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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Leanne: Week Two

Leanne sings See The Day.

Click here to watch the video Watch Leanne

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Benji`s mum
Leanne , lovely voice and lovely personality - you have the qualities that Maria needs! Good Luck for saturday, we`ll be watching !

A comment from Holland! I love Leanne's voice, and she sang 'See the day' so convincing! I think she looks young in real life, but if she'll become Maria, I'm sure they can make her look older. I hope that even if Leanne doesn't become Maria, she will still have a wonderful career, because her voice is really beautiful and she deserves it. :)

i love you leanne!!!

leanne is my sister and i am sooo proud of her "LEANNE IS MARIA" she is by far the best! she has the voice and the looks ! go leanne i am soooo proud of you and i love you up to the sky and back down agen a million trillion times mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rebecca Sheard
It is too good I could say all the best things there is to say!

Amanda L
Shouldn't Maria have a fresh, young, innocent-but-cheeky personality? That's why Leanne would be so much better than Connie for the part

I liked her at first but I think that underneath she has an air of cockiness about her

Maddie - 12yrs
hi leanne! you are the sweetest thing ever, with the best personality in the house! keep it up gal! im not quite sure that your maria but your awesome all the same. And take no notice of connie, leisl is not the part for you. good luck and keep going. Mxxx

Anita Bath
One wrong move and you're an ex-Maria. Don't screw it up; you don't deserve to screw up. :-)

Leanne i have 2 words 2 say 2 u: U ROCK!!!!!! Saturdays performance was ace!!!I thought it was wrong of connie and David too think your too young....they wanted some one young 2 play the part so whats stopping you??? keep going girl i no you can do it!!!! VOTE 4 LEANNE!!!

Good voice, but I'm sorry. Singing is only one part of being Maria. Her acting skills were sorely lacking on Saturday.

Leanne was amazing!!!!

Hannah MacLeod
love ya ur soooooo cool and ur the youngest. me and u have somthing in comin because i'm always the youngest too i'm 11 soon 12 and they still treat me like a baby I wish I was u good luck Hannah xXxXxX

Leanne deserves to win. she has such a good voice and is so pretty

My favourite of the contest!! She is just like Maria, shy but adventurous, sweet with a naughty side. You go girl!!!

Thought Connie's mean comment about u wasnt nice at all.You did well.Ignore her bitchiness.

Leanne may be wonderful at singing, but before she becomes Maria, she ought to touch up on her acting and try not to be so fake whenever she talks. Appealing to the public may be her aim, but it would be nicer if she was more honest.

Leanne is brill and a great singer.

Well done Leanne, you were brilliant, you will make a great Maria. Good luck on Saturday.

Leanne& connie were by far the best on the night.But ALW is looking for something NEW, Fresh and a Star of the future - Then Leanne gets my vote. I would want the new SOM show to be different not just a remake / repeat of the film. He needs to move away from JA look-a likes Leanne would bring something Fresh and Young to the show.

Leanne, your performance of "See The Day" blew me away. I'm a big fan of the song and you pulled off such an amazing performance. I do think that you are a bit young to play a love interest of a middle aged man who is also the mentor for seven children but you have an amazing career waiting for you whatever happens!

Leanne is sweet but that's about it. She is bluffing. He voice has no depth or real quality and she comes across weak on stage.

James Black
Leanne has a great deal of natural takent and charm, and with some training to give her technical security should go far. She's not Maria yet - too young (would the Mother Abbess really send her as Governess to seven children!) - but she has huge potential and I am sure that this show will serve as a most useful launch pad for her.

i think Leanne has a great voice.She has all the qualaties to be Maria.She can act,sing and is up for a laugh.So Leanne should win.All the Maria's? are great but there is something special in Leanne.Maybe its because she's care free and mature like Maria, in the orignal Sound of Music.

I think Leanne has definetly a Maria quality, young, funny and her Voice is wonderful!

Ed from Holland
I watch the show every week and I think that you grow with every performence. Hopefuly you come a long way. You are my favorite. Kick some ass!!!!!!!

I think Leanne is fantastic! As the youngest, she has a lot of work to do, and as she hasn't had any real training, she's also got to work really hard on her vocals. She should definitely win!!!

emma and kiera
we think leanne is fab and we would love her to sing a stage song on saturday night.

Leanne Rox!!! Bring it on my dearest mummy!!

You have a lovely voice and I hope that You stay until the very end. You deserve the part and you are fantastic especially because you have trained yourself by CDs. You are wonderful and I hope you have a wonderful career

leanne's voice is a cut above, she seems to have a natural class and confidence. She has my far!

It's really strange - she looks exactly like me! So she must win!

leanne to win!! you have the best voice in the competition! you deserve to win, your exactly what maria should be! and your voice is just amazing

Leanne all the way!! You rock girl.

i think your the PERFECT part for maria!i cant understand why david said in the first week that you might be mistaken for the kids!he is SO wrong!

Leanne deserves to win she has the looks she has the voice so go for it leanne if you were playing maria i would definitley come and see you =D

Leanne you were wicked last night! You're a brill singer and as someone else said you look really cute when singing. Ignore anyone taht says you're too young cos you're not!

Your were great. You were DEFINATELY my favourite. You shoul be maria!! Keep it up!!

your darlin mattew
Leanne will you marry me please

Leanne you rule the contest! U GO GIRL!

I think abi should go! maria WAS a tomboy, but maria sang well! First i thought Leanne was just a little girl, but when i listened to her sing for the first 2 weeks, i thought she was the best in the contest ! you are in it to win it and leanne is obviosly the smallest but it dosent count that! i m voting for U every week! yure No. 1 fan! u go!

mark c
Leanne your doing brilliant,such confidence and star quality.keep up the hard work we're all behind you. Best wishes, xx

For someone so young Leanne is very determined and has a whopper of a voice!!!

Amanda L
Well, everyone better make sure they vote for Leanne if they want her to stay in, I fear she was nearly voted out this week What a shame that would be, as she's perfect for the part.

Great Voice....Great song, ...WIn! WIn!Win! From Wales

Andy Reynolds
Leanne has the talent to make the show, she has the innocence for the part but also seems to be able to turn on a confidence that shows experience. She is the only one to give me goose bumps, she is by far the best for the part.

Leanne u have exactly what Maria is. Young and up for a laugh plus you have an amazing voice! You'll make Essex proud to have supplied The Maria!

By far the best performance tonight, leanne has got a fantastic voice and I hope she does well in the competition.

I think your voice is amazing and a real treat to listen to i hope u go far all the way to doe a dear in fact

Prof. Mark
Simply fantastic! I'm sure she can pick up the acting capability later on during the competition, but I wish her all the best and hope she goes all the way to the top!

i don't care if the judges say you are to young i think you are just right for maria GOOD LUCK leanne!!!

leanne IS my maria and she has such an amazing voice. All the other girls are very stuck up and bitchy so YOU GO LEANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leanne is the best Maria. She suits the part much better than anyone else and has such a great voice. Keep it up Leanne!

Leanne is gonna win cause she has da best voice and is really pretty

Wow. You (Leanne) are really amazing and you blew me away. I have now asked my parents for singing lessons once I have passed my Grade 5 piano as you have really shown me what a good singer can do. You need to win because no-one else will be right on that stage. x

Why does David criticise Leanne for bwing too young when that is what Andrew Lloyd Webber is looking for?

Sarah Roberts
Go Leanne! You deserve to be Maria, you've got a good voice.

Aw you are so lovely Leanne -hope some one snaps up your fab talent!! Siobahn - a girl from my hometown who excelled tonight... well done!

leanne has a great voice she should have the chance to show it.

well done leanne sung a lot better than girls aloud u deserve 2 be maria keep it up

Ant's Mum
Go Leanne!! Sing ur little heart out for us Essex girls! Best of luck to ya.

You rock Leanne i wanna see you win ! You go hun!

Woo Go on Leanne Make us Colchester Guys n Girlies Proud!

Emily Rouse
i think leanne should win, shwe has the confidence and strenth that maria has. also she has done well seeing as though she has only had, a couple of lessons. go leanne!!!

ilove leanne. she should. win go leanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leanne is going to win cause she has the best voice, she looks like a maria and her personality fits the best. Good luck leanne!!!!!

i think you and siobhan are the best

YOU were the best by far, such an amazing voice and a fantasric performer!!! no bad points of your performance, leanne to win all the way, you can really sing!!!! good luck im voting!

leanne should win. she's the best one there!

Laura Mak
I love Leanne cause she's really good and cute when she sings!

i feel that Meliz should go! She doesn't seem to suit the character of Maria! i think Leanne is a lovely girl! she deserves to go far! She comes from a similar background to me and i have a lot of respect for her! I wish all the girls luck for Saturday!

I was really surprised and joyful that Leanne is still in the competition. She deserves to become Maria

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