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Mark Ronson

Guests - Series One

Take a look at all the celebrity guests and top musicians that joined Lily on the sofa during series one.

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YouTube clips

Your YouTube videos

We've watched thousands of your funny, strange and often slightly scary videos during series one. Here are some of the best...

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Thanks for watching - we hope you enjoyed Lily's show. And the great news is, she'll be back soon with a brand new series - keep checking here for more details about when it will hit your screens and how you can get involved.

A huge thanks to all of Lily's online friends who contributed to series one - your hilarious, off-the-wall and often just plain wrong YouTube clips, gloriously inappropriate questions for the celebrity guests, and the embarrassing stories you so willingly offered up on national television made for some great viewing.

If you just can't wait for the new series, do not fear. All your clips are still available to view on the Lily Allen and Friends YouTube group, along with the images you've added to our Flickr group, so enjoy! navigation


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