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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Meliz: Week Two

Meliz sings The Voice Within.

Click here to watch the video Watch Meliz

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

I think Meliz is brilliant!

The Best Maria out of the lot xx

Anonymous belinda fan
NO you were NOT as good as Belinda WHY did they kick her out? Yous hould be the one crying at home!!!

Meliz you are an absolute star, best of luck honey x

carly, phoebe & ciara
u were awesome meliz! u shouldnt have been in the bottom 2 just keep ur chin up and carry on singing and u will make it all the way - u r the maria 4 us!

When me and my dad were watching Meliz we thought she was gr8 but i thought the judges comments wer bang out of order! Come on Meliz p.s we thought u were the best on saturday!

oh my gosh what a hard song to sing, but HEY meliz pulled it off, i think she did really well, and i think she is wicked, BIG UP the turkish princess, maybe next week you can do a bit of belly dancing !!!!! meliz to win, we are all behind you !

Matthew Stockdale
Well done, Meliz. You can beet Belinda so I bet you can beet some more! Well Done! Best of luck!

She wiped the floor with Son of a preacherman'. she definatly has the WOW factor. The votes this week let her down though, come on people let's not let her down!!! We all know she belongs on the stage more than the others, she has charisma, and passion and most of all TALENT!!!

i think that meliz has a beautiful voice within,and she is a stunning girl,but for me, she just isn't maria. don't get me wrong, she IS a stunning girl and her voice is one of the best but she isn't for me.

meliz is brill she sholud definatly win i really want her to lots

Papa's & Mama's
You rocked last night - lets see what else you can do?

you were briliant i have a daughter named meliz and we both absolutely loved you good luck

daisy & poppy
meliz you did not deserve to be in the bottom two you did a amazing preformance i can't see why you got the lowest votes - you were amazing - i am so glad you were saved - you are brilliant!!!

meliz you were amazing!!! i dont know what the judges were on about you sang that song so well it was brilliant!! GO MELIZ!

Such a great performance with such a bad song. I didn't see the 9.25 show tonight but having seen the first one, I knew she would be in the bottom two - not because of how she can sing and who she is but because it was such a terrible song. M, I hope you get a better one next week. Wherever you are from doesn't matter, you can sing and you are beautiful. That's what matters. Maria or not, you are a star. Keep up the good work.

John &Truus from Holland
We watch every saterday and Meliz you're our favorite. W'll thumb for you that to be the number one! A beautiful voice, passion and much more.

gr8 honey you can perform!

meliz has a natural stage presents and a beautiful voice, i know when i watched her last week she drew me in and i think my votes with her all the way. I hope she gets her chance to be on stage, but i think i would go and see her in any production anyway. P.S she is the prettyest girl in that group do you agree.

Hasan Baca
she is a amazing person, sweet voice, perfect character, brialliant personality etc.... she is just the winner!!! you go mel, we all there for you all the way!!!

Meliz you're a star. You go girl x

Roonil Wazlib
Meliz was good, but she would do v.well in the pop music industry instead of suiting the part of Maria.

alana hayes
she is avery beautiful girl with a lot of potential, her voice is simply lovely and she is one of my top five to win.weel done!!!

Great performance, but to get my vote she has to sing something more Maria-ish...I mean, can you really imagine Julie Andrews walking the hills sing Son Of A Preacher Man?!

I think Meliz has a brilliant chance. I accompanied her for one of her violin exams and could see that she had "something about her". I wish her all the luck in the world!

Hassan, Ali & Ozlem
Wooooow what a voice!!! you was fantastic on saturday! Keep it up meliz x x x MELIZ 2 WIN!

WOW! such a great voice meliz has and she's turkish cypriot and from chingford just like me we all have confidence in you and we hope u go all the way

Meliz has the most amazing voice and her performance of 'Son of a Preacher Man' was absolutely phenomenal. She was by far the BEST! Good Luck Mel, we love you! xoxox

~x Tanya x~
Meliz is BEAUTIFUL and she deserves to win.she gave the most outstanding performance and she has the potential to be Maria. MELIZ TO WIN!! XX

Rebecca Evans S.Wales
Hi Meliz!!! dont know if you member me...I know Meliz on a personal note and i think she is fantastic such an outgoing person who's beauty is not only on the outside but on the inside!!!...she is one of the best girls there!! all the best becka xx

Meliz is fantastic - she has everything: the voice, the looks, style, presence on stage. She's a superstar - GO MEL xxx

Keep up the good work Mel, you were amazing on Saturday! We'll have some great footage for the Meliz show now!! Finally everyone knows what we've known for years... Love u babe xx

Gonul & Cem
Meliz we are behind you all the way - so proud of you babe. Totally talented and beautiful - Meliz is Mariaxx

I was in a different world, listening to Meliz's singing. She's fantastic. But I also like Conny and Simona diserves a chance of winning for her passion!!!

Big Poppa & Panos
We are very proud of you and have all the confidence that you will smash it!!

Polly Allenson
she was really good

David - Romford
An absolute Turkish Delight. Any other contestant Izmir-ly playing for second place. Stunning & talented. "Problem" solved.

Meliz is Maria. She was amazing when she sang son of a preacher man. Go Meliz !!

Very strong perfermoance, and like every one says, she is so beautiful! omg how SEXY can a girl get! What can you expect from a girl with a Turkish backdround. A definate maria! Great voice.

A beuatiful girl, but ALW can't be serious about the Dusty Springfield comment!

Lil Jeyda

Meliz 4 Maria - Problem solved!

Meliz is brilliant and i believe that she has the will to do it. GO sis go XXX love you lots

Caner Guler
Wow.......the best by far my chingford buddy!!

what a beutiful women

Huriye Omer
I'm voting for Meliz! You are so talented, beautiful, and a fellow Turkish Cypriot! I'm soooo proud of you! Congratulations on your success so far, and Good Luck for the rest of your career. You are a *Star*. Selam, canim, xxxx

Meliz was absolutely fantastic on saturday! You will definately go far, you were the star of the show!!

Woah, dammit this girl can sing and has the looks to boot.

Meliz was brilliant singing Son of a Preacher Man. It was an energetic performance. She shone out of the whole lot of girls.

Louise Mc
I thought you were truly spectacular... You have the talent to go all the way.. best of luck x x x

Everybody has now seen how amazing Meliz's voice and beauty is. Meliz to WIN XXXX

Very good on the night but too raunchy form Maria's role. She should be in a pop group instead.

i am lost for words. she was amazing go Mel!!!

Bulent Ali
Great talent Meliz. You've done the Turkish Community based in the UK proud.

sexy baby!!! oooohhh yyyeeaahhh

Meliz you were absolutely phenomenal. If you dont become Maria, then theyre silly for not picking you, but 100% guaranteed there will be something bigger and better waiting for you...VOTE MELIZ shes great

Ozlem Hassan
Watching Meliz was amazing, couldnt move away from the screen..A voice with true passion.. I loved each and every minute of the proformance.. x x x

Christian Clarke
The only real star among the ten. The rendition of Son of a Preacher man was out of this world.

If the role was chosen on sex appeal Meliz would win hands down. Unfortunately I don't think sex appeal will be a criterior for selection, although I live in hope.

Sue rainer-copland
Very beautiful and charming my second choice

I think that Meliz was by far the best on the nite. She has been my favourite all da way through the audition stage and I think that she shld definately win the competition!

Meliz to win! She is head and shoulders above the rest of the girls. Her rendition of 'Son of a Preacher Man' was absolutely phenomenal -- even Lord Lloyd Webber agreed that she had out-Dusty'd Dusty Springfield. She is absolutely natural onstage, unlike the other girls who either over-acted or failed to bring their songs alive. Meliz has a fabulous voice and copes admirably under pressure, a definite star in the making. No question about it: Meliz is the new Maria.

one of the bestt..thats all i can say..AMAZING

Meliz was fantastic! My whole family were amazed by her performance

Meliz is a star! She is my Maria

Meliz was the best and she should win the competition! She gave me goosebumps when she sang it was great!

Saima Ali
WOW! What a voice this girl has got. She's got so much love and passion in her voice and this is clearly reflected in her overall performance. I hope she goes all the way. I think you're great Meliz!

Steve MacBeath
Very strong performance, I think she was the best on the night. Hope that does not jinx her!

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