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Working with the industry

BBC Learning wants to strengthen its relationship with education resources companies in the commercial sector. We aim to provide more information about our activities and plans, cultivate an atmosphere of openness, seek opportunities for joint working and offer an open playing field to all companies.

To that end, we have agreed with the BBC Trust a number of measures: We will:

  • Hold meetings twice a year to discuss past performance and headline plans
  • Have a specialist presence at BBC Knowledge commissioning meetings for independents
  • Publish the key challenges and priorities for online formal learning in the Statement of Programme Policy for BBC Online
  • Publish online:
    • Breakdown of the headline Online Formal Learning budget into planned spend on under-19s elements and on adult and other formal learning
    • Comparisons between planned spend and projected outturn in the previous year
    • Indication of the areas where any planned increase or significant reallocation in spend for under-19s will be targeted
  • Publish audited figures for spend outturns at the end of each financial year
  • Make more of our research data (market and academic) publicly available
  • Seek opportunities for joint working with industry where appropriate

BBC Learning holds two sessions each year open to any companies with an interest in Learning's work. These are an opportunity for independent production companies or for those with a more general interest in Learning's activity to hear about our plans for the coming period.

The first of these sessions was held on 29th October 2010.
To see an outline of the presentation at this session, click here.
An audio recording of the event is available for download in two parts, for part one click here and for part two click here.

To watch the film shown at the presentation please click here.

Any companies who missed this session but would like to attend future events should contact Rachel.fraser@bbc.co.uk

For further details on BBC Learning commissioning, contact:

Like all parts of the BBC, BBC Learning is subject to the competitive impact principle overseen by the BBC Trust and carries out competitive impact assessments on new activity. For more details, click here for the Trust's statements on competitive impact and fair trading.

And click here for the BBC Fair Trading Guidelines.

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