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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Becoming Maria

Aoife talks about what she has to do to win that role.

Aoife talks about what she has to do to win that role.

Looking back at her performance last Saturday, our Irish Maria, Aoife, has realised that she really has to put her heart and soul into her song this week to prove that she's not Maria in looks only.

"David keeps going on about me looking like the perfect Maria," she said. "It is a great compliment but I want to be told that I've got the talent as well. Anyone can look like the role but if they don't have the acting ability and the singing then they won't get anywhere.

"I think after [last] week I know now that Andrew knows I can act the part, David knows I look the part and John knows I can move. I just need to show them I can sing the part and this week I'm going to work so hard."

So who does Aoife look up to this week and who does she want to emulate in her efforts to be songbird Maria?

"I really want to use Helena's example," she explained. "I think Helena did really well, her song was tough to sing and she put so much emotion in it that she was nearly crying at the end of it, and that's what I want to get across. She did really well, but she was practicing all week and she nailed it."

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

You are SO going to win! If you don't win, I'm not going to see it!! You're amazing, I love u!!

India (11)
Aoife can win she is a great actor and can definatley be MARIA!!!!!

i live in st helens and aoifa is a great name....and im voting for u twice every saturday so do your best and be a maria go aoifa woooo!!!

Aoife you are one talented girl good luck!

Aoife and Siobhan Your singing is the cherry on top of my weekends! Keep it up!!!!

Go Aoife and Siobhan. When you sang Sway and Sonbird they were both the best versions of the song i have ever heard they were sooo beautiful. you both have talent and looks to match. well done xx good luck!!!!!! (Ireland. Yay!)

Congratulations Aoife! Great to see an irish cailín doing so well! Up the rebels today!

i watch all of your shows and i think ioafa rocks she is defenitly maria

Aoife !! keep up the good work your doing fine !! x

Great smile, but her voice just doesn`t cut it. There`s no power there, and sometimes I think I`m watching a different show to the ones the critics are sitting through when I hear them gushing away.

I think that, although you weren't up against her in a sing-off, you should have been sent off instead of Simona because I can understand your accent less than hers! Honestly, people these days!

come on aoife!!!! your doing ireland proud!! :D

Aoife, you are fantastic, I hope you win you deserve it!! You really sing from the heart, you brought tears to my eyes when i watched you tonight. You are so so natural when you are on stage. You're a really good actress too. You and Siobhan for the final. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

You are too good. You light up the stage when uu are there. I have fallen in Love.

Andrew loyd webber
I do need you to show me that you are a song bird but you also need to be shown other things as well you still have far to come

aoife ur absolutely brilliant-u can act sing and dance and u look THE best for the part-ur doing evryone in ireland proud we're all behind you!ur unreal and i reli hope u get it!!xxx

You are the best most pretty person in the world I love you to bits Aiofe keep on going x

Aoife you are great I loved your song in week three you look like maria and sound like her and you really can act well done!!

Will wager my 50p sweetie money Aoife will be Maria! She looks the part, sings the part, acts the part - She is Maria!

Killian H
Aoife i think you are amzing and deserve to win you have been given some really diffcult songs to perform but each week you get better. keep the cool and you will have an excellent and well deserved career.

Aoife you go girl! And that dancing with Jamie-Hughes-Ward last week! Ooooh, yesh! You lucky thiiiing! :P x<3x

you are the perfect looking maria but that is not as important as the fact that you are the perfect sounding and acting maria too!! good luck x

you are great keep it up you are in my top three and i think you could make it to the finel

Excellent performance of Sway go all the way and win it I'll keep voting for you!

i think you're totally amazing and Aoife is a great name!

I don't want Aoife to win! everyone says Simona has an acsent!but so does Aoife! boooooooo

Aoife to win! You're excellent!! Fierce performance, you're acting, singing and dancing has class and you have to charisma to make this part! You can be maria!

Aoife to win! fierce performer, your doing great and your so talented you should be maria!

Aoife and connie in the final!

Go Aoife, We know you're the one. Everyone is rooting for you in Galway. Good Luck again this week

Tara in Oz
Aoife - watching some of the clips on net in Oz.. Keep it up, you are doing wonderful...

Aoife, your the best maria in this competition and I think many people are beginning to realise this now, you are a top contender so keep up the hard work, and remember you have always got my vote!

The girls from Central ROCK - you're wicked Aoife!

Billy M
Brilliant. Thought u were fantastic. Lets hope that everyone in the UK keeps voting for u because u deserve the role of Maria. Everyone knows that u could play the role in your sleep! Hopefully we'll be booking tickets to see you in the West End soon !

Shannen xxxx
keep going Aoife your doing Ireland proud!!!! and you make me proud to be Irish!!!! xxxxxx

Heather Spangler - 12
Aoife i think your great and i love your name!!

At the beginning of the competition I thought that Aiofe was really dull and bad but now i really think she is good and i want her and abi 2 win lol

You are so cool! you were by far in my top three last week and i think you will be in the final four with Connie, Leanne and Siobhan! You are making Ireland and Galway proud. Keep it up!

aoifa is brill and i think shes the perfect maria

Alice from Birmingham
WOW Aoife your fantastic your last proformance(sway) was unbelievable! In my eyes, your the only Maria!

Orla Hickey
Aofie - you are amazing we are all rooting for you - cant believe that your family and friends at home cant vote for you - rest assured all the London Galway (and London Irish for that matter) are making up for it - go girl

Just wanna say that I think all of your preformances so far have been great and you are doing really well! Good Luck!

Wow Aoife!!I was amazed by your performance last week (sway).It was so brilliant and showed your talent!!Good Luck!! xxx

Great performance of sway on saturday. I think that Aoife has great acting and singing ability. If she keeps this up she could win the part.

catherine mee
aoife.... u are doing galway soooo proud.. u were really really good on saturday... all i can say is.....keep up the good work......... good luck!!!

Aoife, you are doing SO well. We are all so proud of you and the whole of Salthill is rooting for you

Jacinta Keane
Aoife , What can I say you were just fantastic on Saturday 26 Aug. The best ever I am sure that you are so proud of yourself. Everybody in Galway rooting for you. Simply the best. Jacinta

Wow! You were sensational on the show. Best performance of the night by a long way. You sang,moved and looked incredibly brilliant. Everyone in The Bal and Trends are right behind you!!

Go Aoife, we're all proud of you in Galway! You're brill,well done

Aoife, Wow! every week you're even more brilliant! Everyone at home is so proud(especially all of us in Salthill) and have full confidence in your ability to be the part and live the dream! Keep it up and loads of luck! You're amazing!! ;0)

Rita Robertson
I have an 8-year old grand daughter named Aoife and to begin with I was following Aoife just because of the name but now I'm really following her for herself.

O'Grady Family in France
Aoife, Could'nt get too see the show last night but we did arrange for a few more votes for you.We heard from Galway that your performance last night was really brilliant. Keep the it going.

Aoife has the hardest and most demanding routines, yet still manages to give a good vocal performance. We need more dancing from the others!

Serena G
Aoife would be good in a night club, definitely not as Maria. She's quite good, but nowhere near good eough

What do I like about you - you shine like a star and manage to do so without being arrogant, diva-esque or putting anyone down

niamh and caoimhe mc gowan
well done aoife!we thought you were fantastic this week.we do musical theatre in our local song and dance school.we are 9 years old and from Dublin!Aoife to win!!!

GO AOIFE! You are great, don't let anyone put you down, you can do it!

Aoife you we're great! Even in Holland I really enjoyed your performance! And Connie too! I'm sure the two of you and Leanne will be part of the finale!

Nikki Grahame wannabe!
Hi Aoife is brilliant I loved this weeks performance and last weeks performance Go Aoife!

i like Aiofe but she just doesnt cut it for maria but well done!

Aoife was good on week 2 but maybe not on week 1!!!

Best of luck tonight! I think that you are brillint! Ever since i saw you in The shows I have loved you! Especially Annie Get Your Gun and Clown! You blew me away! And I know you'll do your best till the end!

You were fab at the weekend!! well done i will vote for you again!! Good luck!!

Heather Spangler

Teresa and Mal
Wishing you the best of luck for Saturday... Looking forward to another classy performance...

Mary Feeney
Aoife, You are playing hell with my socal life,I haven't been out on Saturday night since the show started! We are glued to it in our house and you are brilliant. You have what it and we all know it.

For me there can only be one choice, AOIFE FOR MARIA!!! Keep working your socks off Aoife, two weeks down only four to go...

Neil Hesk
Aoife, keep believing and you will win.I knew from when i seen you perform in the Town hall in Galway just how good you really are.You are one in a million! We're all thinking of you.Best of luck.

Niamh Coppinger
What can I say are fab. Im so proud to be able to say that you are a friend of mine ;-) You are so talented and are knocking the socks off them in Britain. Galway and all of Ireland are so proud of you. Keep up the good work x x x

Aoife, Cannot wait to see your performance on Saturday is now the highlight of my week. You are such a talented and gorgeous person and if anyone deserves to be maria, it is you. Im so proud of you... Good luck xx

Niall Heaney
No need to say too much Aoife. Just keep showing them what we already know you can do. You're doing brilliantly. As Anita said, we are all so proud of you. Give me an 'A', give me an 'O'.....

Heather Aoifes number one fan!!
Aoife your the best singer in the whole competition i think you look and sound like maria! I be voting for you the whole way through!! If zoes mad when she says you dont exite her i think you had the most exciting performance of the all!!

Well done Aoife!! Keeping fingers crossed for you!! Just wish we could send a few votes your way from Ireland!! but, no doubt you will do great - 'The luck 'o the Irish' etc !

i think Aoife did reali well last saturday, she had a hard job!

Great attitude. You can do it - be strong this week!

Leslie Walls
Whilst Aoife has sung Runaway and If My Friends Could See Me Now `extremely` well and perhaps had too harsh comments vocally, there is NO DOUBT about her acting and choreography. She only looks most like Maria from the point of view of hair length and being the most blonde - otherwise she has a SIGNIFICANTLY different look to Julie Andrews AND an extremely beautiful and fresh one at that. I first voted for her because I was undecided who to choose and felt she most deserved the break.I am now CERTAIN she would make a truly stunnung NEW Maria Von Trap and I hope we are allowed a really sensitive/warm Aoife in Week 3. Even to date, there`s NO CONTEST in my opinion. In your stride girl - in your stride.

aiofe your acting was incredible on saturday it was really real, and your singing was awesome too! in my opinion you're the most all round singer and actress there!! i hope you get really far! xxx

Carlo from Amsterdam
That's the spirit Aoife!!! You are a brilliant actress and move extremely well, so now it's time to show them you are an excellent singer as well. Blow them away this Saturday by singing your socks off!! GO GO GO! You are hugely talented, and one of the true contenders for this role. You have masses of charisma, use it! Believe in yourself! Take every inch of determination, enthusiasm and motivation inside of you and kick ass this Saturday! The sky is the limit for you! Climb on that rainbow and ride all of its colours to the max to reach the bright and shining sun: YOU! GOOD LUCK.

you acted and sang the part really well go go go

I think Aoife's two performances have both been extremely excellent and a pleasure to watch so keep up the good work! xXx

Emma T
Aoife has absolutely nothing to worry about, I think she is brilliant, and I don't know why the judges are giving her a hard time. Her performance last Saturday was more difficult than the others because of the complicated choreography, but as far as I'm concerned she nailed it! For me she is just a couple of steps behind Connie, but many steps ahead of some of the others. She deserves more credit than she has been getting up to now. Keep up the good work Aoife! :-)


I think that Aoife and Connie are the two best-Aoife CAN act!

You were great at the weekend Aoife! Keep it up!! You are doing Galway and Ireland proud! Everyone in Oranmore is rooting for you!!

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