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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Belinda: Week Two

Belinda sings Fever.

Click here to watch the video Watch Belinda

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

I think you were perfect for Maria. I'm so sorry, (they are a bunch of deaf idiots), but I'm sure there is a part or a fantastic contract somewhere else just waiting for you.

So sorry you went out last night, I think you have a superb voice and I'm sure you'll have a very successful career nonetheless, all the best for the future.

belinda i think meliz should have been sent off instead of you!!! you could have been maria!!!

OMG you so should not have gone. Your pretty and you are so good at singing!

Zoe ( again)
Still think you're fab!

OK, maybe not Maria but an absolutely beautiful, pure voice! Well done for singing 'so long, farewell' at the end (how cruel is that?) absolutely beautifully, heartbreakingly! You will go far!

You should definately have been saved over Meliz. I couldn't make out a word she said- it was awful. What was Andrew thinking?

Ben Seifert
Belinda, You sang superbly tonight. You were too good for them. Much love, B

dreadful decision tonight-their loss-you were perfect for this part-hopefully someone will recognise this talent soon.

i love yoooou! you're so beautiful!!! you have a lovely voice 2

belinda good job you were great

You are in a class above all the others and I am so sorry to see you voted out. You would have made a lovely Maria. Maybe you should try the operatic side of professional singing - I think you could go far. Don't let the negative comments deter you because you have a truly lovely voice

kay(kerries mum)
We are all feeling soo sad for you.But what an achievement,best showcase you could have wished for this is certainly another beginning Bee Love to all your family

The Sound of Music touched the hearts of thousands world wide and you most definately touched ours. You were Fabulous, you hold your high girl.

number 1 fan
wow you are good, will you marry me ? ;-)

Katharine Boughton
I am so proud of you Belinda. I dont know if you remember me but I was in the first year of secondary school with you (the American one). Ive been telling eveyone to vote for you. You are doing great. Congatulations for getting this far.

Jae + Laura
The only decent Maria candidate on the show by far. We all love ya, go girl!!!

Superb AGAIN tonight. It's Fantastic watching the best at anything, and this girl IS the best. WOW! You go Girl - awesome

Georgie and jess
The whole of Ash are supporting you! We all luv you! You can win! xxxx

Sarah R
You have a gr8 voice, well done for not singing pop songs!

WHOOOOOOOOOOO Belinda you rock I love you so much that perfomance was one of the very very best

Abby Waldron
I SO HOPE YOU ARE MARIA , YOUR FEATURES AND YOU FACE ARE JUST AS MARIAS! you go girl tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U go , Bel!

hey u might not remember me but u used 2 teach me at Hazlegrove!!! Ur doing really well!!!! Good luck lots of love xxx

Congratulations Belinda! You should go all the way - with the voice of an angel that is as clear as a bell! Good luck!!

Amanda L
Great voice, totally wrong for the part

Another Zoe
Just to say it was a brilliant choice, because all the pop songs weren't very Maria-ish, and you sang Over The Rainbow firstly without an American accent (yay!!) but also really beautifully. I want you to win. You and your voice are perfect!!

Liz Allan
Go B you were fab and deserve to win. Got all the gang at work watching now lol xx

Pete P
Spot on Belinda. With you all the way.

Zoe & Alison (Kerrie's friends)
Your brill!!!! sapent 3 2 keep you in!!

CLASS 1!!!! Lush voice

Ruth Evans
Amazing Voice. Well done!

Andy, Nikki & William (Age 3mths!)
We all thought you were fantastic William stopped crying and kept quiet throughout your faultless performance! After you have finished with the von-trapp familiy we could do with your help. Good luck although you dont need it - you have already shown you are Maria. Love from us all in Plymouth.

You are so great to work with and such a down to earth character- you have Marias spirit, humour and voice, you deserve to win! this!

Well done Belinda! Even though you put my group second in house song I am backing you all the way!

God you were just amazing, i wish you were my teacher!! Keep up the brilliant work Belinda! Cant wait to hear you on Saturday again! xo c",)

Your the best thing in it.. no contest

My Maria needs to posess that typical English bell like vocal quality like Julie Andrews, but also needs to be able to fill the Palladium with her voice. There's only one who'll be strong enough vocally and mentally, Belinda is the only candidate.

A Touch of class. She has got the look, she can act and to complete the tidy little package she can sing like a angel! Belinda is Maria!! Come on Super-Bee!!

Pat and Eddie(Kerries Nan and Grandad)
You made our night on Saturday.Your voice still really moved us,we are behind you all the way Bee x x x

Helen Scott
B to win! Definitely the next Maria without a doubt! you have my support! Good luck!

Well done Bee you did it again,reduced me to tears.In the nicest possible way,we are all behind you xxx

Belinda is Maria!! A true star! What a voice!!!!!! Can't Wait to see her perform again this week. You go girl!!!

Just stop the competition now, Belinda IS Maria!! Truly outstanding and a natural. I can't wait to hear her sing again! Can I buy a CD of her anywhere?

Paul +Chloe
Belinda is Maria! well done cuz! you've got the pizzaz, they'll see! cheering you on, all the way to the final xxxxx

Georgie and Anna
Belinda is Maria! She taught me(Georgie!) , and gave me lessons. A gr8 teacher!!! luv Georgie and Anna xxxxxx

Tom Helios
Belinda, you have an outstanding voice. I have not been able to get your voice out of my head. First Class

go belinda!!!you sound like an angel

Has a great operatic voice but Maria isnt an opera singer. Looked very uncomfortable in her movements on stage.

Belinda was amazing I cant wait to watch her every Saturday night! She would be the perfect Maria!

What a beautiful voice Belinda. It is well seen why you were chosen for the top 10. However, her voice may be too operatic for Maria, as Andrew Loyd Webber stated. You have the look, and you certainly have the commitment and talent, but will it come naturally to give a more natural performance. Good luck. 60%

However wins is going to be able to sing in the Palladium week in, week out. Only Belinda is good enough and strong enough to manage that. B to win! Go B go!!

Belinda should win. Apart from her fantastic voice, she has such a bubbly personality and the right look for the West End. I believe she'd keep the audience at the Palladium hooked on her. Good luck, Belinda! I'd pay up for a ticket to see you!

Well done Belinda! You can make it till the end! You are Maria! The first time I saw you I was trying to remember your name so I could vote for you! Come on Belinda oops I mean Maria

Matt B
I think the operatic style of Belinda's voice will add a womderful new and as before unseen dimension to the character of Maria. Belinda is gorgeous and will suit the part ideally.

Belinda you sang AMAZINGLY and id be really surprised if you didnt get the part. Youre fab babe, whatever they say, YOU GOT PIZZAZ!!!

belinda evans is my singing teacher and i think she is a really good singer and teacher. she has the voice of maria.

Belinda IS maria! she has the voice and the talent and she could definetly carry the whole show! Belinda is an inspiration! Belinda to win!!!!

Georgie M
Go, go go Belinda! You are the one and only Maria!! Good luck from your Cossette!! xx

Belinda is Maria

Even though I think Belinda has a good voice i would not consider the Judy Garland version of 'over the rainbow' to be a pop song, why did Belinda not do a pop song like the other girls? I am also in agreement with ALW she sang it 'too operatic'

Belinda's the best, she's the new Maria no question

i think belinda did amazingly. she used to be my singing teacher and i am going to support all the way. She sang like an angel and she would be perfect as maria. Good luck xx

Silvia Mendes
What a marvellous voice! Yes, definitely the next MARIA! Good luck from Portugal!

Brill...You can go all the way !!!

James Black
Lovely singing, Belinda, and well done for using your head voice. After all, that is what the role of Maria demands!

Well done Belinda! Fab!

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