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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Simona: Week Three

Watch Simona sing I Only Wanna Be With You.

Click here to watch the video Watch Simona sing.

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I am really gutted that Simona got knocked out! My family are regular theatre goers and we've seen every musical in the west end...not that Simona is out i am not so sure that we want to go and see it! Simona's accent is lovely and you don't want some pompess british girl singing Maria you want a passionate, lovable Maria-the accent shouldn't matter! Besides her accent is fine compared to some other people!!! Well David Ian wants people to by theatre tickets...i'm not to sure at the moment., shouldn't he want to please the public? Besides she has been working so hard she really deserves a part and Eva Peron looks like one she should soooo audition for!!!! i would see it again all for her!well done and don't loose your confidence cause your fab! It is/was Simona or Connie for me! They are both by far the only capable ones!

Hi Simona, I hope you read this. You are extremely talented and excellent. It showed through your eyes how pressured you were tonight. It only happens that Maria, which is currently stereotyped to be Julie Andrews' sort of look and accent, is just against you for people like David Ian and Andrew. But then again, you will have your "turn" because you are a great performer. Don't lose your passion and positive attitude. No one could handle that situation like you did. You're amazing! Keep it up. You will make it in time, girl!!! You have our support!!!

Simona was great and I'm sorry that she is out.

BY FAR the best actress of the bunch!! Have you seen the acting auditions? You have to agree.

When she sings something, it's in your head for the rest of the day. And that's a great thing! Wonderful voice.

She's abslolutely fantastic! She's got the voice, the looks, the personality AND the acting talent. I'm sure she will get far.

They should leave her accent alone, or get rid of Aoife's accent which I find much more distressing! I think that The Lord should be true to his word, and cast Simona as Evita immediately! She is very dedicated and supremely talented. Big mouth Liane out next!

Simona, i think you`re great! The accent should not be a factor-Maria is supposed to be Austrian. Surely Aoifa`s accent should be discussed too if they want to talk about accents! And I think you`d make a fabulous Eva Peron! x

Kaye B
Simona's the BEST. I think everyone should stop going on about her accent and realize that she is a brilliant actress and a fantastic singer - Anyway wasn't Maria an Austrian so she wouldn't have a perfect English accent! I'd pay to see Simona in The Sound of Music any day. Well Done and Good Luck - Hope to see you in the final - and WIN.

Hey simona i love you and your accent i dont think your accent will get in the way and im like the biggest sound of music fan and you are super your acting is amazing !!! luv rhi xxx

Zoe made the good point that Maria is supposed to be Austrian, so I don't really see why the accent is too much of a problem. However, Simona is far too glamourous for Maria, IMO she would do better in something more like Chicago.

Simona, the only comments are always about your accent, and knowing the judges you'd know about other things if they were bad in no time. You have made such a progress in just one week with the dialect coach, so don't loose your heart. I think you are fun, pretty, a real character and obviosuly very talented. Looking forward to see you - and vote for you - on Saturday.

i think simona is good but trys too hard and is just not right for the part her singing great but when she talks normally one word is going to come out wrong.

I'm not sure I agree aimee, I think she, Aoife and Siobhan will go far...

Jonathan D
Yet again...people are persistant in putting a great performer down! Simona have talent in all areas and is Maria in many ways that the others not. We all have our strength's and in them are a weakness.... Simona is Great and Keep it up Girl... My votes are going your way til the end!! Hugs xxx

I think simona is very good.

Simona's fan
Simona don't listen to any bad comments you just have to be yourself talented and passionate as you are, keep up the good work and don't give up, we are all voting for you honey!!xxx

I think Simona is great and should defenitly win she's fab! And who cares about her accent Maria is from austria anyways!!!!!!!!!!!! Go for it girl!

I love her soooooooo much she is great and with a little more work on the accent she could be maria! keep it up chick

i think simona has an excellent voice and sheer talent. she is the only girl that feels the songs. her accent only makes her more interesting, and it can be worked on for her speech. By far the best!!!

You still deserve to be in the competition! u have worked so hard 4 it! You have all round talent! if you don't last the 'maria massacre' don't give up hope!!!

I'm sorry Simona, but I think you may have to leave this weekend. You have the sweetest nature, but you are just not right for the part. It's not just your accent which lets you down

keep up the good work!

i think simona has gr8 talent, but she is NOT maria. she has had her chance to get rid of her accent and i admire her for trying, but i love the sound of music and i dont want any of the other gals to b let down. nxt to go is simona and helena

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