ...

Connie, i could listen to you sing all day. you definatly deserve to be Maria. i hope you win and ik will vote for you. Good Luck

Connie, I have my tickets booked for January. You were my favourite from the start - no-one else comes near to being Maria - go for it girl - you were the best of the 10, and definitely best of the three.

Charlie of the Haverfordwest
you go girl.......


I believe that that Siobhan is the true maria not you Sorry but you just dont do it for me x

Connie you are doing well and i hope that you win this competion

Carla, 16
Connie i think you're wicked :]. i'm 16 and an aspiring musical star. you have really inspired me, even if you don't win on saturday. i know you'll be a great success on stage for years.. BEST OF LUCK.x.x.x ps: CONNIE TO WIN!!

You are fantastic and always deliver the goods and I would give anything to have your talent. However, I just think you are too 'stage school' and things can come across a little contrived sometimes. Siobhan has more stamina for handling the physical demands of the many performances as we saw in the obstacle course a while back and I think her voice is purer and has more quality. You look more like a Maria but I will be rooting for Siobhan however I really hope I will have the chance to see you in the West End in the future - good luck with your career, you will go far. xxx

i am ur number 1 fan!!!! i love u!!! u r soooooooo pretty!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr tiger! getcha paws out !!!! i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie, right the way through you have been the only winner in our house! You are the only one left never to have been in the bottom two (and rightly so!) and you deserve to win! Just go out on Saturday and be yourself, and we'll all be fighting for tickets to see you on opening night!! BEST OF LUCK!!!!

Hi Connie, you're doing brilliantly, we're so pleased for you. I know how hard you've worked - my teenage daughter Sita has been in some of the same shows as you in Pembrokeshire like Magic Moments, County Show, and is also a Milford Mercury Talent Show winner. We can't wait to see you as Maria!

i walked into the room and saw a group of girls singing on tv, not knowing what the programme was ,but immediatly connie stood out from all the rest amd captured my attention, i asked family what the programme was and who this girl is and now i am willing her to go all the way, good luck connie

Louise Helyer
Connie, I have a bought my ticket for the November 3rd preview and I most definately want to see you as Maria. I love the remaining girls but above all 10, I have always thought of you as the strongest Maria. Best of luck Saturday !!!

Right from the start I thought that there was only one girl who looked like she could be maria, and her voice was a cut above the rest - and that girl was Connie. She is the best by far and if she doesn't win there's something wrong with the world.

Hi - The sound of music is my favourite musical and I knew from the moment Connie sang on show one that she is Maria - She has amazing stage presence, great dramatic skills every week she tells her story she has the best facial expressions. Although the other girls are good they are just not maria Helena's vocals arent always there, plus she doesnt have the same presence on stage as Connie. And siobian - again a good singer but she just to glamrous for maria she'd be better suited to a more delicate role.. Well that's my opinion GO CONNIE

Connie, there's only one week to go but I'm already looking forward to buying my ticket to see you in the Sound of Music. You are the person who goes out every week and makes it look easy. Such 'effortlessness' takes a lot of hard work: you deserve to win this. Good Luck!

Consistently Outstanding, Never Nondescript, Invariably Exceptional. Connie can make an ordinary song wonderful. I was really worried when they gave Siobhan "All That Jazz", but she made a show-stopper quite uninteresting. Imagine if Connie had been given that number!! Good Luck Connie. I can't wait to see you as Maria - but Saturday nights will be quite dull now.

Connie, Connie, You have to win you are FANTASTIC!!!I have booked to see the Sound of Music in November, You have to be in it!!!!!

There really is NO competition !! Connie has been BRILLIANT from the first time we saw her. Connie you are WONDERFUL. Can't wait to see you on stage as Maria in November!! This is only the beginning!

I think Connie is the only girl capable of being Maria, she is very talented, a good actress, she has a great voice, she is the strongest performer and never has a weak moment. There is no question about it, she is the star. It seems that Siobhan is popular with the judges, but she doesn't have the talent that Connie has, although she is pretty that doesn't make her a leading lady. Everyone vote CONNIE!! She is the only one who could do it!!! Pob lwc i ti Connie!!!

Right from the start I picked connie to win. you are a great alround performer my votes with you. Connie to win!!!!

Connie..this role was made for you..even during the audition stage we all chose you to win the role of Maria,your talent stands out a mile..Good Luck xx

im from pembrokeshire haverfordwest to be exact. i saw connie when she was in sir thomas picton when she was in grease, and in panto i thought she was amazing!

Paul Davidson
I REALLY hope Connie wins next Saturday. These sort of programmes are just not my cup of tea normally but Connie won me over the first time I saw her. She sings like an angel, has a real presence when performing and she is SO beautiful. Best of luck on Saturday my dear, the West End is almost with you. PAUL

Connie, You are FANTASTIC! Theres nothing else to say.

CONNIE CONNIE you must win you have to win. Please let Connie win im begging you please. What can i say even that i can not watch the final as i am camping i am so upset and am srill moaing about it. I begged every one to tape it i no it will not be the same. But as i can not see it on the night from hear by now Connie will win and i mean it she has to. Go Connie your the best 110%.

I'm from Pembrokeshire and I'm sure that I'm right in saying that we're all proud of you here. You truly deserve to win. In the very unlikely event that you don't - you'll be ok for work because Andrew Lloyd-Webber so obviously loves you. Pob lwc nos Sadwrn Connie.

Connie u r the best and u have soooo much talent! u look great, u sound great and u have a great personality! good luck!

Connie , you are realy good and you deserve to be in the final three

Hi Connie, We love you and have supported you all the way through. Mummy says she's not going to book tickets unless you're Maria. We have been to the theatre quite a few times and we think you're the only one who has what it takes. You're just Fab. xx

Mr Maria
Connie, you are Maria. You are the best actor in the competition, the most professional in all manners and the strongest singer. You deserve this part so much and i would definitely pay full price to see The Sound of Music if you were Maria! Go Connie!!!

Connie and Aoife are ace! They light up the stage. They're well the best!

Araminta (Age 15)
Umm... hopefully Connie will get to see this comment... well anyway, I will assume that she does... Connie!!! I just want to say that you are truly fabulous! You ARE Maria!! and I say it so much that my family wont watch the show with me anymore! lol. If you dont win, the west end will have lost Maria! and even if you dont win, you are SURE to get a lead part in something else because you are SO talented! and... when you are famous, can I come and perform with you!!! lol. It is my dream to perform on stage in the west end as well :) Good Luck and I will be rooting for you! *hugs* x

Mrs B
What a fantastic performance last night, Connie is an outstanding performer who is consistent week after week - what ever style of song is given to her. We have tickets booked to see the show in December and will be voting to see Connie as the leading lady. Good luck Connie.

connie you are very good

How blessed we are to have so much wonderful talent, I am sure that nobody will "lose" All winners in their own right but I think Connie is a natural Maria. And from a few miles from me in West Wales. Well done everyone for all your effort and an excellent programme. David Can`t wait for the final!

Hi Connie, Congratulations on reaching the final! You have consistently delivered Leading Lady performances throughout the competition, and are now the only contestant that hasn't been in a sing-off! Well done. I really liked your performance of "If I can't have you". All the best for the final. I will be along to see the show whoever wins. You've done very well. Please keep up the hard work, and hopefully you will realise your dreams!

Connie rocks!! She'd make the perfect Maria :). Congrats on making it to the final!

Pat Barnes
I think Connie is one talented girl. she has a voice that would melt any man's heart, and a she is so professionnal in every thing she does GOOD LUCK AND i REALLY HOPE YOU WIN, I would give anything to see the show with you as Maria. GOOD LUCKfor the final I will be watvhing Regards Pat Barnes

individually all the girls are good, but in a group, you are always drawn to Connie. She is always giving that extra oomph that makes you unable to take your eyes off her. The others fade into the background in her presence - prooving that she is undoubtedly the leading lady you are looking for.

margaret stalker
Connie you are the best!! You deserve to win, with magnificent stage presence and a wonderful voice. Move over Julie Andrews, you ARE Maria!

laura cole
I am only 9 years old and I go to dancing lessons. But after seeing you I would now like to learn to sing, and hopefully I will be as good as you one day. CONNIE TO WIN!!!

Connie your the best and we love you !
Go Connie you are doing brilliant, if you get through definitely will travel to watch you in Sound of Music

You are my maria

Connie i think you are the best i will be voting for you this week and you have been my favourite from week 1. i have booked my tickets so i'm counting on you to win. Vote connie!!! i wish you the best of luck with the competition and i will be devastated if you don't win! CONNIE ALL THE WAY!!!

You should definitely be Maria Connie. Already booked tickets on the strength that you are by far the best person for the job and looking forward to seeing you live.

Connie has been the best since day 1. she deserves to win, this is her dream, lets help her get it! Lauren age 11

Alex W
Connie you are definately Maria Von Trapp keep up the good singing


I don't know why they bother going on with the show - they should just have given you the job weeks ago - you are the only one who has consistantly been on the the mark.

Connie, if you find yourself trudging back to telesales next monday, I'll eat my shoe. Congratulations my dear, you've made it - and you'll never have to look back.

Connie you are very professional and talented but are you just a bit too full of yourself - about time they gave you a different kind of song - all been of the same kind for the past few weeks.

Your simply the best Connie, I hope you win, because you certaintly deserve to you have a fantastic voice.

Your simply the best Connie, I hope you win and then,I can come to see you in London cant wait

Jenny , Gravesend.
Brilliant show. For me, Connie is the star! Thank you for the joy you bring,every - time.

Connie to WIN!

Zara [13]
Konnie ur the best! u really really deserve 2 win x I'll be voting 4 u!!xxxxxx

Hey Connie, I'm an avid watcher of the programme here in Belgium (expat)and you are definitely the best of a good bunch. Fingers crossed you win it and I promise to come back to London to see the show! Good luck

Well done Connie! Fantastic performance tonight as always. You thoroughly deserve to be in the final and you can count on my vote.

hello everyone, uve gotta watch this show its wicked. i cant belive helen got saved again anywayz i think shiobhans great and she deserves to win the rest r good aswell bye

Maggie and Sahara
Connie you are a good performer but you are too full of yourself to be our Maria!!

K. Pittaway
Connie for 3rd place...why is Helena still in........we want the answers...why is Aoife out ....we want the answers?

Connie i think your wicked. You are so my maria! Nobody else lives up to your standard. DO IT FOR WALES GIRL!! Good luck xx

Thomas lewis, Pembrokshire
GOOD LUCK, and well done so far.

we love you connie you are our maria

This is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life

Hello Connie I have enjoyed your performances and would like to see you win hope you get loads of votes, we will come and see you in the show as Maria.

Alistair Howe
Hi Connie well what can I say about you I voted for you three times your the best every time I would like to hear your voice every wear I go and please ring me please please so I can tell how much your voice meens to me Alistair Howe

connie your the best we are all voting for you!! come on connie you can do it xx

Heya Connie!Im Luned from cardiff and I can speak welsh and I have a brother that is going in to the Musical theater buissness, his name is Rhidian Marc.Have you got any tips?Llawer o gariad! x

connie has got to win!!!!!i have seen lots of top shows in my time and i can tell you this she could play any of the leading ladies in any of the shows! she will be a brilliant maria.

Elizabeth Dillam
I think Connie is the best person in the world !!! She definately should be Maria

i love you connie you should soooo win!!! connie all the way you r fabulous!!!

Roberto Lopez
I think Connie must be Maria. She has all the qualities and enough talent to be the best one. She is always brilliant and has the perfect angel. As a theatre reviewer I give Connie the best score and I wish her the best for her career.

hi connie , you are a brilliant singer and actor and i really think you should go through with winning because you are great! i will vote for you every week - and remember you are the best!!!

I think Connie is brilliant and deserves to go far. I can see her as Maria and she gets my vote!

I think Connie has an amazing voice & she totally comes alive on the stage, shes also beautiful and a great actress I think she should win it Go Connie Go

You go girl

connie you are the best and are ssooooo gunna win this compotition in style. when you sung shout you rocked like every other week! GO CONNIE!!!!!!

eleanor clark age 10
connie is the best I want her to win!!!!!!!

danielle stead
connie is thebest 1 there she should win she has a lovley voice please get through connie u are sssssoooooooo great


Sam And Craig
dear connie you are wicked and we are from pembrokeshire to, haverfordwest so go all the way come on con!!x


Connie, if you don't win, I'm not going to watch it at the west end. you're the only person I could watch doing it. You're better than all of the others put together!!! You can do it and you can do it well. CONNIE 2 WIN!

connie you go go girl!!!! you really deserve to be in the final, even win this. you have passion you're determined and you have a love for what you do.dont give up on your dream!!!

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