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7 February 2011
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Lusaka, Zambia

Posted by: Charley Boorman | Date posted: 24/07/2007


In the first clip, the guys look back at their time in Tanzania.

Charley begins. 'We went over this beautiful bridge, and then there was a road going off to the forestry road, which was really nice, and then there was this road that was going straight, and there was this truck coming down that was just bouncing all over the place, and the GPS was saying 'that's your road!'

'It was just rough, rough riders. And the first bit was really gnarly, going up the hill, wasn't it? And then we pushed on a little bit more, it was kind of a nice little bit of road, then a really bad bit of road, and then another change in the road, and then another bit of road, and then we camped. And that was with the ants.'

It's night time and the guys seem to have company. Looking down at the army of ants at their feet, Charley is worried.

'They've surrounded us,' he says.

'Your tent is in the circle,' Claudio says.

'My tent? No, I'm outside the ring,' Charley points out. 'They've encircled Ewan's. Ewan is inside the ring. I don't know if that's good or bad.'

Charley continues, 'Apart from the rough riding, the one thing I've really found is that, from the minute we got into Tanzania and stuff, was the fact that for me, for some reason, it really felt like Africa.'

Ewan is feeling more confident too. 'I'm better on the sand now than I was, but still those deep rutted sand tracks are very difficult for anyone to get through. And yet you waddle through it, and we got there.

'And regardless of how many times we fell over, which was a lot, you get through it. And it's always a good lesson to remember that you just have to do this bit in front of your wheel at the moment, and then you'll get through it eventually, you know.'

And it's not just the bikes that have had their problems as you can see in the second clip. A dirty fuel filter is the last thing they needed as they headed to the border of Malawi...

As Jim gets his hands dirty, Russ explains the situation.

'Well, we're on tarmac for the first time in a long time. And all along Tanzania I think the dust has got into the air filters and it's got into the fuel filter, so the engine's misfiring, but it's nothing to do with the car, it's just the conditions that we're going through.

'So Jim's just cleaning it out, and then hopefully we'll get to the border on time to meet Eve. It's now quarter to ten, and we should be there around twelve o' clock hopefully.'

The guys asked for suggestions on where to visit in Namibia and South Africa - head into the fact files to see your recommendations.


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  • At 05:53:29 PM on 24/07/2007, Michael Lobodzinski (Toronto, Ontario - CANADA) wrote:


    If I'm not mistaken, you're using DOT Continental TCK-80 tires. Why not ditch them in favor for pure dirt tires? In any case, the bikes sound great.. are those Remus pipes?? Keep up the posts... I'm loving the clips... makes me want to ride!!!!

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  • At 08:06:05 PM on 24/07/2007, Andrea LaRock (Santa Rosa, CA) wrote:

    On The Road

    Nyimba: Ewan, I just have to tell you how completely adorable you look when you just wake up and are eating a sandwich. You look just so cuddly and sweet, in a manly, sexy sort of way, of course. ;) I am truly astounded at how well you guys are doing on those roads. I've not been to Africa, however I can relate to the end-of-trip blues as mentioned in your post. I drove from NY to CA by myself in 2000. My car was this teeny tiny little run down, beleagured stick shift, with a giant C02 leak that caused me to have to drive with my windows down the whole way to avoid passing out. *lol* But my first night in Toledo, OH, I decided that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that I would enjoy it and look at it as an adventure. Looking back on it, I consider it one of my greatest life experiences and adventures to date. Take care of yourselves! Sending love and luck- Andrea xxx

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  • At 12:52:01 AM on 25/07/2007, Martin (Melbourne) wrote:

    Great Ocean Road

    A fantastic bike trip is from South Australia to Melbourne in Victoria via the Great Ocean Road. Websearch this road to see its magnificent corners and attractions such as the '12 Apostles'. Stay mobile & stay safe....the Vicmoto Crew.

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  • At 01:25:06 AM on 25/07/2007, Mike (Adelaide) wrote:

    Great clip

    I'm so excited about watching the series now, can't wait. I'm impressed that you guys are not falling off more, some of that terrain must be really really really hard work on those heavy 1200's.

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  • At 03:06:14 AM on 25/07/2007, Lori (Montreal) wrote:

    South Africa

    I wasn't there for long but I loved Cape Town (it reminded me a lot of Halifax in Canada and I was starting to get homesick by then). I loved travelling thru the wine growing disticts around Stellenbosch(not sure about correct spelling!)and climbing up Table mountain. i didn't like Jo'berg all that much. Happy Anniversary to Ewen and Eve, for our 10th anniversary husband and I went biking (push bike not moto)around the Eastern Townships of Quebec, I'd never realy been into bikes until I got married so I can claim a sort of two-wheeled conveyance sisterhood with Eve!

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  • At 04:00:45 AM on 25/07/2007, Alex Hart (Portland, OR) wrote:

    Africa or Bust

    I've never been to Africa. I can't believe that either. However, it is a dream of mine to visit the continent of Africa, and see it's beauty.

    The closest I've been is being born off the West Coast of Africa on the Canary Islands. But I don't remember it!

    So...Africa, here I come!

    Cheers!--Alex Hart

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  • At 04:38:51 AM on 25/07/2007, Nick D (Melbourne) wrote:


    Guys, would you ever consider doing a trip around Australia with me on my 50cc scooter...might take a tad longer than 90 days though. Hope the trip is the adventure you were after and more. regards Nick

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  • At 06:06:59 AM on 25/07/2007, Mike (Adelaide) wrote:


    Quick question for the production lads; are you guys backing up (or uploading it all via satellite) what you are shooting or is all stored in the mitsubishi's until you get them back home? It's a wee bit terrifying to think that the whole shoot might go up if one of the cars (god forbid) gets pinched.

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  • At 10:21:59 AM on 25/07/2007, rupert utley (Arniston, Western Cape) wrote:

    Chat with Charley and Claudio

    Well - I bumped into Claudio and Charley on road from Lusaka to Luangwa Valley. Good to see the bikes up close. My KTM 990 Adventure was given a bit of ribbing - but actually no bits have fallen off yet. I notice that Claudio has a nail in his tyre - that really is hardcore riding. Also, how on earth did they get from Chipata to Lusaka by 10am!!! Must have been riding fast in dark across the potholes. Thanks for the chat and advice on where to stay in Chipata and Malawi. Safe travels to Cape Agulhus where I started from and live.

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  • At 10:55:23 AM on 25/07/2007, Gudrun (Cape Town) wrote:

    South Africa - Northern Cape

    Howzit Charley and Ewan! Assuming you will head down into SA through the far Northern Cape (Springbok, etc), you must try and head off the N7 into Bowesdorp (Kammieskroon) about 15km south of Springbok. It is the remnants of an old town (built around a spring), complete with the remains of a very old Neederlandse Geroformeende (get your tongues around that!) church. We shot part of a movie there .. recce'd it in dusty June and when we got there in September to shoot, the director turned around and said, I didn't want ******* Ireland!" The rains that bring out the spectacular Namaqualand wild flowers had turned the farm from a dustbowl to a green oasis. Northern Cape is awesome - vast, open semi-desert, salt pans, etc. and you'll be back on tarmac, so enjoy. Plus, you'll be on your way to Cape Town - the most beautiful city in the world. See you guys here :-)

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