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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Maria Rival

Connie knows who she has to beat to be Maria.

Connie knows who she has to beat to be Maria.

With less than two weeks to go to the final of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? Connie has her sights firmly on the grand prize and knows exactly who she has to beat to win the role of Maria.

"Siobhan is big competition to me now and I see her as a front runner, so I really have to show [this] week that I'm better than her in every aspect," she said.

"I still see her as a possible winner of the competition and she has been given slight advantages with the fact she sang Truly Scrumptious."

To Connie, the part of Maria is her destiny. "It feels like my life has been building up to the next two weeks," she added. "It feels like my whole life has been leading towards the part of Maria Von Trapp... I honestly feel that perhaps all those rejections in the past year-and-a-half have been because Maria Von Trapp was waiting for me."

"Next week I really want them to say 'tonight, my Maria was Connie' because I believe I work harder than anybody else here and yeah, they work hard but I work harder and I want it more."

Tune in this Saturday at 7pm and 8.45pm on BBC One to see if Connie out-performs her rival and to see if she gets through to the final.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Each time I hear Connie perform I have goose bumps she lives every moment of her performance - Connie to win

What is a producer looking for? Someone who is always consistent, takes knocks with a smile, has huge talent; someone who can deliver 8 shows a week without tantrums or showing strain. Who am I talking about? Connie, of course. Siobhan is lovely but hasn't the experience to do a strenuous show; Aoife has a career in Ireland ahead of her; Abi just comes over as a jolly amateur, she's not consistent. And consistency is what ALW will be looking for.

Aoife is by far the best maria, she sounds the part and looks the part, come on Aoife.

I thought connie was the best from the moment i saw the final 10. She looks like a Maria and acts and sings like her too. Siobhan is very talented but a bit too glamourous and sexy for me to get the part. She pulls the innocent act all the time and i dont buy it!I hope to see connie there when i go to see it in December.

Peter Vanden Bulcke, a Belgian
OK, the selection isn’t about looks, or rather shouldn’t be, but it is. Is it a coincidence that all of the ousted Marias so far were brunettes and blondes have been voted to stay? Isn’t it a tell-tale sign also that pet Siobhan’s hair was dyed markedly lighter last Saturday? What the people want is a second Julie Andrews: boyish, funny, caring, righteous, pretty and… blonde. But are they going to get it? I have a ghastly hunch the show’s winner has long been known to be the stunning Siobhan. But it should be Connie. Connie is àll of the above: boyish yet feminine enough to win over the cold Von Trapp, funny even cheekily so, and pretty, in an unstunning way, as Maria should be. Can anyone truly believe a woman like Siobhan to have stepped straight out of a convent? Come on! No, Siobhan is gorgeous(-ish) but that’s it. And chance so-so performances don’t make her stage worthy. Connie is definitely the one for the part. And Connie is equally, ànd naturally, beautiful with hèr beauty not getting in the way of her talent. Coz let’s face it, on stage a bit of talent may come in handy. Well, Connie is every inch the trooper: actress, singer, entertainer, performer, glamour girl, sparkling star, diva, seductress, funny girl yet also innocent, fragile, and … blonde. Oh, and have you noticed how she’s the only one who’s genuinely sad when a contestant is voted off? All this, honest eyes, Lady Di-integrity-look and caring. Connie IS Maria. Peter Vanden Bulcke Belgium

there is no doubt that Siobhan is nice looking and can sing, and that the judges are a bit biased towards her, but it will take Connie to fill the theatre night after night. She has the "spark" that will set the West End alight.

Antoinette (The Netherlands)
We watch the show every week. Keeping fingers, eyes, arms, legs and everything else crossed, hoping that Connie WILL be Maria. She's the best performer. We're visiting London next year and we want to see Connie at the Paladium!!

There is only one real Maria in this competition left and that is Siobhan. She has been improving herself and this paid off last week. Honestly I think Connie couldn't have pulled it off like Siobhan did last saturday. Go on girl and win yourself that contract!

For me, there is no contest. Connie is the best by far. She has performed consistently well at both the singing and the acting week after week after week.

I kno connie can do it and she is fantastic she can play all aspects of maria i do believe any other part please people give her a chnace she s earned it .xxx

Connie has the talent and the confidence to be Maria. Siobhan does not have that quality, even though she is pretty.

How far they have all come so far - very well done to all the girls. I think it is between Connie and Siobhan and I wouldn't mind which one wins.

Connie is a great actress but I'd like to see a brilliant performance of her on Saturday and then I'll be more satisfied...

I'm from Belgium and I look every saterday night. Connie YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Rachel Johnson
I auditioned in the earlier auditions for the show!!! From what I've seen, Connie is definitely the best by far!!!

connie would be amazing at maria but isnt' maria unsure of herself?? vunrable?? i dont see this in connie.

Connie, you so deserve to be can sing anything.. i especially like when you have sung 'Shout' you were great.. i know Siobhan is the favorite of the judges and she has a great singing voice but doesn't she only have one facial expression when she sings..i cannot tell whether she is happy or sad when she sings..well probably if i close my eyes then yes i can say that she is your competition..she cannot ACT at all...sorry siobhan..connie, you have my vote...

She is a great singer, but there is something 'hard' about Connie's face. Siobhan is altogether 'softer' as a person and her vulerability is very attractive. Siobhan is also very pretty. I would go to see Maria if Siobhan (or Abi) was the leading lady, but not Connie.

For those who idolise Siobhan: it should be about talent and not looks! Connie DOES rock! You ARE my Maria; best of luck!

connie for maria, best by far

Hazel Thomas
Connie you are by far the best in the competion, no contest ? infact why are the others there ? you should have the role no questions asked ! I really want you to win so I can see you perform in London. Keep doing what your doing and I'am 100% behind you.

Connie is my maria she is beautif but you can see her wonderful personality and her lovely smile wich reminds me so much of julie andrews. she an amazing actress and super singer!!! full of star quality!!! GO CONNIE VON TRAP!!!!!!!!!!

The other conestants are all wonderful, but none of them 'feel' like Maria. Connie is the perfect match IMHO. Go Get Them Connie! Can't wait to see you in the final production!

Connie really has her work cut out for her. I see improvements in all the girls, but Connie started with a really high standard way above the rest. Consistency has been her forte. Now she must really step up a gear which should be too much for her fellow competitors. Good luck !

I think they asked Siobhan to sing Truly Scrumtious to prove that she could do it. They already know that Connie has the ability. None of the others lights up the stage like Connie. She is the only possible choice for Maria - keep voting. Good Luck Connie - I have already booked my tickets, but I won't be going if you don't get the part.

I agree with Connie, Siobhan has been singled out and given chances time and time again. Connie you are the best and deserve to win. I can see that you would be there every night at the paladium when some of the girls couldn't hack it.

Natasja Knols
I hope they are gonna give Connie a slow song for this week because they give these show numbers all the time. Alltough she performs those great, she must be giving the chance to show her sensitive side. Connie is the one that really has it all and I truelly hope Aiofe get like a 2nd cast Maria but Connie is the leading lady for us dutchies!

connie you have been number 1 from the very beginning. you have star quality and fantastic stage presence. i was brought up on the sound of music and when i look at you - you are maria/julie andrews!! good luck.

siobhan should be maria! I think connie can be too over confident and by saying the others dont work as hard as her just shows her arrogance.

Kate, Cornwall
Go Connie, you so deserve your big break, what better way to start than at the Palladium? Really hope you get through, you have bucketloads of talent, siobhan is very good but you're the best by far!! Will be cheering you on saturday, and if the panel and the public don't pick you, then they're 'truly bonkers' :) good luck!!! kate

Connie - you are Maria! Not only because of your fantastic voice and stage presence, but your energy and professionalism too! You're more ready than any of the others to take on the role of Maria. The reason Siobhan is so liked is for her vulnerability - take note! I, for one, would love to hear you sing something as moving as Songbird...

marian galway
i think aoifa is the real maria she even looks like her. she is brillant and should win the contest.

Connie is so versatile,every song you've sang you have delivered,week after week.The songs in the sound of music are so varied.There is only one Maria and that is Connie.Vote Connie.

Connie is so versatile,every song you've sang you have delivered,week after week.The songs in the sound of music are so varied.There is only one Maria and that is Connie.Vote Connie.

Connie, out of a highly talented group of remaining girls, you are the one who has the edge for me. I can really imagine you being Maria and lighting up the stage. Good luck!

I believe Connie to be the best choice for Maria, she has consistantly been the best performer and even her worst performance was at a higher level than a lot of the other girls produce. And she also looks stunning what more could anyone look for.

This lady is SO obviously the best! Best luck, "Maria."

Connie, You have got everything for this role. I should know as an ex Maria from the original London show.( Been there, done that & got the teeshirt!) You need to show us the "soprano" range and also pick something that shows the vulnerability and tenderness of Maria. Be careful you don't come over too "pro-ie and confident". Personality is great. I am rooting for you. Good luck

john clinton
connie is right in saying that siobhan has been given advantages by the judges.hopefully this will keep her on her toes and she is showing the right attitude in wanting to improve even more to beat siobhan.go connie you are doubt.

Mick Horsman
To me there has only been one Maria from the start of the competition - Connie. She has the 'look', the star quality and that little bit extra that makes her stand out from the rest. I will be very surprised if she doesn't walk away with the main prize. Connie is also correct when she says that Siobhan is her main rival!

I think that Connie was far too confident at the start of the competion. Comments about unfair advantages only show Conie in her true light.

The Lonely goat-herd
Go on Connie, you being from Wales know like Maria about mountains

C:completely brilliant O:obviously the best N:number 1 N:nice I:incomparable E:entertaining

Connie, you must accept that you cant win because Siobhan is much better and has much more natural talent and star quality. You just not gifted like she is. Sorry Connie

don't be bitter connie. your talent has shone through and tyou have always been a big favourite with the judges. If I were you I'd be more worried about abi, she's the dark horse in the competition. She stepped up her game with big spender and if that level returns this week you may be in trouble.

Connie fan
Connie rocks! She's the perfect Maria :).

William Grey
Without a doubt Siobhion is the judges favorite but Connie you are the publics! We all know you deserve this role more than anyone. Keep up the consistently fantastic preformances and you will WIN.

Connie, just keep going and keep following your dream! You ARE Maria

Hettie P.
I certainly think that my Maria's are either Connie or Siobhin. They both look the part, work hard, have beautiful voices, and are good actors. I would definatly pay to see them perform as Maria.

i agree, i think the final two will be connie and siobhan, not really sure who i want to win, i think there both amazing.

Lyndsey Evans
Connie - I'm behind you 100%! You are by far the best performer, singer & actor in the competition! You're absolutely brilliant and I can tell you put 110% effort into every performance on the show. You are so totally ready to play Maria! If you don't get the part then something has gone seriously wrong in the voting process! x

Connie although you are very good. I don't know how you can say you have worked harder. Helena has had the most presssure and deliverd every week, even though she hasn't had as much expoosure as some. I think you are good but not Maria.

i think connie really suits the role of maria as when i watched the actaul film of the sound of music , all I could see was connie in julie andrews. I think they should have given more of the girls a chance to show off their skills with the children in the studio.

I don't think siobhan was given an advantage by singing Truly scrumpcipous andrew wanted her to prove something. and mabe this is another rejection because something is better just aroud the corner

I hope you win. You're perfect for Maria.....and I am Julie Andrews no 1 fan!

You don't need them to say Connie was my maria because you so are Maria!! I really hope you win because you deserve it so much, I wish that the panel would give you more credit for your amazing rock!!

i hope connie dosn't win i really want siobhan to come on siobhan

go connie

I think Connie is great but when it comes down to it Siobhan should be Maria


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