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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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The Third Show Clips

Watch clips of our eight hopefuls performing in the third show.

Click here to watch the video Watch Siobhan sing Jump.

Click here to watch the video Watch Leanne sing 9 to 5.

Click here to watch the video Watch Helena sing What A Feeling.

Click here to watch the video Watch Aoife sing Sway.

Click here to watch the video Watch Meliz sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Click here to watch the video Watch Abi sing Big Spender.

Click here to watch the video Watch Connie sing My Baby Just Cares For Me.

Click here to watch the video Watch Simona sing I Only Wanna Be With You.

You will need RealPlayer to be able to view these clips.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Cath P
Clearly Connie is outstanding - but also Bring Back Belinda! It was a crime that beautiful, effortless voice got voted off.

Isn't the point of the show to find a 'new' Maria. Connie is obviously very talented, and more confident than a young unworldly girl from a convent should be.

Fantastic, compulsive watching CONNE FOR ME

I think the judges were wrong py putting Meliz under so much pressure. When Belinda left,one of the judges said it was a wrong decision. When Simona was criticised, she was compared with Meliz. How can you put someone down and expect her to perform well. Come on!!!

Connie has it all! Such an expressive face;lovely voice;humour;acting ability; star quality; personality .....need I go on?

Leanne to win - I think she's fantastic and should not be discriminated against for being the youngest!! Connie is fab too.

I think Meliz should have won , and i think the judes should have some more consideration about their commments .Meliz was a star , she was destined for the stage but people are toooo blind to see it . i wish meliz the best of luck for her future .

From the beggining I have always wanted Connie to win, but after seeing Abi sing "Big Spender" I think Abi Should Win! She is by far the best!

MELIZ! should have won! she was fantastic i cant belive she has gone grrrr! she was amazing and perfect for the part! x x x

Meliz, really impressed by your voice - beautiful dark tone. Keep going and don't be disheartened by your early exit.

Celia Stanford
i think connie would be the best Maria

I really enjoyed abi's performance last saturday singing big spender, i also like Siobhan she is very talented. I have enjoyed some of connie's performances as well but my favourite is Leanne i love her voice and she seems to be able to sing anything i would like her to win, but if she doesn't get the role of maria then i hope to see her as a leading lady in the near future!!

I really hope that Connie gets the part. She deserves it. SHE IS THE BEST by far.

Miss Cheif, age 14
i think abi, aoife and leanne are great all very different but perfect for maria, i like simona and i feel sorry for her but i dont think maria is the her role. Connie is very good and has a good chance of winning but abi is the underdog and will hopefully have the edge. Helena should have gone in week one shes now robbing people of their places in the comp, and i'm still not sure about siobhan , she's either very good or really bad, lets hope she sticks with good. sorry to see meliz go, should have been helena. VOTE ABI OR AOIFE TO WIN.

to all the Marias: -Only the winner gets the "cake".... but if you are strong, work through on this show with confidence, stay positive, show what you can do (with foreign accent or without it) even if you don't get the whole cake, you still can get a big piece of the cake at the end!

Leanne is cute, Connie's really good, I don't like Aoife, Laura's gone(blub),Siobhan's to pretty, Helena can't sing,Simona just CAN'T BE maria and Meliz and Belinda are gone. Abi is Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!

Siobhan or Connie 4 me.

Only one Maria CONNIE

Mint and Saria
Is it just us, or did anyone else not know the words to 'Girls just wanna have fun' until Meliz sang it on Saturday? Proving, her diction is absolutely fine and clearly better than Cindy Laupers!!!! Without Meliz in the competition, things are going to get pretty dull, pretty soon.....

S and M
How can people say Meliz was the worst on Saturday. Are you people not watching Simona??!! Meliz is a fantastic singer, and was not given as much opportunity to prove it, unlike favourites of the judges, clearly Siobhan being one of these!!!! We hope there are bigger and better things out there for Meliz, she is clearly a superstar.......Good luck in the future xx

simona should win!! she is working on her accent and it really pretty! Abi is a good singer! meliz was worse performance on saturday and best was simona! i just love her voice and we need some one diffrent! keep it up girl!!! you can do it !!

Unfortunately this week Siobhan had been given the wrong song, but she is still the best by far!!! Siobhan you are the best and cannot wait to listen to you next week!!!!!! VOTE SIOBHAN!!!!!

i think simona is a great singer keep her in she is working on the accent and is a star! she is also really pretty and deserves to be maria!!!!!! SIMONA TO WIN!

Lorni Gill
i think connie should win because she is very talented i think she will be a very good maria

Maddie aged 11
i think that Andrew Lloyd-Webber makes the right choice each week but he was wrong on the first week Helena should have gone not Laura.


Catherine aged 11
I think Siobhan, Abi and Aoife should win. they have great singing voices and they also have the look of Maria. Good luck , I hope you win. :-)

There just is no competition at all. Connie is an outstanding all round performer.Week after week she really gives 110% regardless of what she is asked to do.None of the other girls come anywhere near I'm afraid.Good Luck Connie you are fantastic!

Big spender, you hit the big time this week. You or Connie deserve the Maria title, lets hope for the right outcome from the public.

I thought Helena sang Flashdance brilliantly and it's a great song, I was really suprised she was in the bottom two. I think Leanne should have gone, althogh she can sing, her acting and dancing are dreadful.

Great Aunty Stella
You were a wow on Saturday. From the moment you came on stage with that wicked wink of yours...I just knew you were going to be hit. But...that chair routine! I couldn't believe it. Abi, you never cease to amaze me.

Lots of people say connie looks like Maria... I think what they mean to say is that she is the one who most closely resembles Julie Andrews. Andrew himself said he thought previous 'Marias' had been cast too old, so come on, give Leanne a fair shot. They said in the last show she was clumsy... well so was Maria!

i am sad that meliz got voted out but i don't think she could have been Maria. Connie and Leanne are my favourites!!! They can both sing and act!

Should have gone last week - bring back Belinda only one that can sing and perform!!!

Rebecca Reynolds
I think Connie should win the comp Because 1. She looks like Maria and 2. She has the talent to sing like Maria! She is our favourite! The whwhole family thinks so too!

I missed the show and am devastated that Meliz is out. She was my favourite. I thought she was so beautiful and had the voice of an angel. She'd make a wonderful Maria. I hope to see her in something else again soon.

Glenys Wynne-Jones
I missed the last show & forgot to record it so I've just watched the clips on the website. I am astounded by the standard of performance by all the girls - they improve every week. For me, Connie still has the edge but I could easily be won over by most of the remaining girls. Fantastic show.

wow abi, you will get the gay vote, the male vote, the female vote, the kids vote. what a laughing girl you are.

Good luck Meliz. You are incredibly beautiful and I am really sad to see you go. Best wishes.

David, Edinburgh
I'm sorry Meliz but you deserved to go. You had a brilliant performance in week 1. But since then both your solo and group performances have been out of tune and just plain bad. You could never be Maria. However, I do think you have a talent and you are gorgeous, you have to find your niche. Good Luck!

David, Edinburgh
Best peformance of the night has to go to either Abi, Aiofe or Connie. Worst performance of the night to Meliz.

abi connie and siobhan must be the last three all are fantastic just cannot decide which one to win

I will only pay to see Abi. NONE of the others compare she was born for this part!

Dee Williams
I was so surprised to see Connie on the tele as i did see the previous two shows and lifted by her performance after a rough day . And them rest of the guys were also lifted out here in the desert of Afganistan with HM Forces. A special good luck from all of us to Connie.

I cannot believe Simona is still in the competition. At the start of her song I could hear an improvement with her accent - unfortunately this did not last for the whole song. When Simona speaks I have to concentrate hard in order to follow what she is saying - I feel this would detract from the enjoyment of watching and becoming 'lost' in the show. In addition to this her poor attitude doesn't win her any 'brownie points!'

Kazzo - Leeds
Sorry to see Meliz go but at least it wasn't Connie cos she's my favourite for the part

abi was great and she looked hot as well

Why did Siobhain, who is thoroughly out of her depth, get a second chance on Saturday night's show? Surely that wasn't fair to the other competitors

Maddie - 12
my god meliz, im so sorry!! i hope you know that im a huge fan of yours and ive always known that youve got talent. as far as im concerned, anyone who doesnt know that, is out of their mind! meliz serman, you did not deserve to go!

go abi! youre amazing and this part is perfect for you! good luck!

come on Simona you are the best

Katherine Hutchinson
I love Siobhan and I really want either her or Connie to win because they are both brilliant. I would also like to say a huge well done to Simona for her acting that was shown on last weeks program it was electric. I admire all the girls and wish them all the best of luck though!!!

Abis performance was clearly leaps and bounds ahead of everyone elses - she is in a league of her own! She shone way above Leannes and Connies safe performances - and there is no comparison to Meliz's slightly strange performance and not forgetting to mention SIobhans boring and un-exciting singing. Go Abi you ruled!!!!

I think this was a fair result, as Meliz's performance was the weakest on the night. However, it is a shame she was never given an opportunity to really show what she could do with a musical theatre number. Leanne and Simona have got to go - they are two great performers but they are just totally wrong for this part. How about Leanne as Liesel, Simona as the Baroness, and everyone else who's knocked out as nuns?
This show is compulsive viewing. Obviously, as a viewer I am not privy to the girl's acting ability, but their voices are superb, and it must be so difficult to chose the right Maria for the Show. I keep changing my mind from week to week. However, this week (26th) I took particular note of the girl's dancing capabilities. Abi was wonderful as the Big Spender. Aoife could have used her hips more and swayed them to influence the judges. Connie and Helena were brilliant and interpreted their songs with some really convincing dance moves. Leanne, Simona and Siobhan were all so wooden, just walking about the stage with the occasional arm gesture - not at all convincing. And Meliz - although totally sexy and a brillian mover, I agree that her diction was suspect, and her voice just didn't hit my enjoyment spot. Therefore, I totally agree with the judges - she definitely was the one to go, but poor Helena - she shouldn't have been in the position of having to perform again to secure her place - her original performance said it all. Anyway - I'm very very biased - as I think Connie is by far the one who stands out for me as being the most professional. I can't seen Siobhan as Maria, but Aoife - Yes - she looks the part. I only hope at the end of all this that all of these girls do manage to go on to higher and better things. Just a question? Will any of them be offered any other parts in the production? Regards, MARGARET STURMEY

Connie has it all.......good luck Connie

I think Leanne should win because she has a great voice and she is abou the same age as maria.Hope you win.You go you xxxmwahxxx

Malcolm Bitting
Everyone knows it is extremely hard to get to the top in the showbiz world but the cream has a habit of rising, and if Connie does not get this part then I am sure that we will see her very soon in some other very big production, she is one the best performers we have had for years.

Abi's Big Spender performance was absolutely the best. She is a star!

hi there i think connie should win shes got a lot of experiance and is good at acting and singing. I don't think there being very fair on simona. some other people have an accent and they don't pick on them. siobohan is good at singing but not so good at acting.

just because she has an acsent does.not mean she can not be maria simona is a lovly girl just let her have a chance she is the best one there and let me tell the others except connie and leanne stop picking on her it is not her folt she has an acent xxxxxxxxxxellie age 10xxxxx

I think Andrew made the right decision. Meliz was just wrong for the role. I think Aoife has the right looks though I've got a feeling Connie will win. I'd like to hear her sing a proper ballad now instead of her usual quirky songs.

michael walker
Abi was by far the best...she stood out miles from the rest,thought connie until that great performance!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael walker
Let me get right to the point...Abi should be Maria!!!!!

michael walker
Abi was by far the best...she stood out miles from the rest,thought connie until that great performance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel it's twisting the knife a bit to make the losing contestants perform 'So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye' after they've been told they're off the show? Especially as they have to sing that embarrassing line 'Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu'...

Still think Simona should go. She will make herslef ill at this rate. It is so not worth it! Connie still looks favourite to me with Abi coming up the rails.

Carlo from Amsterdam
Wrong decision for sure if you ask me :) Meliz should have stayed in the competition. I am very sorry, but Helena is nothing more than average, and average doesn't cut it in this business I'm afraid. She can sing, but that's it: full stop! Am not certain whether Maria was the part for Meliz, but she has star quality and she will make it anyway!!! GOOD LUCK MELIZ, believe in yourself, and the only way for you is UP!!

I think simona deserves to win as she puts more passion into her acting and singing than the rest of the Marias put together!


if simona could just try and disguise her accent a bit she would be great!

Aoife and Abi are best pals, and they're also my best Marias. You rock girls!! shanaxx

Helena, I was so gutted to see u in the bottom 2. Don't let that put you off, you have so much potential. GOOD LUCK

Lucy B
I touhght Meliz sang "Take that look off your face" beautifully. She has a beautiful, rich, mature voice, and in my opinion, she deserved to win the sing-off. She also has a more natural stage presence and very direct vocal delivery.

I was shocked when they said that they thought Meliz was the worst singer in the competition. I thought she had a beautiful voice and I am sad to see her go. She shouldn't give up, she is beautiful and talented and should not have been told such cruel comments.

Aoife keep it up, you are doing fantastic we are all shouting for you here in Galway.

Connie should definetely win. She has the right looks and character and sings brill. In all of her songs she has acted like maria. Simona should go because she does not act like a Maria.

What fantastic performances from Aoife, Connie and Abi. The others are good two, but these three have the edge.

Siobhan is BRILLIANT!! Simply the BEST!

Really enjoyed the show. Thought Aoife showed that she is just as talented as Connie but that she has more sensuality and is much more natural than Connie. Connie's is still over doing everything. I find she's becoming painfully confident.Abi improved alot.She gave it everything.

I think Siobhan and Connie are the best.

Abi was fantastic singing Big Spender - Give her the job!

Huriye Omer
Memo to the BBC: Pleeeease put Meliz into Eurovision 2007 to represent the UK. She is a good singer, with beautiful looks, and can dance - perfect for Eurovision, and we might win again, as she'll garner the Turkish Lobby votes across Europe! Go Meliz for Eurovision 2007! Huriye, London xxx

connie is my maria - she has IT ALL! Don't make a mistake

Hi, Meliz to go- her voice never settled,changed too much for different songs rather than easily adapt you can hear a distinct change. Abi- my Maria this week closely followed by Aoife & Connie- I think though Siobhan has huge potential- tap into it quickly! Well done to all!- It's going to be a tough competition in the end!

Phill Potter
Simply this show is one of my favourite things!

Andrew made the right choice, unfortunately Meliz did not listen to the band when singing her solo therefore she was out of tune. However she did sing her socks off in the sing off but it was too late.

Roz and Em
Siobhan to win!!! We've already got our tickets and we wanna see her! Meliz was right to go but simona next week!!!!

From the beginning of the show I supported Meliz but I found this last wekk she really didn't perform sa well. But afterall she is only human as are all the others. This wekk I think Simona should have gone. I felt bad for Helena who has now been in that same position twice! My vote always goes to Siobhan though! Vote Siobhan!!

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