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7 February 2011
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Cairo, Egypt

Posted by: Charley Boorman | Date posted: 06/06/2007


They're in Egypt, as you can see from this latest clip. The guys also pulled over for another chat with Chris Moyles this morning. You can listen to the interview above, or if you'd like to listen to the whole show or download the interview as a podcast, head to the Chris Moyles site.

It's all south from here, Charley!' says a delighted Ewan as they roll in to shot. 'It's so beautiful!' Charley checks his mileage, 'I've done 5004 miles!'

Taking in the view, Ewan sighs. 'It's so beautiful'. Charley takes a closer look. 'You can see from the top of that pyramid what they must have looked like, all shiny and smooth. What a feat of engineering.'

'We're so lucky to get all of these treats, aren't we?' asks Ewan, 'It's just amazing.' 'It's mad' Charley replies, 'It's beautiful'. 'Shall we go and look at another one?' asks an excited Ewan, riding off ahead, while Charley revs up and looks back to the camera. 'Pretty cool, once in a lifetime thing, huh? It really is one of the seven wonders of the world.'

Read below for great snippets from this morning's Moyles interview...

Charley told Chris about the highs and lows of driving in Egypt, 'We've had a few spills and stuff like that but we're doing OK and we're making OK time. But there's a lot of deep sand. You get this stuff called fesh-fesh that's like concrete dust, and it just looks normal, and you go into it and it just sucks your bike in, and you're just, you're off!' But not to worry, nobody has been hurt, 'No, no, we're all OK. It's always just a bit of pride that you lose and a bit of confidence, you kind of wobble on for a little bit for a couple of kilometres afterwards, but you get your confidence back'.

Speaking to Ewan, Chris couldn't wait to ask him about their visit to the pyramids, 'extraordinary, isn't it? Extraordinary. It was beautiful being there, it was really moving being by the pyramids, it was lovely, just lovely,' but his main concern was Ewan's lack of facial hair this time around. What, no beard? 'Well I'm not going to grow a beard on this one. It's too hot, you know? It seemed to be in keeping with the Siberian tour to grow a big grizzly beard, but this time I'm not.' He then went on to reveal, 'Claudio shaves every day, regardless, usually in our cooking pot!' and then some breaking news, 'the new news is, you remember in Long Way Round, Claudio's bike broke down? Well it's happened again! His bike's on the back of a truck as we speak ... so we're now down to two guys on two bikes, trying to film this on our own now, just for a couple of days'.

With Claudio's bike off the road, 45 degrees of heat and sand still cause for concern, the team certainly have their work cut out, but will do their best to bring you updates of the trip. We hope to hear you're back on the road again soon, Claudio!

We asked if you'd seen any of the seven wonders on your travels. Here are the comments you posted.


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  • At 06:33:08 PM on 06/06/2007, Richard Tortorella (Langley, BC, Canada) wrote:

    Fantastic Footage!

    Amazing shot of the lads riding towards the camera with the pyramids in the backdrop! One day I'd love to see the pyramids with my own eyes, for now TV and books will have to do. I must ask: “Attension”(from Bardiya clip) The odd spelling perhaps a heat induced inside joke? Keep these coming! Richard. Fantastic Footage!

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  • At 06:45:01 PM on 06/06/2007, Andreas (Bavaria - Germany) wrote:


    I did not see any of the ancient wonders, i think most of them are destroyed anyway.. But some wonders of the middle age, like Hagia Sofia or the Colosseum.. All the buildings in Turkey and also the landscape in Anatolya are just should take a ride ;)

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  • At 06:50:04 PM on 06/06/2007, Peanut (Nr Aberdeen) wrote:

    Me sphinks you're do'in great!

    Wow, what a journey - this has me absoloutly hooked...and green with envy - enjoy, and be safe. Our three children - 13, 10 and 7 yrs are keeping a close eye too, knowing Mama is on two wheels in Africa next year.

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  • At 06:51:54 PM on 06/06/2007, Kathryn (Bournemouth) wrote:

    Great trips

    Watching the awe in which you experienced at seeing the pyramids reminded me of the first time we saw the Grand Canyon. It was totally overwhelming to see it and so unreal in a way ... like looking at a postcard ! We travelled 2500 miles in just under three weeks around the western America - Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bryce National Park, Zion National Park, Death Valley, Mammoth Lakes, Yosemite and the giant Redwood trees and finally into San Francisco !! A great trip and one I hope to see you tackling in Long Way Up ? Stay safe and have fun !

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  • At 06:51:53 PM on 06/06/2007, Michael Lobodzinski (Toronto, Ontario - CANADA) wrote:

    Greatest Sight Ever!!!

    Greatest Sight Ever?! When my girlfriend gave me a copy of Long Way Round for my birthday 2 years ago. Keep it up guys... GOD SPEED.

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  • At 07:04:42 PM on 06/06/2007, Astrid (Basel) wrote:

    I am so jealous...

    ... because I've always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt but didn't make it so far. At least watching your videos gives me the feeling of being there on the trip with you. And with Claudio in your team there is someone representing Switzerland :-) Claudio this one's for you: Wuensch dir no wyterhin e ganz e tolle Trip. Griessli us dr Heimat.

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  • At 07:17:05 PM on 06/06/2007, Lea (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) wrote:

    So Jealous

    Wow, color me green with envy. So glad to hear that Egypt is everything you wanted it to be. And thanks so much for the updates! Let's see, the most amazing thing I've ever seen would probably have to be the eight pink Cadillacs stuck headlight first in the ground in Oklahoma. God bless America. (Just kidding, my favorite spot is standing underneath the Eiffel Tower). Stay safe guys and keep updating!

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  • At 07:14:03 PM on 06/06/2007, john jeffery (woodford, northants.) wrote:

    wishing you well

    been with you guys in spirit from the start and will be with you to the end ! best of luck. triumph sprint st rider.

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  • At 07:21:19 PM on 06/06/2007, Shellie (Loughborough) wrote:


    This has got to be the best log so far. I've never been to Egypt so I can't begin to imagine the scale or amazingness (I'm sure that isn't a word...) of the pyramids, but every time you post it's making me more and more jealous. You're a third of the way there already, can you believe it? When will Eve be joining you? I bet Ewan can't wait to be reunited with her :o) Love Shellie

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  • At 07:28:42 PM on 06/06/2007, Alison (Silchester (England)) wrote:


    wow the sights your seeing are so incredible! ewan was right - you are so lucky to see all those treats!! im just wondering if youve seen any of the other great wonders of the world? loving the updates xxxxxx

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