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7 February 2011
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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The Second Show Clips

Watch clips of our nine remaining potentials performing.

Click here to watch the video Belinda sings Fever.

Click here to watch the video Abi sings The Closest Thing To Crazy.

Click here to watch the video Simona sings Material Girl.

Click here to watch the video Meliz sings The Voice Within.

Click here to watch the video Helena sings Woman In Love.

Click here to watch the video Connie sings Shout.

Click here to watch the video Leanne sings See The Day.

Click here to watch the video Siobhan sings Chains.

Click here to watch the video Aoife sings If My Friends Could See Me Now.

You will need RealPlayer to be able to view these clips.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Siobhan to win!! Saturday she showed us what she is really made of, she is the full Maria ideal candidate!!

Siobhan is a great performer you can see how devoted she is to singing just by looking ar her expressions. Her voice is amazing. I think her only competition is connie, she controls the audience. For me the marias are between Connie and Siohban

Aoife and Connie are streets ahead of the girls. Aoife is natural, Connie is a little too in your face.Aoife is obviously the best actress there.Thougth some of the acting from the other girls left alot to be desired.

Lynda D
The performances from Connie, remind me of Maureen Lipman, entertaining yes, but sometimes too 'staged', I like Aoife, she looks right and at 28 is more 'Maria', many of the girls will go on to work in the music industry, Siobhan will be a pop singer, don't think Simona is right for the part, Evita maybe, but what a terrible song to give her! It was cruel, hardly a classic, Andrew?

HELENA WAS FANTASTIC, just shows how a different song can make all the difference!!!! shame about Belinda she didn't deserve to go, she was streets ahead of Meliz. Abi was just awful she should go next week.

Leanne & Connie deserve to go all the way. Connie is beautiful and can sing like a diva but Leanne has such an innocent face, which Maria would have. Yikes, good luck

Connie is the only possibility for Maria now. If Leanne was a bit older and more experienced....

Am genuinely surprised that Andrew ditched Belinda. She deserves a contract with someone more musically discerning.

Connie is by far head & shoulders aove the others for versatlity. Can't believe she hasn't been snapped up already. I'd pay to go and see her. What a voice, what acting, what expression.

All the girls did very much better this week. But as an ex Maria from the orginal London show I feel Connie is the standout for this very energetic role, that does need a real actress.She had brilliant timing for the business she put into her song, terrific vitality and loads of personality. She has star quality. Lianne for Liesl, she'd be perfect. If she were Maria the captain would be accused of cradle snatching! Siobhan and Aoife and Abi did a great job. Good luck girls.

For me Connie is the star but I do like Simona as she looks so very beautiful and she really wants it. She has got the fire and the hunger for it. Give her a chance with the accent thing!

Wonderful entertainment. Graham is great the way he holds the show together with his quick wit. Leane is my favourite followed closely by Siobhan. The group songs are great. More please.

What a moving performance. Thought there was something really special to the tone and quality of her vocal. Shame the judges seem to be unfairly critical of her compared to others - not sure why. Connie and Aiofe are great too, but Abi would make a far more interesting, modern and charismatic Maria. Looking forward to her next performance already.

I think Connie will go all the way as she seems to be the most professional out of all of them...Although I would also like to see Leanne go far as she is also great at what she does

Absolutely agree with everything that's been said about Connie being fantastic. In my mind there is no competition, she is consistently outstanding; an incredible voice and stellar stage presence. I think Simona is a wonderful actress and also a truly wonderful singer, but in my mind she's not really a Maria (I suppose I'm still too stuck on the whole softer, blonder Julie Andrews style Maria, Simona's just too spunky). Go Connie go!

Connie is by far the best, she gives it her all every time and she has shown passion and humour, both qualities required by any Maria. I still think that despite a fantastic voice, Leanne is just too young to make a convincing Maria. I hope that Connie goes all the way, she deserves it

Iain C
I love Simona, her european accent ADDS to the role. Maria was Austrian, not from Surrey. Its not a search for Julie Andrews!

Connie is by far the best, she gives it her all every time and she has shown passion and humour, both qualities required by any Maria. I still think that despite a fantastic voice, Leanne is just too young to make a convincing Maria. I hope that Connie goes all the way, she deserves it

Abi to win. What an amazing moving performance! She can act and sing whreas others just don't seem as genuine. Hope she stays til the end.

I was up against Connie in the first round and she is only one who is even close earning the role of Maria she has a wonderful presence and a voice to match, the rest are no match, its no contest! Good luck Connie

I only watched this show twice. First, I thoght Simona is the one but now I'm convinced that Connie is the new Maria. This is for a drama musical not singing contest, innit....

How do you solve a problem like maria? Give the part to Connie she is just brilliant

Maria is a novice Nun, not a sex symbol. She is not sophisticated - that is the role of the Count's discarded "friend". Andrew Lloyd-Webber originally stated that he wanted a young Maria to bring a fresh look to the role. Leanne fits the bill for me with her wonderfully clear natural voice, the funny/serious sides to her character and her vulnerability wheb dealing with Count von Trap. She will hold the audience on the edge of their seats, willing her on. Connie is so experienced that there is no doubt that she could win the battle with an army of Counts!

I support the 'stop moaning about Simone's accent' brigade - she is lovely and passionate as the real Maria. And Leanne - wonderful. Connie is too plastic and professional (what is the point of this whole thing if you choose a profesional?) and always looks electrified as in shocked - my husband couldn't fall for her - too false

abi is the most beautiful singer. connie would annoy me listening to her all evening, but i could never get sick of abi's lovely voice

all the girls r doin a great job i like connie, leanne and siobhan. siobhan put alot of emotion in leanne was just lovely and connie was really funny. i agree with connie i think leanne should be the oldest girl in the show. go connie go siobahn and go leanne

Lyndsey Evans
I think Belinda's got a brilliant voice. I'm really sorry to see her leave the competition so soon. But I'm sure she will have a great career anyway - possibly in opera? Connie to win!

Kelly Lewis
I can't believe how discriminative the panel are being about Simona's accent, I think it is really unfair and cruel! Go Connie go go go!

belinda should not have gone. She was one of the best singers there and easily better than meliz. Andrew lloyd webber needs to wash out his ears. GO ON CONNIE AND LEANNE!

connie stop trying to be julie andrews we all want someone different like siobhan amazing power in her voice.

di and bri
siobhan took the stage on saturday and left everyone stunned. powerful and amazing, you sang so are the best. xx

Simonia must win, she is the unexpected and needs the confidence in herself please vote her to win!!!

Connie is absolutely fantastic and so is Simona. I would love to see Simona being "Maria".

I think Connie and Leanne are absolutely amazing and either of them could be a fab Maria. Connie because she is wow at both singing and acting and Leanne because she has star quality even though she is 20 and the youngest.

I Love the Show, even as a Belgian girl a try to watch it every week! Though Connie is a good actress and vocally very strong, I think she is too much "humour" and lacks charisma en sensuality. I really can see Abi in the role of Maria, she has it all! What a shame to see Belinda loose, she was the best singer of the show!

Connie. What more can I say. The part is just waiting for you. I would definatly pay to see you in the part of Maria- my fabourite film of all time.

Connie is clearly the most finished article at the moment, but her lead closed so much in the last week. Most of the other girls improved loads! Just shows what top quality training can do. Surprises of the week : Helena and Siobhan who both pulled their game up so much! Well done. Disappointments : Aoife - stop complaining about having to dance and sing at the same time. That's the job!! Excuses just don't come across well. Abi - you have a lovely voice and obvious talent but, although this week was an improvement, I don't think that you have done yourself justice yet. You really have to decide if you want this or not, because if you do then you need to stop being "laid back" and focus on this. You don't have to be arrogant, or bitchy or anything negative like that, just have drive and commitment like a laser. As for Belinda, she undoubtedly has a beatiful voice (however, there were not enough consonants at the end of words this week), but her rudeness was inexcusable. I was glad she went.

Aoife is the perfect Maria. Fantastic voice and looks the part. Given very hard song to deliver but pulled it off 100%. Connie's good but major attitude towards other contestants not very appealing.

Susie B
I think Connie should win -she is giving amazing performances. She will be the perfect choice for the role of Maria

Connie is predicatble and too polished. Leanne or Siobhan please! And Helena, well done this week! You showed us all what you are capapble of, keep going at it!

I thought Aoife was great!My Grandma thinks that Connie should definately be Maria!

Connie is phenomenal. She is head and shoulders above all the other performers. I would love to see her sing a duet with the leading man judge, John Barrowman, who clearly thinks she's great.

i think abi and leanne would make great marias if either of them become maria i would go and see them in the theatre! Go Abi! Go Leanne!

John F
I'm really glad that Meliz is still there. I don't think Belinda did herself any favours with her childish 'Whatever!' response to David Ian's critisism.

i really thought belinda should have been kept in she has a beautiful voice so natural

Connie all the way!! she is by far the most dynamic performer on the show, her acting and singing are both exceptional keep it up you deserve to win

can't believe nobody has mentioned Helena yet - she was under huge pressure and delivered a first rate performance - go girl!

connie has always been the best, she should definately be Maria !!!

Jenny H
If I knew Connie was going to win this for definite I would book my ticket now!

Connie is and has been from the very start the epitome of Maria that Andrew is loking for. Not only that she is head and shoulders above the rest. The judges said they would cast her as Maria on the very first show - she has all the qualities for the role of Maria and could take the stage now.

Siobhan + Connie are by far the best! Connie's got loads of character but Siobhan has an amazing voice! They should be the last two in!!

Jenni-Marie Cross
What can I say - wow - Connie was so good! She made me laugh until I cried, she’s a fabulous singer and she is great actor! She should be Maria hands down, but well done to all of them, they're fab!

For two weeks Siobhan is my favourite. She's just gorgeous: both sexy and classical; pleasant and natural. She, more than anyone of the group, can easily catch and hold the audiance's attention. She has the potential to be trained as the first-class actress. Definitely she should be the winner. Helena, though improved a lot last night, still looked tense and a bit down. I liked Leanne's first week's image on the stage more than the second. She ought to remain a sweet girl as she is.

Connie outshines the others- by miles! Simone superb actress- will go far but NOT as Maria- Connie should win- Siobhan is beautiful but CAN'T ACT!!

If it was up to me, Connie would be Maria. Her performance of Shout was amazing - I couldn't take my eyes of the screen, she has such a compelling presence. Even her acting was top notch. And from the first time I saw her, I thought there's a resemblance to Maria (or maybe it's just the hair)but I really want Connie to win!

It was a real shame to see Belinda go last night. she didn't deserve to as she has a really good soprano voice! Connie was brilliant (again!) and i think she was great, and her acting skills are fab as well! I think that some of the girls could work on their diction a little more, as I could bearly tell what some of them were saying! GO ABI!!!

Connie is no doubt one of the best maria and i believe she can go all the way! i thought all the girls did fabulous and i thought Helena did so much better this week than last weeks poor performance, i was amazed! Shame about Belinda going this week i really thought she should of stayed... GO ALL MARIAS!

Connie is head and shoulders above all of the others and deserves to win. She has the most experience and is the best all round performer, I would put my money on her if I were Andrew or David!

No way should Belinda have gone.She was the only could sing. Theres no one there who can be Maria, David Ian and ALW must know that. GO BEE GO!!! Love you XXXX

There's only one girl in that group that i want to win and that's Soibhan.The first time i heard her sing in the studio auditions for Maria school i said she should win and i stand by it. The other girls have talent, but none of them could ever hope to pull off a song like Soibhan can. She's the best of the bunch.

I LOVED Siobhan and Connie's performances 2night, Connie overall definately deserves 2 win, she rocks! Also loved Aoife's performane, very good! I think Leanne should play Leisl, and Simona should be cast in something different where her accent wont be a problem. Delighted to see belinda go, by far the worst, and Meliz shouldn't be in the bottom 2, shes great! Best of luck 2 all the girls, especiially Connie and Siobhan! Bex :-)

I think that Siobhan and Leanne were the best outta the lot. Connie I have to admit was really good, but at the same time v.annoying!

Leanne is definatly my Maria. She looks, sings and acts the part. I agree that Connie has an awesome voice but I don't look at her and think Maria. Maria's mum maybe...

I think Connie should win, She seems perfect for the role or Maria. She has so much passion in her voice and in general. She seems like a really lovely girl and deserves to be a real success. Go get em Connie!!!!!!

WOW! I thought Abi was great last night. Go Abi!

I thought Belinda was fabulous tonight... it was a shame she had to go. Siobhan was great with her rendition of 'Chains' but I think Leanne is by far the best. Come on Leanne!!

Simona is fresh, daring and original,and would be capable of adding a new dimension to a great classic. The others would only replicate material previously done. Simona would definitely add a contemporary feel to the West End.

I thinks, Siobhan and connie are great. Also Abi has the look and purity of a maria. Keep up the hard work girls. Lisa xxx

Connie is a star. A second Julie Andrews. Versatile and a lovely pesonality. The best for the role.

Abi and Aoife are the most natural to play Maria. Connie overacts and is more of a 'Frenchy' from 'Grease' than a Maria.

I know this is nothing to do with the show, but I would love John Barrowman to perform a song on the night of the final, that would be AMAZING!!!!!

I have always hated the song "Shout" by Lulu but I thoroughly enjoyed the way Connie sang it - what a star. And by the way, I think Aoife's accent is stronger than Simona's. I find Abi somewhat arrogant and just can't see her as Maria.

Connie was amazing, made us all laugh and would pay to see her. Leanne is fantastic but can't help feeling she's too young. Aoife I feel will get better and better. Soibhan was great also. Final three I predict: Connie, Siobhan, Aoife. Good Luck

Another enthralling week with competition getting closer. Simona's performance was in my opinion one of the poorest, whereas the performances of Connie, Siobhan and Leanne were excellent. If the improvement continues from week to week as it obviously is, then the public will find it difficult to choose at the end

Connie should go all the way. All the girls are lovely but Connie has that extra special something. I'd pay to go and see her without a doubt. Go Connie!

leanne was so great tonight. It really wierd seeing connies song

Aoife is great, for me she's the new Maria! And if not, then Connie is also good..

Andy B
I wish the panel would stop complaing about Simona's accent. Maria's accent would have been nearer hers than a received English accent.

Connie IS Maria in my book, certainly based on the last 2 weeks. I'm not surprised the voting public went against Belinda tonight - if you're going to be rude to the producer, what do you expect? The audience doesn't like arrogance and rudeness.

I really liked Leanne's performance once again this week. She puts a lot of effort into both the acting and vocals and it shows when she takes the stage. Shame about Belinda.

All the girls are amazing, they all deserve the place, i'm really unhappy that Belinda went tonight :'( Keep going everyone, your all doing great :)

Belinda shouldnt have gone out of the competition yet. You don't just throw away a bankable soprano voice like that. I hope she gets picked up by some classical recording label as she'd be a star. As for Simona, whilest I can forgive an accent, I CAN NOT forgive not being able to hear the words. As for who are the front runners, it's between Leanne and Connie for me at the minute.

Sad to see Belinda go,I thought she was brilliant ! Connie and Leanne are probably the best

I'll take Abi any day. She is the most geniune person and a very moving performer.

So sorry to see Belinda go - what a crystal pure voice!

Andrew, you booted out the wrong person! Belinda was by far the better person in the sing-off tonight, and by rights she should not have been in it! If I was to make anyone leave, it would be Abi. She may have the most fans but she is just too safe and is not giving it her all at the moment.

Abbegail Gemma Louise
Go Siobhan you performances tonight were sensational, you really do deserve to win!

Connie is fantastic. She holds the stage even when she is not singing. Her eyes are amazing. I hope she wins

I think ALL the girls were amazing tonight. I think for overall ENTERTAINMENT, the prize goes to Connie - very entertaining; well performed. For vocals and EMOTION, the prize goes to Siobhan - tonight was about ACTING and you acted babe! For humour, the prize goes to Simona - I could understand you hun, every word! Well done! For progression; the prize goes to Leanne - great rendition Le, loved the held note at the end.

I loved Connie's performance. You can see that she loves singing..Go Connie

I was absolutely transfixed by Simona in the Marilyn Monroe getup, what a goddess! I feel she was given the wrong song though. She's still my favourite and she has the potential to be a superstar.

All of the girls seem to be improving constantly!! If this continues, it's going to be a nightmare for ALW to have to get rid of one each week. Big thumbs up to all the Marias, but in my opinion Connie is the definitive Maria...her talent, energy and drive are an inspiration to all!

Connie is amazing, simply the best. I also really like Simona, but why did they give her such a terrible song to do. And why do they keep having a go at her over her accent. Weren't the judges the ones who put her through to the final 10. If it was such a problem for them why put her through in the firts place. So glad John sticks up for her.

Aoife is the true maria for me What was Andrew thinking about giving her that song to perform!!!!

WOW!! Helena just looked amazing and sounded amazing tonight. She should definately stay!! Go Helena

Siobhan you are incredible you are the best and you are maria

John L
Siobhan was my star tonight, she made the show very enjoyable

Bobby Parker
Helena is a lovely girl and has a beautiful voice but she looks so sad all the time. Maria is a joyful role and I am not sure Helena can look joyful. Leanne should be Maria as she is joyful and full of energy.

Again, all great, but hasn't this been decided already? Connie is head and shoulders above the others. Leanne could and should play Liesl; Simona is a great performer and I love her style, but is not Maria; weakest tonight for me was Meliz.

Both Siobhan and Leanne were absolutly AMAZING! I'm backing them all the way. Not a great fan of Connie at all, but she seems to be the favourite at the moment! Well done to my two favourite girls though ^ they are both stunners and would make the perfect Maria!

Gabriella - aged 10
Connie - you are the BEST! and I think You have the best chance of winning!!! I can't wait to see you on MARIA!! lots of love G x

Connie is absolutely fantastic! The others look like complete amateurs when compared to her. I also agree with her comment that Leanne would be perfect as Liesl.

siobhan was jsut amazing and showed what technical talent she has by singing kneeling down.definately enoght power to bring the house down

I thought Belinda was great tonight, you really brought out the acting and happy person i know you to be! Siobhan was good as well! xxxxx

Joanne Yuen
I think the Maria who stands out is Siobhan Dillon because she always stands out amongst the others .She has got a real talent for Maria and I think it's wrong for anyone to abandon David for calling her 'gorgeous'.

Abi yet agen did it for me tonight! she is just naturally amazing dont u agree? mounts of trainin must of done that but still she has it in her and deserves to win! look at the passion she shows for it!! come on vote ABI FINLEY!

For me it has to be Connie, her performance drew me in more than anyone else.

Natasja Knols
Here in Holland, we're nailed to our seats every saturday evening to watch your Maria-competition. With a brother (in law)as musical actor (currently Grease in Switzerland) our interest lies there but the way the show is being presented is amazing. We love Cnny and Leanne as well as Graham!!!

I thought Siobhan was amazing, i'd love i t if she won, I also like Leanne. Connie is really annoying though! Argh! Get her off!


Marc Winslett
Thoroughly Fabulous - but why so early!!!! Please make it a bit later - 19.30 ish would be good please - weekends are too full of things that have got to be done to be able to start an evening's telly this early.

What a performance from Connie. She should and will go all the way.

Faye Salter
I think that Siobham really proved that she should of been chosen to be in the contest she did herself very proud. It couldn't of been easy singing on the floor but she performed perfectly! I really hope that she will be chosen by the public to be in the show next week because she derserves it!

Go Abi I love the name

bobby and lizanne Vanderplank
Its down to connie and Leanne at the stage. What do want the professsional or the "original" Maria

Anna god that was AMAZIN!, you definatly have what it takes to be maria.....still stunned. Good Luck!

Siobhan floored me too. What a powerful song and passionately sung. Well done Siobhan.

We think that Leanne was the best tonight but we think she needs to use her legs and move around the stage.

Siobhan was absolutely amazing!!

Lucy B
I thikn Abo gave a wonderful prformance tonight. Not only was it vocally very good, but she showed real emotion in the eyes and a conviction in her performance.

I can't believe that Connie has always been the "bridesmaid" as she says, and has never got a leading role. She is BY FAR the best in every sense, a true professional. I would pay money to see her on the stage tomorrow. Absolutely fantastic acting, singing, stage presences, performance, facial expressions... No contest.

Siobhan, You are an angel inside and out. Fantastic performance, keep it up darling. Jx

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