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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Out But Not Down

Meliz talks about leaving the competition.

Meliz talks about leaving the competition.

Dubbed the 'Sexy Maria', Meliz has turned out to be our Philosophical Maria - taking the whole experience and the lessons learned on board but still determined to succeed.

We spoke to her about living the Maria dream and beyond.

Were you surprised to be voted out of the competition on Saturday?
Gosh! I don't know if I was surprised, but what I will say is that the producers are looking for something very specific to play a very specific character. Perhaps I didn't tick all the boxes for the audience or for the producers. I was the sexy, pop Maria so maybe people didn't see me as the perfect candidate although I could have done it.

I was always prepared for any eventuality because at the end of the day, somebody has to go. So I was always preparing myself for the fact that it could be me, any time.

How did you think your performance went this week?
I think I gave a good performance. Whether I gave the strongest vocal performance I could have given, I'm not sure. I gave a very good general performance. It was 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' and I was having fun on that stage. It was really difficult hearing the video of when I was upset from previous weeks and John's comments before I went on stage. But if anything it psyched me up even more and I thought to myself þif this is going to be my final performance on the show I've got to make it a good one.

How did you think you did in the sing-off?
I was very happy with the performance I gave in the sing-off. Whether I had it in my head that I was going to be saved or not I won't say. To be honest I kind of felt that Andrew may have already made his decision. I just thought if this is one of the final performanceså I've got to make it the best it can possibly be. I was very pleasedå I can leave knowing that I've done the best I possibly could have done.

Do you still want to pursuer a career in music? Will you take Andrew's advice and go into pop?
I would absolutely love to pursue a career in music. I'll be exploring all the options open to me. Perhaps Maria wasn't where I was supposed to go and I have to find my niche. If that is pop music then hopefully things will turn out in the end and that will be the road I end up going down.

If you went down the musical theatre route is there a dream role you'd like to tackle?
I'd love to play Rizzo in Grease. I love Rizzo. I think it's because she's more of a character that I'm suited to vocally, and maybe the look that I have.

What have you done since Saturday?
Saturday night was fab. I said to the girls þthis isn't a time for commiserations, it's a time for partying, celebrating and congratulations'. I don't think leaving the show is anything I should beat myself up about.

Getting from 6,000 girls down to the final eight, I was more than proud of that. So I said to them þlet's get our glad rags on, have a boogie in the house' so we got some pizzas in, and some wine and had a real good time.

Were you impressed by the amount of support you've had from the general public?
I was so impressed by everyone... on the website, my family and my friends. Especially in Chingford, walking round and people going þoh my god Meliz' – it's lovely. Things like this really bring people together. It's a really nice feeling knowing that there were a lot of people supporting me.

What will you miss most about living in the Maria House?
I miss the girls so much, we've been texting non-stop. And just the whole experience. When you love something so much to be able to do it every day is like a dream come true and that's the thing that I'm really, really missing at the moment, I don't know what to do with my time.

And what won't you miss?
The scary thought about what our Maria Mission is going to be every week. Oh my god! I used to panic every Tuesday evening. Although I always had fun doing them. It was just the speculation that used to scare me.

What's the most important thing you have learnt?
To believe in myself... Just because I wasn't right for Maria doesn't mean I'm not right for something else. I've met some amazing people along the way and I've just got to carry on trying to pursue this career.

Is there any of Andrew's advice and the experts' advice that you're going to continue to take on board.
I think if I'm more suited to a pop career then maybe that's what I'll end up pursuing more than a musical theatre career. Or maybe look into rock and pop musicals.

I'm aware that the tone of voice I have is slightly deeper than the other girls. It's more souly, as it were. Zoe, John and Ian all said after the show þyou may not be Maria but maybe you should focus on the pop side of it'.

Who do you tip to win?
I'll tell you after Saturday night's performance. I have to watch it from a spectator's point of view in order to give you an answer. I'll be in the audience cheering the girls on on Saturday.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

From the smile,your eyes and your overall beauty it was a shame to see you go from this competition. You will go on to much greater things.

You were the best in the 'sing off' and I am sorry you have gone.

Davina age 7
i really like you Meliz. I was really upset when Andrew kicked you out last week. Good luck meliz because i think that you can have a west end role! love from Davina xxxx

Meliz, I think you have gorgeous voice & looks, I was gutted when you were voted out last night, don't feel disheartened by this, gather your strengths and prepare to shine :-) You are a true star!!!!! Best of luck!

Ron & Mary
Meliz, we both agree you have a lovely voice and are disappointed that you have now been rejected. We sicerely hope that you 'Will' be noticed and go far. Incidentally you light up my computer screen every time I switch on!! Good Luck.!

you r good girl but work more on ur voice to make u complete cos u've got all the looks

If you don't get the part, because you're not right for it or whatever then don't be sad. You would make an amazing popstar! Good luck!

I think you are the prettest girl in th show by far. Good luck and I hope you succeed

Melike Ali
Meliz i always see you performe and i think your'e fantastic i hope you win for our turkish culture and for your family i am turkish cypriot like you are. good luck meliz best wishes Melike Ali

Fulya&Peter Lawrence
Merhaba Meliz, We are all very proud of you and I vote for you every Saturday.I also wrote an e-mail to Hurriyet,Milliyet and Sabah to let them know about your success and don't be surprised if you see yourself on the news soon!;)You are shining Meliz and all I can do is to send our best wishes of good luck to you!Lots of love and greetings to your family:)

Go on Meliz... your a star in the making!!! cant wait to see u on stage as MARIA !!! blop blop

Betty "Boo"
You won't remeber me Meliz but we were at school together (WH) and I knew then that you were destined for show biz - your star about to be born so start shining girl....

I've got to say I don't envy what they're putting you through, but I'm also extremely impressed that you're not only surviving, but shining - you're a star and don't let anyone else say different!

Meliz i think you're great. You deserve to be maria. I will be voting for you again this week as i think you're fab.

I wish i can sing like you can when im older. you are fantastic!

Ray, Sarah & Family
Meliz, keep believing in yourself!! We told you eight years ago just how good you are. Now you are proving us all right. 'Maria' is your destiny. We're all thinking of you.

Meliz, i just know Simona did not mean to hurt your feelings, its a case of ambigous comments which anyone could perceieve to mean as offensive. She seems like a really good natured person and i hope you guys don't allow the incident to create friction. I want to see you both get far in this competition.

Beth (10)
I can't belive you were almost out , you are in my top 3 and i think you look realy pretty

your good so keep on trying and youll get through to the next round

I thought your performance of voice within was great and i hope you dont have to be in the bottem two again!!

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