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7 February 2011
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Maun, Botswana

Posted by: Eve McGregor | Date posted: 27/07/2007


Back in Zambia, Eve befriended a local woman who was happy to show her around her home and tell her all about her work to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Eve describes what happened. 'So this morning we stopped by the side of the road because Charley and Ewan had to do a radio interview. And this lady came up to us, I think her name is Frestina, and she spoke very good English. We asked her to show us where she lived and what crops she had, and she took us around.'

Walking over to her house, Eve notices they're not alone... 'Oh look, you have pigs!' 'Yes,' Frestina replies, 'but they're spoiling the place, you know? We had flowers here, but they are destroyed!' She then takes Eve over to their well. 'And here is where we get water.'

Outside her house, two children are sitting and happily eating. 'They are enjoying staying here with me, these children,' explains Frestina. 'Sometimes they come here in many numbers, and we sit outside.'

'And then you also educate them about the risk of HIV?' Eve asks. 'What do you say to them?'

'I sometimes tell them how they get it, and how to prevent it,' she explains. 'Abstinence is very important. And sometimes we conduct HIV and AIDS lessons when they are going to football, or at any crowd, we teach the community about it.

'There are some who do not believe in what we teach, and with such people, well they are in denial, you know? They do die, but those who get our advice - they are still alive. They go to the hospital, and their blood is being checked. When they find that they are positive, they are given ARVs.'

After the visit, Eve reflects on what she's seen. 'You know, it's amazing to see this woman that actually got the message, got the fact that you have to be careful, and you have to be tested, and that you can have a good life on antiretrovirals drugs, and it's women like that who spread the message that will help everyone, really.'

And straight in at number two this week, is the smash-hit new entry from Ewan McGregor - 'Long Way Down'. Check out the video above, filmed with Ewan's helmet-cam. Sing along now!

  • Long way down, it's a long way down.
  • All the way to Cape Town, getting rid of my frown.
  • In Sudan the ground is brown, It's a long way down,
  • All the way to Cape Town.There's no place for my frown, Wheels are going round.
  • It's a long way down, all the way to Cape Town ...

We wondered if you could help Ewan out with an extra verse - and as usual, you were on fine creative form. See suggestions for the Long Way Down song below.


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  • At 04:49:12 PM on 27/07/2007, Michael Lobodzinski (Toronto, Ontario - CANADA) wrote:


    Scrap the lyrics :) ... The motor is your musical instrument. High's and low's, hold it long and steady... blip it!!!! Now that's music to my ears!!! Okay Okay, Ewan's got some decent pipes in him too!!!

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  • At 04:55:51 PM on 27/07/2007, Aida (Palomar- ARGENTINA) wrote:


    What a wonderfull message to the world !!!

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  • At 05:09:03 PM on 27/07/2007, Andrea LaRock (Santa Rosa, CA USA) wrote:

    Song Lyrics

    ... For Ewan :) *** Well the road is dusty But I don't care The ride is rough But it's a smile I wear It's a long way down All the way to Cape Town Calling me with it's siren sound It's a long way down So far from my home Yet closer than ever Beauty surrounds me Wish this could last forever And it's a long way down All the way to Cape Town My feet won't touch the ground Until I get to Cape Town It's a piece of my heart that I've found On this long way down *** You're almost there! xxxx Love, Andrea :)

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  • At 05:11:32 PM on 27/07/2007, Richard AW Tortorella (Langley, BC Canada) wrote:

    Missing lyrics .. ha!

    You wouldn’t believe what we’ve found! Managed to keep it mostly rubber side down... We have been all the way round, Come join the party in Cape Town!!! ----------- I cannot write a wong to save myself, but I had a good laugh and the rest of my office co-workers are looking at me funny ... joy! Richard T

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  • At 05:30:05 PM on 27/07/2007, Shelley (Virginia) wrote:


    Here goes Ewan, but this is really BAD!! Went through sand, blowing through my hands On the long way down to good old Cape Town Sliding in the mud like I do in my bathtub On the long way all the way all the way to Cape Town Saw cool sights sitting on my motorbike On the long way down, on the long way down, all the way to Cape Town Have fun Ewan, Charley and Eve, and be safe

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  • At 06:20:54 PM on 27/07/2007, Dawn (The Midwest,USA) wrote:

    So cool!

    I just have to say that I think it is so cool that Eve has joined the adventure for awhile! I love it :) As for song lyrics.....I'm not even going to try. Take care and happy travels all of you.

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  • At 06:44:29 PM on 27/07/2007, Alex Hart (Portland, OR) wrote:

    We've only Just...Begun

    OK. Great clip in regards to Eve and Frestina(I love that name. Sounds like a cool drink "Frestina")!! Great interaction between the two. You can tell Eve is a true listener.

    Now, this song with unfinished lyrics. I'm at a loss. Ewan you can sing and improvise, however I'm just not feeling it.:-)

    Let me think (2 Hrs go by)

    Sorry. I have nothing.

    Cheers!--Alex Hart

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  • At 08:17:16 PM on 27/07/2007, Corrie (JHB) wrote:


    • Long way down, it's a long way down. • All the way through Africa with the BMW sound • If we come across a lion, see me running like a hound • Through the hot Namib desert, all the way down • It's a long way down, all the way to Cape Town ...

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  • At 09:26:51 PM on 27/07/2007, Sunrider (Copenhagen) wrote:

    What a great lady!

    And a good tune also ;-)

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  • At 10:12:21 PM on 27/07/2007, Nancy MacLaren (Portland, Oreon) wrote:

    Eve is wonderful!

    Eve -you are a breath of fresh air -so good to see clips of you with locals -Ewan and Charly are good with that too -but it is great to see you and to learn about this most extraordinary woman teaching about AIDS. Lucky you were there to meet her. Also love seeing clips with the rest of the team -all such characters! Love to you all!!

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