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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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The Fourth Show Result

Two more Marias say goodbye.

Two more Marias say goodbye.

Minutes after the last Maria left the stage tonight, the votes were in and two of the hopefuls were chosen to sing for survival in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Helena and Simona were the unfortunate pair. Despite their disappointment, the two both sang their hearts out.

But who did Lord Webber prefer?

"Simona, you're a great actress," he said. "But Maria is the wrong role for you. It's a difficult decision, but I'm going to save Helena."

And so the journey ended for Simona... But perhaps not entirely. Andrew invited her to audition for another of his musicals, so maybe we haven't seen the last of her after all.

Later, with only six Marias remaining, nerves among the hopefuls were in tatters as they stood waiting to hear the results of the second of tonight's votes.

Who would be the next two to go to battle in a sing-off to stay in the show?

Eventually the moment arrived and Graham announced that it would be Helena, again, this time going voice-to-voice against Leanne performing I Don't Know How To Love Him.

Would Andrew save Helena a fourth time? Or would Leanne win through?

"I'm speechless," was all Helena could say when Lord Webber decided to keep her in the competition once again.

He told Leanne he thought she was, "A little too young."

"You're not ready for it," he said.

Leanne was clearly disappointed, but remained smiling. "I knew it was coming," she told Graham, who responding by asking if she'd continue to pursue her dream of becoming a leading lady.

"Of course," said Leanne. We wish her luck.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Siobhan will fill the theatre in the same way as she fills the stage - completely. What a star in the making.

Connie to win! She is the most profesional and talented.

I think that Connie is too competitive and if she played Maria i think that she may out "show" other members of the cast. Siobhan to win! I'm voting for you girl! XxX

Nicola Swepson
Connie Connie Connie!!! This show is a one-woman-race. But keep up with the votes tho!! Nothing is a given here!


i would love to see connie and siobhon in the grand final. i loved siomona but i was worried about her accent she is a wonderful actress i will go far she would be great in somthing like James Bond.

why is Helena still in? Leanne was much better!

siobhan is maria shes pretty and has a great voice shes getting my vote i hope she wins good luck siobhan xx

Siobhan is the winner for me. She has such a warm personality, beauty and a lovely voice. Connie is too hard and 'showy' for the role.

I have loved the show so far and feel inspired by the professionalism of Connie as she craves the role, produces the goods each week and albeit the most qualified to play the part, Connie actually shows true Maria potential.

Sarah Robins
Siobhan is going to win. Face it, this girl has a face that will sell the most tickets. And when she's not nervous, she sings beautifully. Connie is just a little to aggressive for the role.

welsh kittykat
4 me siobhan is maria i had goosebumps when she performed songbird on saturday

Julie Haddleton
Abi - great wit and humour. A girl after my own heart!! However, Connie to win on talent. She's an all round performer.

Leanne was my winner all along, but now she's gone, it has to be Abi :)

Siobhan has been my favourite since her very first audition. This Saturday I thought she was amazing, sang beautifully, showed great acting talent and most defnitely should be Maria. I have tickets for January so will keep voting and hope to see Siobhan there!

Leanne shouldn't have gone. She was brilliant, way better than Helena (who I think should be out by now).

Siobhan, how are you so pretty?! You are glamorous, a great actor with the children and you have the most fantastic voice!!!! Good luck and if you get the part I'm definitely coming to watch you perform in London!!

Cath P
The performances gets better and better but it's still Connie for me. She can move and sing at the same time!It'd be nice to see her with a slow number. Abi was also great tonight I thought - even if judges didn't!

i think connie is excellent she gives a 100% in all of her performances. pob lwc (good luck) connie xox

leanne should have stayed!

Mary Rose
Aoife is wonderful! A Maria par excellence....

connie should definately win.but wwhy waz leanne knocked out!

i have watched it quite a few times and for me siobhan is maria!!!!

Siobhan has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few weeks. I wasn't sure about her at first, but she won me over tonight with two dazzling performances. What an improvement - and what a star!

Sure, Connie is great and yes Siobhan is beautiful and talented. Aoife both looks and sounds the part. I have to say though that Helena has shown professionalism, determination, tremendous courage and real desire. She can also sing, act and obviously take direction as well as criticism. You're fab Helena and thoroughly deserve to be there - take courage from this and go all the way!

Nina from the North
Siobhan - my husband and I both thought you were beautiful tonight. The sound came across as effortless - well done and good luck!

Siobhan has improved so much over the past few weeks. I wasn't sure about her at first. but she won me over with her performances tonight. What an improvement and what a star!

Nina from the North
Abi - you've been my favourite from day one. Tonight's song was hard, but you're fun, different, capable and very talented - I hope you go all the way!

Connie is a true star & will win through always turns up with the goods

the show is truly amazing, it is the best thing on the telly!!! the right two were evicted this week, Aoife next week or Abi. Connie is our fav, GO Connie, GO!!!!!!

i cant believe he let Leanne go! I wish her well for the future and hope she becomes a star - she deserves it! Siobhan to win!!

when siobhan sang that song it lit up the room she clearly stole the show dont you agree?

Peter Rose
Siobhan for me. She has all the qualities to be a perfect Maria. Stunningly beautiful, grace, sincerity and a superb voice. What more is there. Tonight she is the favourite!

Jenny R
i want siobhan to win it because she is so pretty an she has an amazing voice good luck siobhan xXx

Siobhan should definatly win she has proven herself after not originally getting through. Good Luck Siobhan xxxxxx

I love the show and I'm very sorry it isn't possible for me to vote for my favorite Maria since I'm living in the Netherlands.

Tim Worrall
Siobhan I know that you can be Maria. You are the most beautiful of the Marias and you are the best singer in the group. Keep confident and put your mind to it, I know you can do it. x

Still Abi for me. Pure quality and style!

I think Connie has the talent and confidence, but I agree she doesn't show a vulnerable/ sensitive side which would be needed for the role of Maria. I really like Siobhan because even though she looks stunning, she doesn't look arrogant and has such a beautiful voice. A great show again tonight!

Siobhan brought tears to my eyes. She was fantastic and what star quality. She has it all. Keep it up Siobhan! You have my vote xxx

Connie is a knock out. Every time she enthrals and entices. Good luck Connie!

Siobhan was excellent tonight. I thought Helena and Aoife both sang poorly .In fact it was quite the worst performance of "You'll never walk alone" I have ever heard. That said Helena is remarkable in many ways and truly very very gracious when she continues to come in the bottom two. Tonight the right two went as neither could be Maria in reality I think the final 3 should be Connie, Siobhan and then either Abi or Aoife

the right two went this week - Leanne dont give up you are still a baby so keep on. This role was too old for you. You have loads of time. Simona you looked beautiful and the role was not suited for you either, your accent was not a problem for my oh who thought you were great. You will go far now you have had your beautiful face exposed along with your talent. oh tough who will go next. All brilliant what a great Sat night show.

thomas hale
well done andrew for voting helena back in twice she has alot of talent and she could be in the final with Siobhan,connie and aoife

I think Connie is the best... She's a fabulouse singer... I really hopes that she gets to be Maria

Helen Davis
I've given up trying to predict who will win - they all present surprises every week - with, in my opinion, the exception of Connie, who is always polished, always professional - and always predictable. She attacks every song the same way, regardless. But for me the greatest part about this whole competition has been the chance to see the "Marias" all develop so much - they've made such amazing progress in a few short weeks. That has been the greatest boon of all.

Abi is by far and away my Maria!!

I think all the Marias have good potential as musical stars, and have done well to get so far in the program (My favourite at the moment it Siobhan). However, I also think it would improve their 'leading lady' performances if they sing with leading man John Barrowman.

Siobhan is just getting better and better. It's Siobhan to win.

Yay go John, you certainly know what you are talking about and I totally agree. I love Connie and Simona! Simona is amazing and so dedicated, she knows what she needs to work on and so she works on it... and from what I've seen she works damn hard! Connie is amazing, such a performer and she sounds very much like me, singing all the time no matter what she is doing! I want either of them to win! I used to like LeAnne to but she really showed her imaturity on the day she answered back to the judges about the party and I think her acting skills lead a lot to be desired. She has a good voice but I'm afraid now the competition his heating up she's not my Maria.

Is it true ALW has a professional Maria lined up? Connie is by far the best, it's unfair to criticise her for being excellent! The others are good but I think they're only still there to add to the suspense.

Fantastic show! i rush back from work every saturday just to watch it. i like all the girls but will like a surprise package to win it. Connie is far too confident and doesnt show any vulnerabilities. Maria is very carefree and displays weaknesses. Abi, siobhan, helena , simona have come a long way any of them should win!

Killian H
I think the show is fantastic and all the finalists should be given the chance to perform on the west end stage in the future. for me i think Aoife is Maria.

siobhan has given her all and now it shows that she is really fit, beatuful plus she's got a great voice!

siobhan deserves to win

I think Siobhan is the best. good luck Siobhan

I think that you are right about Siobhan, John and i also think she could go far in the future! xXx

Helen Cookson
I would like to thank you all for the hard work that you do, Iwould like Aoife to win she has a great character so much potenetial to give

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