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7 February 2011
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Paola, Italy

Posted by: Ewan McGregor | Date posted: 26/05/2007


Ewan looks back on the trip so far - from Scotland onwards, it's a long way down!

'It was lovely for me to start the trip in Scotland. First of all it's some of the best roads in the world to ride a bike on. It’s absolutely spectacular - the scenery, the corners, the twisties - they’re just absolutely magnificent. And it gave me an opportunity to be in my country again, to be in Scotland again, because I don’t get up there nearly as much as I’d like to, and an opportunity to ride with my brother and my father - that doesn’t happen very often either. And to meet them off the plane in Inverness was just so exciting, and also to have such a crazy story to tell them about Charley and why he wasn't there!

'My brother organised for us to stay at the Castle of Mey, and my brother kind of organised our route down through Scotland, and he’d love nothing more than to be doing this whole trip with me, I know that, and it's just not possible, so it was lovely to share at least a little bit of it with him.

'And to ride along with my dad. You know, my dad's a worrier, and at one point he worried that he was holding everyone up, because I’d dropped back to ride along with him while Charley and Claudio and my brother kind of pressed on a bit quicker up ahead, and I understood because I've felt the same way in my time, but I just was happy to be riding with him - I didn’t care how fast we were going. It doesn’t bother me, I was just happy to be riding along with my dad. It was lovely! And when he left he was upset, you know, when he was saying goodbye to us outside the hospital at Askern, and he was a bit upset, and I just thought that it was lovely that he had been there, and that he was part of it.'

We met this fantastic couple. They were running out of their house and waving their arms! We got off the bikes, and they were BMW riders and they’d seen that we'd started and had been pictures of us on some GS site, and it was fantastic! And I thought, you know, this is something that took us months to get into in the last trip, you know, it was maybe in the Ukraine or Slovakia or something by the time we'd opened up the possibility of meeting strangers and accepting their friendship and their food, and you know, whatever people want to share with you.

To begin with we were a bit, kind of, what do they want? And here we were on the like second or third day of the trip having a cup of tea in someone’s house - it was lovely! And I felt like, you know, we’re off already - we’re up and running already.

Ewan reckons the Scottish roads are the best in the world. We asked if you agreed, and here are the comments you sent in.


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  • At 10:52:39 PM on 01/06/2007, Iain Arbuckle (Coatbridge) wrote:

    Hi from a MAC TOOLS Distrubutor

    Hi Charley & Ewan, hope every thing is going well and if not I am sure our great MAC TOOLS will help put it right!!. Keep up the good work raising loads of money for great causes and come back to one of events again when you get back. Mac Tools Rules!!!

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  • At 09:28:46 AM on 26/05/2007, Marta (Biskupiec,POLAND) wrote:

    Hi Ewan,Charley and rest of team of LWD!

    Warm Greetings from very hot Poland.I think here is as warm as in Italy or even in Africa!! Regret that you didn't visit our beautiful country during LWR. But maybe someday you'll come to Warmia in Poland and you'll see how lovely is here. You could spend here fantastic moments with your families! And now I wish you ALL THE BEST in yor trip to Africa and have a safe road to CAPE TOWN. It must be fantastic adventure:you know- travelling with best friends,I wish I could do such trip... Love you and have a great fun!!

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  • At 09:38:57 AM on 26/05/2007, Mark Spencer (dartford) wrote:


    your the reason I have a gs, many thanks, all the best for long way down. ride safe. spanner

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  • At 10:07:33 AM on 26/05/2007, Roberta (Cagliari) wrote:


    Hi guys, how are you? I hope you're having fun in our country!! I'd like to ask you a thing: seeing that you have to go in Africa, will you pass in Sardinia? Please, come here in Sardinia, where I live!! I beg you!!! I will show you my wonderful region!! It would be indeed a pleasure for me!!! Please, come here, I wait you!!! Kisses, Roberta.

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  • At 10:13:07 AM on 26/05/2007, Emma Hodgkins (Lancaster) wrote:

    Well done guys

    Thanks for the updates on your travels through Europe. I can't wait to see your reports when you get to Africa, I really want to travel there when I graduate. Long Way Round opened our eyes to so many things in the world we had never seen. It's a great thing you're doing. Good Luck :)

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  • At 10:17:53 AM on 26/05/2007, Emily (Melbourne, Australia) wrote:

    Tea with strangers.

    I just love the fact that you two fellas are so welcoming and humble with strangers. It is with the strangers that the journey finds its heart from. I hope one day you will travel around Oz and I can invite you guys in for a cup of tea. Have fun and be safe. xx

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  • At 10:25:53 AM on 26/05/2007, Craig Dixon (Tathra. Australia) wrote:

    Good Roads. Family

    They probly are. We have some great roads for bikes in australia. I envey you Ewan, riding with you brother and father. How cool that would be. Lost my father 7 years ago, before we could do our Aussie adventure trip. I will do it in honor of him, hopefuly sooner rather than later. All the best mates. Hope it goes well. Stay upright. Stay safe. Dicko...

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  • At 11:04:56 AM on 26/05/2007, Dina David (Tel Aviv Israel) wrote:

    A suggestion

    Wonderfull to see how a loving family you got Ewan.I always admier you for being such a good family man If you could pass in Israel..oh what a treat it could be.You and Charlie would be guests of honor.And I suggest the ope country roads not the big town.There are BEAUTIFULL places to see...And I promis you a goood cofee....Well I know it can't hapen but I can dream ain't I? Shalom to every one

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  • At 11:05:30 AM on 26/05/2007, Andrew Noble (Belfast) wrote:

    The Wonders Of Scotland

    I frequently went to Scotland on holiday with my family and have grown to love it, riding a bike through it would be a dream! And thankfully it is more likely to come true than riding around the world! I hope I can get a few direction tips from the LWD DVD!!!

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  • At 01:07:27 PM on 26/05/2007, ANA CLARA REIS (RECIFE - BRAZIL) wrote:


    Yes! I agree with Ewan. Our home is always the best place in the world. He can travel worldwide, go to another galaxy (star wars),live in London and be a star, but Scoltland will stay always in his heart. See you soon God bless tou

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