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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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When the Bee Stings

Abi is not going to let Zoe's comments get to her.

Abi is not going to let Zoe's comments get to her.

Saturday saw Abi get some fierce criticism from Zoe for her rendition of Summertime, but that's not going to stop her from focussing on the final prize and winning over the general public.

"I didn't think I was flat, sharp and all over the place," she said. "I would be really interested to watch the video back with Zoe so she could tell me where I went wrong... I thought I had nailed it."

"I was so happy with the performance. I thought that I had done it better that when I had sang it for Andrew Lloyd Webber earlier in the week."

"I said before, there are six million people to impress as well those four people on the panel. Hopefully they liked it more than the judges did."

Abi remains optimistic, but admits she wouldn't know what to do if she didn't win.

"To be knocked out at this stage would be crushing. I don't want to go, I just don't want this to end ever. To get this far and all your hopes and dreams to be a breath away, it would break my heart."

But it's not just for selfish reasons that she wants to be Maria:

"My family are clinically obsessed with this; it's all they talk about. They would be thrilled, so proud if I won it."

To see if Abi gets one step further towards her goal, tune in to BBC One at Saturday at 7pm and 8.45pm.

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Cmon roomie you're fooking awesome. Also she's the only one that can really really act - she's SO natural on stage and the only one I'd pay to see. You're soooooooo great! WIIIN! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You are gorgeous and have a fantastic voice. Ignore the judges - sing your heart out for the public. You are going to WIN

Sorry Abi you are not in tune. It's a case of Doh - Oh dear!

you have one amazin voice! the judges are preti loony so dnt take the bad comments to heart! u will go far!--->maria! good luck!

Abi, you were great! You've been great each week. I can't understand the judge's comments. Is there something wrong with their hearing? To me you sound great. Believe in yourself and knock them out on Saturday!

I think u should win as you have so much to give becos ure personality is great and ure talent. You seem to have a natural rappor with children which showed in the clip of you working with the children.

My five year old son Eliot actually cried when the judges said horrible things about you - so somebody loves you Abi - Good Luck - I'll bring him to watch if you make it!

Abi doesn't "look" like the previous Maria, but she definitely has the best voice to act in the new musical!!! Abi is the whole new Maria for the new century, fabulous one with your own characteristics!! XXOO

Cat you don't know what you are talking about did you not hear Abi on Sat? She did nail it. Who cares what the judges say it's just their opinion, makes me think they shouldn't be where they are if the think Abi's singing was all over the place. They are being treated differenty to the others and I don't know why? Come on Abi!

you are my favourite singer in the show and i think u should be maria

Abi, I think your song on saturday was awesome. I think you should ignore what the judges said, and dont let the comments effect your perfomrance next week. All my family think you are the best and we vote for you week in, week out******ABI TO WIN****

abi, you are the funny girl andrew wanted. he needs to put his money where his mouth is and choose you as you are so right for the part. if he wants a plastic maria he can have either connie or siobhan

Hope you win, you were absolutely amazing singing 'Summertime'

WHY are people saying nasty things about Abi?? :o she is clearly the best and deserves to win. And by saying "i didnīt think i was flat/sharp" doesnt mean that Abi is one of the weaker candidates, it just means that she's not just going along with what the judges say. She has a mind of her own. xx

Stage singer
Abi, I thought your rendition on Saturday started a little shakely but on the whole I think you were one of the best. I think your gorgeous, talented and you should reach the final.

I absolutely love your confidence and determination. I'm about your age, and you really inspire me to follow my own dreams. I look forward to your songs each week. To me, regardless of outcomes, you are already a winner simply because of your grace and dignity.

Take no notice of the judges, you were fantastic! and always have been. Keep on going!

Tazzer's Dad
The tension in North Manchester is unbearable. what with all the girls round at the house each Saturday night and the reruns on sunday go for it kid. We are all behind you. Happy birthday for sunday

Abi is the weakest performer left, her time is certainly up. She will go out next week.

Tou're one of our favourite things!

Judges seem more critical of you than anyone else. Maybe it's because they know just how good you are and want you to be even better! You're still my fave and I think you deserve this opportunity for your talent, personality and because you'd do the best job! Keep smiling :)

Judges seem more criticalof you than anyone else. Maybe it's because they know just how good you are and what you to be even better! You're still my fave and I think you deserve this opportunity for your talent, personality and because you'd do the best job! Keep smiling :)

Abi, you did well on Saturday. I cheered you along all the way. You and Aoife are great and I will be rooting for the both of you on Saturday. Best of luck and whatever happens, keep smiling and just enjoy yourself :) xx

Maria Admira
Abi you're great, you have a lot of charm, and the tom boy element of maria, however, vocally there are one or two patches. Be careful not to tilt your head back or push the sound too much. You'll go far. Keep going

well you certainly impressed this person outta the 6million people! oh my god Abi i am like in love with you!!!!! You have inspired me to keep up with my acting and performing and singing!!! I am going to vote for you no worries!!!!! GO ABI FINLEY!!!!!

I don't think that Abi deserves to get through. She lacks sparkle.

Abi summertime soared, you sang with grace, class and style. Zoe Tyler wouldn't know class if it smacked her in the face! The public love you, this week you're gonna show the world that them judges don't know what the bananas they are talkin about!!! Abi to win!!!!!

i thought you sang summertime fantastically abi! so much you so i had tears in my eyes and I thought you were the best on the night/where do the judges get off! what is it they want & who does Zoe think she is? who is she?where did they find her?

Sorry Abi, but you were "flat, sharp and all over the place" - you did not nail this song in the slightest. It was a hard song, and there were points where you did get the tuning right, but many of the notes were not in tune I'm afraid. :(

Dominic McHugh
Why is ALW trying to make life hard for Abi by giving her that hard song? And why are they making it easy for Connie by giving her dancers and show-type songs every week? And why was Siobhan given such a showcase opportunity with Truly Scrumptious? It is invidious to do that for one competitor and not the others. Abi you are beautiful and you are emotional and a fab person - and I'd love to go out with you too, LOL!

The judges were right. and being Knoked out won't be so bad, because mabe something bigger and better is waiting just round the corner

flat flat flat flat

Iīm afraid itīs comments like "i didnīt think i was flat/sharp" that show Abi is one of the weaker candidates and should not be Maria. If she canīt hear when she is out of tune, iīm afraid sheīs definately not right for the leading role in the west end. For me, thats the difference between a professional and an amateur! Sorry Abi. Siobhan or Connie to win!

You have done so well the last two weeks I have finally decided you are the most suited to be Maria and Saturday you sang one of my favourite songs GREAT !! Also your looks are most suitable.

Great Aunty Stella
Abi, don't be disheartened by the judges criticism last week. Take my advice, continue being the way you are, have confidence...and the Maria part is yours!

Les Bryan
who were the "experts" listening to? How could they say you were anything but great. It was a hard sonmg sung better trhan anyone else could have done. What are the judges looking for? If it's a Tom boy with beauty and style humour wit and a great voice, it has to be you.

Unfortunately I have to disagree with most of the people that have opined so far. Abi, you were great the previous week but your rendition of Summertime was awful. I also think that it was unfair that the judges made you sing that song when your register is not capable of coping with a piece of music from an opera.

Abi was great with summertime but what really showed us that she was maria was when she gave her comment on multi-tasking maria was funny and so is abi!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR ABI!!!!!!!!!!

Abi was great , no idea what the judges were going on about! It might make good TV but the show is about finding Maria!!! Cant wait to see what you do this week!!! ABI TO WIN!!!

abbie has got to pull somthing great out of the bag this week she has only had one good week,she is a good singer but i dont think she is maria

Cazz R
Abi we are all so proud of u! u are doing great! U sung great, ALW cant choose good songs to save his life! lol

Good luck to u abi. I'm a big fan all the way from the philippines. You have such a beautiful understated voice. A very elegant sound that contrasts nicely to your playful demeanor. Don't let the judges comments weigh you down.

Abi your ace and your going to do it!! Just remember us little leaguers from SMS when you make it to the big time!

i think that all the girls are talented but abi is the only one with a maria spark she just seems to be the right sort of person, i want her to win soooo much, shes just fantastic, ok maybe last week wasnt her besty..she should have been given the chance to sing the second song by alw as he chose a song that was wrong for her rather that giving it to siobhahn who had already shone that night..bring on next week....xx

Jeanette - Surrey
Hi I'm sorry but I can't believe that Abi is still in the show and truly believe she should now leave the competition. Her "Big Spender" number was great but all the other weeks she has been just average and it is clear from the panel that they don't thing she's that great. At this stage of the competition you have to have a sparkle and fantastic talent. Unfortnuately Abi has never done it for me and I can't imagine who keeps voting for her !

What the chuff were the judges on about?! I thought Abi was great and handled a very difficult song well! Silly judges, leave Abi alone!!

sarah black
Abi you are MARIA, the other girls don't come near. Teachers pet Siobhan shouldn't even be there. Good luck Abi and if you don't get the part at least I'll save over Ģ400 on tickets for the family.

abi, no matter what the judges said, you were magnificent. only faltered a bit at the end, and no wonder as the son was not in your key.and your voice is goegeous, a lovely sound, what do they want for goodness sake. i am sure you could easily handle the songs from the actual show and if your acting is as good as they say, well you ARE maria

The next best thing to Julie Andrews ... Be afraid Connie be very afraid ....

Abi u r wicked i think u would be fantastic as Maria or any other role u put your heart into every thing Abi to win x

well Abi is my fave aswel as aoife! and i think personally she let my family down on saturday as we know she can do miles better than that! bu we are also overwelmed that she is still in the competition n that shel pull her socks up n give her all next week! weldone abi for keeping urself in! we love you! xxxxxxxxxxx

i think abi was really good

Why did ALW choose a 'difficult' operatic song for Abi? Was it because he knew the others couldn't even attempt it!! Her rendition was beautiful and yes, she reached the top C effortlessly. Am gutted at the judges' criticism. erstand

Abi to win
As my name says Abi to win!!!!!

I didn't hear anything off key.. (and I do have a good ear) maybe the judges aren't used to jazz style with its sliding effect?

you were gr8 on saturday abi. a difficult song for you but you coped well. Sound of Music isnt only about singing, it's acting as well, & you ooze talent when it comes to acting. Good luck for this week, hope you reach the final.

Abi was pure class on saturday and her passionate rendition of a challenging arrangement of 'Summertime' was superb! What were the judges talking about?! Still the only modern and original Maria for me.

Abi - the judges were horribly unfair to you. I thought you did a wonderful job. Watching it on tv, you really were almost note perfect - the judges couldn't hear you properly. Everyone thinks you are fantastic! Well done!

abi, you are a star.

come on abi x you can do it x

Abi I think you are fab and definitely the best Maria, just keep being yourself and going for it and the judges will have to make you Maria. You definitely deserve to win. Best wishes.

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